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Death Metal from Bandung , they still preparing for new album and its called ‘Skema Pembalasan Sempurna’ and it will be release end of 2011. The members band is : Andry (Vocals), Putra (Guitars),Dyo (Bass) and Dawan (Drums).  And also they just released one song ‘Fenoma Dosa dan Takdir’.  Visit their website at
Well we cant wait for their new album.

Fallujah 'The Harvest Wombs'

November 22nd is the apex of nearly two years of musical and ideological progression the band has hoped to achieve. Hailing from the musically and aesthetically vibrant San Francisco Bay Area, the band is finally prepared to make this release the quintessence of their sound. Recorded by Sam Pura at Panda Studios and mixed/mastered by Logan Bennet, “The Harvest Wombs” is the largest leap forward for a band quickly developing and refining the sound of atmospheric Death Metal. Expect something fresh, complex, and thought provoking. 2011 will be an exciting year not only for the band, but also for all the fans who have been anticipating this release for so long, be excited for “The Harvest Wombs” available worldwide November 22nd on Unique Leader Records.

Hailing from Russia, the slamming, groove oriented brutal Death Metal outfit Katalepsy joins forces with Unique Leader records! Katalepsy is one of the most active and well known Russian bands in the genre today. Extensive shows, touring, playing numerous fests supporting well know acts has really brought the band to another level. Their catchy, pit fueling, heavy as hell sound has since earned them fans from around the world who are highly anticipating a new release. In all, Katalepsy is a great example of perfectly executed American style slamming brutal Death Metal and is guaranteed to deliver to any fan of unrelenting music. Katalepsy is definitely a band to watch out for because their unique style and approach to song writing sheds new light compared to many brutal Death Metal acts today. The band will enter Cosmos studio later this year for a 2012 release.


"Due to personal reasons Sean Southern has parted ways with Deeds of Flesh. He did a great job with us and we wish him the best in his future endeavors. We are very pleased to announce that Craig Peters (Arkaik) will be taking over as our lead guitarist. Craig is one of the top lead guitarist in the metal scene today in our opinion and has already been contributing in the writing process for "Portal to Canaan". He also will add another element by doing back up vocals. We also added vocalist and fifth member Corey Athos (Flesh Consumed) to the line up and will now be bringing a 3 person vocal assault to our sound adding a ton of range. Corey will be doing majority of the vocals but Craig and Erik will be much involved. We had Corey replace the original vocals on a couple songs off "Of What's to Come" as well as a couple older tracks and they were perfect. We are all very excited to be working together and are anxious to get into the studio this summer to start recording "Portals to Canaan", proceeded by Deeds getting back out on the road."
Current Lineup:
Erik Lindmark-Guitar/Vocals, Michael Hamilton-Drums, Erlened Caspersen-Bass, Craig Peters-Lead Guitar/Vocals and Corey Athos-Vocals

KRAANIUM “Post Mortal Coital Fixation”

Kraanium is the latest addition to the sick roster at Comatose Music! This five piece brutal slamming death metal band hails from the cold north of Norway, home of the Vikings. Their goal, much like their ancestors, is total world domination delivered with merciless skull crushing barbarity that will rape your ears, leave you bleeding on the floor and left for dead! Look for their new CD “Post Mortal Coital Fixation” to be released in early 2012 and followed by a US tour. You have been warned!

NECROTIC DISGORGEMENT “Documentaries of Dementia

After nearly eight years since their debut release, Necrotic Disgorgement welcome the apocalypse in 2012 with their highly anticipated second full length release “Documentaries of Dementia”. Now with the addition of a new vocalist and bassist they have composed a death metal masterpiece that is certain to be the soundtrack for the extinction that awaits us all. Total technical blasting brutality with heinous rhythms and intricate lead guitar solos by veteran axemen Tony Tipton and Ben Deskins. The wait is almost over, consider this your warning and prepare for the carnage.

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