Friday, November 18, 2011

'Digging Your Tomb' Interview

Digging Your Tomb is a Slam brutal death band formed in finally 2008, the band is composed by three members Leohn (actually vokills) Nater (actually bass) and Kastigador (actually guitar and drum prog). Dyt plays brutal death metal in slam way, low and downtunned riffs influences by bands like Devourment, Rest in Gore.
Lets check it out ....

JY : Hey. Whats up ? All cool at you and Digging Your Tomb ? First Off, Our readers who don’t know you yet, so would you like to tell us briefly about your band, the history and the current line up ?

-K : Hey man, thanks for doing the interview i really apreciate it. Yeah bro. The band was formed in 2008, when another band was disolved for problems with some members. Then in 2008 D.Y.T line-up was: Nater - Guitars, Leohn - Bass and Kastigador: Vocals, Drum Programming and Guitars. Today the line-up hasn´t changed at all, only the instruments we play: Nater- Bass, Leohn- Vocals, Kastigador: Drum Programming and guitar. We consider attitude one of the most important values in the band. Not everything is a pose in a photo.

JY : Lets talking about your promo album ‘Demo-Lition’ ? It was really fuckin great demo album. So where was recorded ?

-K : Ok. Demo-Lition was recorder at my home in a little studio that i have. Is far better it, because we record without time limit, and we work better in details....

JY : Are you satisfied with your newest promo ? How was the response so far ?
-K : Completely. It was a better sound than previously recordings. Juanmi from RazorWire Music did the mastering and the art of Demo-Lition, and Carlos Mejias ( Thirst Of Revenge) that as helped us a lot with all. I think some people like more the previous works, and another people like this more, but the response has been great.

JY : How would you describe Digging Your Tomb in musical output for yourself ?
-K : For me represent all hate i have for society, and other aspects of my life. I don´t attempt to make it nice, we do brutal music, and that´s it.

JY : DYT formed in 2008. As we know in the band Kastigador as Guitarist and Drums Program. Is it difficult to find real drummer in your area or ?

-K : Yep, it´s really difficult to find a real drummer. We life in a little little town and the only drummers there, plays in another bands but only for a month or weeks, not seriously. We looking a drummer with take the music as a fact of the life. This is our life style. But if we find a drummer in the future, welcome hahaha.

JY : How does a typical DYT song get written ? Do you have a set way of working ?
-K : We usually put all in the local with ideas, riff´s and some beer. We compose the song and later, i do the drums. Not at all, If something does not work, leave and come back with more ideas, but neither is a problem. We do the riff´s with guitars and bass, the drums, and finally the vocals. We like this way of working.

JY : Where do you get your inspiration – musical and lyrical form ?

-K : I get some inspiration from bands like Stabwound, Internal Bleeding, Guttural Secrete, Dying Fetus, Devourment, Pyrexia.... but above all, Soils of Fate is the most source of inspiration. Sometimes we also get influenced by Beatdown Hardcore bands.

JY : Which bands have had the most influence on you ? If you could go on tour with any band in the world, who would you choose ? And why ?

-K : As i said in the previous question, Soils Of Fate is the most influence, Guttural Secrete and Internal Bleeding is a big influence too. Without dude S.O.F hahaha. We have the same lyrical themes and style, and it´s a band we respect and appreciate a lot.

JY : Are you looking for a label home at the moment or ? And what kind of label would you consider signing with ?

-K : Yeah bro. Right now we have some offers to work with different labels to the 2012 recording. But nothing comfirmed yet. With Sevared Records, i like this label hahaha

JY : How’s the Death Metal scene in Spain ? Are you involved with a scene in your local area ? Are there any less well Spain bands that would recommend ?
-K : Well, I'm not saying the same thing I'm sick of reading. The scene in Spain have good bands. But always the same, Spain have many other bands they do not have the recognition they should. And i don´t say this for my band. No, unfortunately in our province we have played only one show, we have played more outside. Well: Thirst Of Revenge ( new shit out), Haemophagia, Reincarnation, Infertile Surrogacy,Purlent necropsys, Dying.

JY : What the future hope and next plans for the band ?

-K : We work now in a Full-length we expect to record in the firsts months of 2012. And take it out the same year. And play some show in somewhere meanwhile hahaha

JY : That’s me all out of questions. Thanks for your time and for answering this interview. Best of luck. Any last words for Busuk Webzine and our readers ?

-K : Ok man, thanks to you for the interview. I really appreciate this. They can download Demo-Lition from our facebook page. And if they can spread the word to his friends better hahaha. Strength and respect.

(Interviewed by John Yoedi, November 18,2011)

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