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Fetal Decay (Russian band) Interviews

Here my interviews with Russian band 'Fetal Decay'. Their music is fuckin awesome and their had have big influence like Dying Fetus and Misery Index. 8 song from their new album 'You have no choice' its make me cant stop to headbanging lol. Well lets check it out : 

Hi guys ? how are things going  ? Thanks for talking to me. Many congratulations on the new album ‘You have no choice’, its fuckin awesome album and I like it so much. I bet  you guys must be really pleased with the way it has turned out. So Who will be answer for  interviews from me J
Hi John! Dima is here.Thanx for good words,bro! Its very cool that you like our new album!Yes we realy pleased with the way it has turned out.
JY : First off, could you tell us a little bit about the band’s history and how you get together to form Fetal Decay ?
Dima : FETAL DECAY exists since 1998. At first, band’s members took parts in the other different bands such as  MIDGARD, REINTERMENT and FILTHY FLESH. Originally there were five members in the band and now it’s three   – Michael Korolyov – bass, Denis Akulshin – guitar, Dmitry Orlov – vocal.
JY : How would you describe your musical ouput ? and who or what has inspired you musically ?
 Dima : I think we play death metal with some different influences like hardcore,little progressive,little funk groovy. We just play the music what we like.
JY : Why did you decide on the name’Fetal Decay’ ? where did it come from and what does it mean to you ?
Dima : For us Fetal Decay is the filthy side of human mentality, that rotting from born to death.
JY : I want to talk about your new album ‘You have no choice’. It’s been out a few weeks ago. Do you think your sound has progresses since your first album at all ?
Dima : Well,I think that our sound was more different,cause the music changed and first album sound is not right for new songs.I like the sound on our first album and I like our new sound too. May be its progress.
JY : How was recording process for the new album ?
Dima : We recording “You Have No Choice” on 10 days.It was not  easy for us , cause in new songs we got more details, more arrangements. But it was very interesting time.
JY : Have you a favourite track off the new album ‘You have no choice’ ?
Dima : No actually. We work hard about all tracks, and we like them all.
JY : How many demo’s or album’s have you issued ? did you satisfied you have reached as long as?
Dima : Well we have one demo ( in 2000)  and  two full-leight albums ( 2005 “Your Enemy Is You” & 2011 “You Have No Choice).
JY : Has Fetal Decay joined to another compilation or split ?
Dima : Yes we have two split CDs with Detrimental ( USA) in 2002 and with Mortalized ( RUS ) & Cadaveric Incubator ( FIN ) in 2005.
JY : Who would you say are your major influences ? I hear some Dying Fetus and Misery Index stuff in your new album, would that be a fair assessment ?
Dima : I hear some Dying Fetus & Misery Index stuff too ! I think its almost Dying Fetus style with many other moments like Sick Of It All, Hatebreed,Meshuggah,Suffocation,Pyrexia ,Infectious Grooves and other.
JY : Fetal Decay signed a deal with SoulFlesh Collector Records for new album. But I see from your last album, Fetal Decay has signed with Relics Records for first album ‘The last martyrity / Beware, and second album ‘Your enemy is you’, is it correct ?  And I was wondering How did the deal came about to SFC Records? Whats happen Fetal Decay didn’t  signed to Relics Records for the new album? Would you like to explain.
Dima : It very correct, don’t worry,man ! Relics records dont work now ( R.I.P.) We signed a deal with Soulflesh Collector Records cause its very right for us now,they give us great support and promotion,they work seriously and hard,its one of biggest Russian underground label.
JY : Fetal Decay was formed in 1998. I just wondering since your formed this band until now, Why you guys still using drums programming ? is it hard to find great drummer as you all want it ? which kind of drummers do you prefer ?
Dima : Its very hard to find the peoples who play death metal.And more hardest to find a high quality musicians who want to play death metal and play it for free.We need a good drummer, a musician with creative abilities cause we play musicialy stuff,not only blast-bites.
JY : How did having a lyrical concept affect the writing of the music of the album ? Was it a more difficult task ? did you know from the beginning that you wanted to create a conceptual piece ?
Dima : Our album conception consists of  tracks names and cover artwork. My English is not very well and cant write well-reading lyrics. My lyrics is a basic stuff for vocals rhythms.
JY : It took quite a long time for the new album to come out since second album was released 2006, are they any reasons for this ?
Dima : Yes,cause the music is hobby for us,we don’t get any money from our music and we must be work on jobs most part of our life-time.The life in Russia is not well for most of people.Its very hard to play the underground music here.
 JY : What was the inspiration for the new album cover and who created it ?
Dima : Inspiration was formed from our opinion about situation in our country. Basically idea of artwork was more hardest ,cause the building on cover art must be the Russian government house, but Russia now is not democratic country and our label can have a problem, so we little changed our artwork.
JY : Where do you get your inspiration for musical and lyrical from ?
Dima : Well,I think its from everywhere: our life, people problems, political hypocrisy and corruption e.t.c.
JY : How supportive were the more established metal acts to you when you first started up ?
Dima :  Hummm ???
JY : Which bands have had the most influence on you ? if you could go on tour with any band in the world, who would you like to choose ?
Dima : Well , its many band like: Dying Fetus,Suffocation,Pyrexia,Internal Bleeding,Misery Index,Criminal Element,Deeds Of Flesh,Cryptopsy,Natron,Meshuggah,Slayer,Hatebreed,Agnostic Front and many other great band , that’s will be very cool to have a tour with some of them. By the way, we played with Dying Fetus & Cryptopsy when they was visit Russia first time, it was be very great!
 JY : If you really like Dying Fetus and Misery Index, do you have any favourite songs from them ? And why ?
Dima : We like all them songs, but have a favorite, from Dying Fetus – Praise The Lord, from Misery Index – Manufacturing Greed. We play that songs on most of our concerts and we get a great pleasure when we listen or play them, its like orgasm.
JY : Would you like to tell us about kits / equipments from Fetal Decay ?
Dima : Guitar,bass,drummachine, and many effects like: delay,faser,flanger,whammy,whah,tremolo,also we use noise suppressor,pre-amp,compressor,equalizer.
JY : Is any of the band currently involved in any projects with other musicians ?
Dima : No, we have no time for this. All free time we dedicate to Fetal Decay. But sometimes I help other bands to record some vocals, like guest vocalist. That’s all.
JY : What do you think of the local brutal death metal scene in Russian ? any good local acts you know of ? And did you know Slamming band ‘Abominable Putridity’ ?
Dima : Yes I know that band, they play very cool music, but I never meet them on gigs that we play on. Now in Russia we have many great bands like: Katalepsy,Monumental Torment,Perverse Dependence,Aborted Fetus,Cephalic Impurity,Visceral Disorder,Septicopyaemia and many other strong bands.
JY : What was the best gig you ever played, and why ?
Dima : Its hard to answer on this question, cause we was play a many good gigs, some of them was have a great sound, some was have a great fan supportI don’t know what gig was better.
JY : And the worst ?
 Dima : Well, it was in Moscow in spring 2010, when we was not in our best form. The most of gigs was good in all time.
JY : Do you have any progress for exercise with Fetal Decay ? what you guys  activities outside the band ?
Dima : I think that we have constant progress with Fetal Decay. We try to do more technical and various music, its very interesting for us. Outside the band we very busy about job , family and many mode of life problems, like many other people.
JY : When I checked your myspace and heard your song then try to reading your bio’s band but I got problem with Russian language and its hard to understand. My question, Why you guys didn’t put to English language ?
Dima : We don’t made myspace account by ourself, its made by our friend Marcin from Poland and by our label. Well, when we will make our Facebook page we put our english bio here.
JY : What plans Fetal Decay have for the future ?
Dima : Our plans to create new stuff and make the gigs in our country and others.
JY : What are your best memories so far in your career with Fetal Decay ?
Dima : For us the best are the present days. We enjoy to rehearsal , make gigs , recording. All that’s process make us very happy. We live in present time.
JY : Anyway, that’s about all I have for you. Thanks for your time for answered and good luck to Fetal Decay… (I like your band very much…\m/). Do you have last comment for Busuk zine/newsletter and Death Freaks in Indonesia ?
Dima : Well, thank you for interesting questions John. Thanx for support and good words for us. Its very great, that people far away from Russia like our music, that’s what we living for. I know the life in Indonesia  is not easy and I very respect you and many great Indonesian bands, that I hear and  many brutal fans in your country! Keep support the underground cause its TRUE !!!
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