Wednesday, November 23, 2011

INTERVIEW: Human Mastication Interview (Davao City, Philippines)

John Yoedi (BUSUK WEBZINE) : Hi Gee. How things going with Human Mastication? Thanks for talking to me.  And firstly congratulations on the new album ‘Persecute To Bloodbath’.  I’ve read some great/positive reviews about your new album. So I guess, you guys must be really pleased with the response you’ve had?

Gee (HUMAN MASTICATION): Hey bro.. First of all, thanks a lot for your time, effort and interest doing this interview with Human Mastication. It’s an honor for us to be featured in this webzine. We’re glad that our new EP “Persecute To Bloodbath” catch positive response. Huge thanks to all who dig it!

JY : To start off, let’s talk with boring question as warming up hahaha. Would you like to introduce us to the members of the band and also tell us about how’s Human Mastication got started?

Gee : I forgot already how we started. It’s a very long story and I can’t remember it now... We’ll the current Human Mastication Line up: Jay – Guitars, Siloy – Bass, Gee – Vocals and Kano – Drums

JY : I want to say, if I really love your new album ‘Persecute To Bloodbath’ and it’s f***in awesome. I’ve been banging my head and playing air drums to it like a fuckin complete idiot lol but two thumbs up for your new album.  Well, I wondered… in musically for this album, sound very influenced by US Death Metal and in particular Disgorge (US), in their album ‘Consume The Forsaken’, Is that right? And could you say something about this?

Gee : Thanks a lot for your kind words about the EP bro... Disgorge (USA) is one of our main influences.. Killer band! We really admire their music.

JY : And where did you got inspiration? Who has created/idea behind this new album ‘Persecute To Bloodbath?

Gee : I wrote all those lyrics and inspired with serial killer movies/documentaries, porn and horror gore perversion movies etc.

JY : Are you satisfied with your new album material or are there certain things you would like to have changed?

Gee : Not really. Yes the sound production and drums.

JY : Would you like to tell us about recording process for the new album? How long did the process take?

Gee : The recording process of the new EP is very simple. We recorded those tracks for just 2 to 3 hours I think.

JY : Who came up with the sickness album cover art concept?

Gee : I discuss with Bin of Braindrained Art about the output/concept of the artwork. And the result is perfect. That is what we want…

JY : And how come it has taken so long, nearly three years since the previous album ‘Grosteque Mastication Of Putrid Innards’?

Gee : Yes, because we change a drummer that time after the debut album released. It takes time for him the new drummer to adjust and cover the songs from debut album for our upcoming shows, then after that we start writing new songs with him. And honestly we don’t know if he is very busy because it’s really hard to get in touch with him so it’s very difficult for us to have a rehearsal, that’s why we are fucking lazy and slow! But anyway, we have a fresh drummer right now... I hope everything will be smooth and the progress is good. Goodluck for us hehehe..

JY : Are you recording in the same studio as before?

Gee : Nope, the debut album and the new EP recorded in different studios.

JY : How did the deal with Sevared Records come about? Are you satisfied with things like promotion and etc?

Gee : Sevared Records is one of the best underground brutal death metal labels these days for us, loads of killer brutal death bands, giving great support and promotions worldwide. We are satisfied what Sevared Records offered us.

JY : What kind of label would you consider signing with? Did you have many labels interested in your country?

Gee : Any labels as long as they are interested in Human Mastication giving us a good support, promotions and suitable deal. Yes, we have few bands here in our country get signed by international labels and released their albums, so it looks that there are lot of labels and death metal supporters globally are interested in Philippine death metal scene. Big thanks to all of them! Cheers…

JY : Where do you hear the biggest progression musically compared to past material?

Gee : Today our songs are faster, added more complex and diversity compared to the previous one. Just my poor opinion...

JY : How would you in your own words to describe your music?

Gee : Simple, Brutal, Crap and Shit! hahaha!

JY : And do you think lyrics are serious element of music? Because having vocals with no words that no one can understand.  So what are the main themes you write about?

Gee : Yes, lyrics are pretty important for me and I’m using/reading lyrics when I do gutturals. Our lyrics are all about killings and sex perversion inspired by horror, gore, porn movies…  

JY : How do you manage to adapt or improve to things and get the job done in the band?

Gee : Dedication and passion…

JY : In your new album, I’ve seen cover song from Disgorge (US) with title ‘Womb Full Of Scabs’. And I know another Brutal Death Metal Bands did it too. So I think Disgorge is fuckin killer band in this world and lots of death freaks love this band (I know… you’re Disgorge fans bro hehehe).   And maybe you ever heard about their new news, its about their fifth full length album ‘And the Weak Shall Perish’ also with two new member Erik Lindmark (Guitars) and Derek Boyer (Bass).  Well my question, Whats your opinion about their new album? Is it will be getting fast and more brutal like previous album or? Also what do you think about two new member come in?

Gee : Honestly I still don’t have any idea about it, but hopefully the new line-up continue what Disgorge sound/trademark for their past albums. The two new members are really great musicians so we’ll just wait the output of their new album. Can’t wait for it!

JY : Tell us about equipments/kits do you use to record and do you the same amp/guitars and etc for live shows?

Gee : Jay and Bill are just using Ibanez Gio guitar/bass. In our rehearsal studio we use Marshall and ADI amplifiers and Sonor drums. If we play live we don’t bring amplifiers because it’s very heavy and hard to carry it except for cymbals and stands.. We just depend what amps are presented on stage...

JY : You are obviously all very proficient with your instruments – what sort of musical backgrounds do you have? Have you had any formal musical training or education? And when did you first love death metal?

Gee : We don’t have any musical training or education. I already forgot when I first time to hear death metal music.

JY : Would you like to tell us briefly about Death metal scene in Philippines and especially in Davao city?

Gee : Death Metal scene here in Davao is pretty okay and increasing… We have lot of new bands in the scene. We have killer bands like Perverse Molestation, Erectile Dysfunction, Disastrous, Lamaw etc.. And for Luzon area they have Pus Vomit, Down From The Wound, Guillotined, Anal Fissure, Discreate and more…

JY : We heard a lot about political troubles in Davao. Are there any problems playing metal there? Kieran, will be going to there to do interview for his book, extend it to Philippines.

Gee :So far we don’t have any problems here in Davao for metal shows/gigs. Everything is pretty good.

JY : What are your own plans at the moment with Human Mastication? Any plans of playing live and to do tour to Indonesia?

Gee : Keep writing new songs for next release... If we have a chance to play there in Indonesia it would be awesome. One of our dreams as a band to play outside the country…

JY : Anyway, before to conclude this interview, would you like to give us… Whats your current 6 brutal death metal new albums list?

Gee : Cerebral Effusion - Impulsive Psychopathic Acts
Putridity - Degenerating Anthropophagical Euphoria
Septycal Gorge - Erase the Insignificant
Condemned - Realms Of The Ungodly
Defeated Sanity - Chapters Of Repugnance
Visceral Disgorge - Ingesting Putridity

JY : Thanks for your kind support to do this interview. Do you have last words?

Gee : Thanks a lot for this cool interview and support bro… All the best with your zine... Keep in touch… Visit Human Mastication @ /

(Interviewed by John Yoedi, November 23, 2011)


  1. if you guys play outside the country..the best venue is united state...!!!

  2. Is Siloy the same guy named Bill?