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INTERVIEW: Bandung Death Metal City: Interview with BLOODGUSH (brutal death-metal), 10 October 2011

My interview with Glenn, vocalist for BLOODGUSH (Bandung, Indonesia brutal death-metal)
"Bandung has a slogan 'FLOWER CITY', we can change it to 'BANDUNG DEATH METAL CITY'" - Glenn, Bloodgush
By Dr Kieran James (University of Southern Queensland).
Interpretation and extra comments during interview by Popo (vocalist of Demons Damn, Bandung death-metal) Interview 10 October 2011 in Bandung Death Metal City.

Kieran James: Hi, Glenn. It’s good to see you again. Tell me first about how you became involved in death-metal music?
Glenn (Bloodgush): In high school, since my friend gave me a metal CD, then I was interested in metal. After that I started to buy some CDs and tee-shirts. I started the band when I entered university, when I met some friends with the same interest in metal. We created a band, 2004, Bloodgush.
KJ: How old were you then?
Glenn: Age 19. I was vocals and the bass. After the first formation we changed the band. We were inactive [and then] active again in 2009. In 2009 Bloodgush had a new formation again. I’m just the vocal now. The other personnel are all newcomers, I’m the oldest. The others are in high school.
KJ: Why do you like to play death-metal?

Glenn & Kieran, Bandung, 27 Feb 2011

Glenn: I was interested to play punk, in high school I played in a punk band as a vocalist too. Death-metal is fucking brutal, I like the music. I like all kinds of music. I like pop, I like sugars, acoustic, traditional dangdut [music too].
KJ: How is the progress for the first Bloodgush album?
Glenn: Next year February 2012 for the album. I write the songs. Only one song you can hear now is the single “Flesh Devour of Human Decapitation”.
KJ: What things do you write about in the lyrics?
Glenn: I write about brutality, mutilation, sacrifice, sexual too, and unGod [anti-religion].                                                                    
KJ: What are your goals for the band?
Glenn: My goals are an album and to make some tours to Europe, and all the countries in the world. I hope [laughs].
KJ: Who are your musical influences?
Glenn: Jasad, Bleeding Corpse, Disinfected [all Bandung death-metal] and, in other countries, Gorgasm [USA] and Disavowed [Netherlands].
KJ: What is the biggest festival or show you have played?
Glenn: Biggest show was Bandung Death Fest 4 in 2009, 30,000 plus people.
KJ: What was your feeling then?
Glenn: My feeling was f***ing awesome [laughs].
Popo Demons Damn: They did a very, very good show. Demon’s Damn played on the same stage at Bandung Death Fest 4.
Glenn: I had an accident after Bandung Death Fest 4. I rode my motorcycle, I lost my memory for a while, two days, [and] it was very scary. The accident was [while] going home after the show. At that time I was straight-edge, didn’t smoke, [and] didn’t drink. It’s changed now, I drink, [and] I smoke.
Popo: I don’t know what made him change [laughs]. He wants to change his image; it’s not about a girl.
KJ: Tell me more about the Bandung death-metal scene.
Glenn: Bandung death-metal is the biggest death-metal scene in Indonesia ... and in the world [all laugh]. Now in Bandung the kids in junior high play death-metal and in primary school the kids will know about death-metal. It is most people [who] like death-metal here in Bandung; it’s bigger than in the other cities. Bandung has a slogan “Flower City”, we can change it to “Bandung Death Metal City”.
KJ: What do you think of the Bandung bands?
Glenn: They play a great style of song, great performance, also great lyrics. I think it is good Jasad and Bleeding Corpse help to promote the new bands when they play in other cities. We have to make some album to promote.
KJ: What are some problems in playing death-metal in Bandung?
Glenn: Not everyone here is interested in death-metal, the style.
KJ: What do your parents think about you playing death-metal?
Glenn: My parents support me; my father sometimes listens to my songs and wants to see me when I play.
Popo: Many parents here want to see their children play in a show.
Glenn: And they want to try to head-bang [laughs].
KJ: I see some young chicks here are also interested in death-metal.
Glenn: Many, many chickees, many young girls here are more and more interested to become the girlfriend of a vocalist.
BLOODGUSH at Cililin, 27/2/11 (Glenn vox)
Popo: But they are afraid to get near Bobby [Bobby Rock, Bleeding Corpse vocalist and Popo’s boyfriend] because they are afraid of me [laughs]. In the [metal] underground in Indonesia the hot chicks just want to be a girlfriend of a member of the band, they are just groupies. It looks like they understand the music but if I ask them about the music or [about] the members of the band they don’t understand about it.
Glenn: They are listeners.
Popo: The boys feel happy if there are many hot chicks in there but some think they also disturb too much.
KJ: Do you want to experiment musically?
Glenn: Yes.
Popo: Glenn can sing black-metal voice [KJ: like Oki, bassist of Yogyakarta band Death Vomit].
Glenn: I am interested to make some black-metal band project.
KJ: We will finish here, no more questions. Terima kasih Glenn and Popo.
Glenn: Thank you, contact.
KJ: Contact.

[KJ note: this was the first ever interview we posted on BUSUK WEBZINE back in November 2011]

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