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INTERVIEW: Interview with Woco Suffering EKSEKUSI MATI (Depok, West Java death-metal)

EKSEKUSI MATI from Depok- yes, the guys love BLEEDING CORPSE!!
My interview with Woco Suffering (vocals) of EKSEKUSI MATI (Depok, West Java, Indonesia brutal death-metal)
By Dr Kieran James (University of Southern Queensland)
Online Interview, 24 November 2011
Kieran James: Hi Woco, how are you, mate? Thanks for agreeing to do this interview with our website. I have a few questions for you.

KJ: Tell me the history of the band? When did you start? What is the current band line-up today for EKSEKUSI MATI?

Woco:  Woco - vocals, Ilham - Drums, Anto - Guitars, Robert – Bass. Initially we all are children who are looking for musical identity and wreak fill our heads, death metal has brought us to the road a bit happier! Our band is emotional, antagonistic and tense! Hell with you guys! EKSEKUSI MATI was established precisely 29 March 2007 in a small town called Depok in western Java Island.

KJ: What is the style of music you play and what are the lyrics about?

Woco: Brutal death grind, because it happened to my lyricist and arranger creator let me tell you everything! We say a few things for the moral destruction, murder, and death will be the norms of religion and the many people who are more concerned with personal life but for a mere satisfaction we therefore take the liberty to criticize it!

KJ: What bands are your main influences?

Woco: We love Gorgasm [USA], Disgorge [USA], Deeds of Flesh [USA], Disinfected [Indonesia], [and] Jasad [Indonesia] and many more! Hail Brutal death new and old in the world. Hell yeah!

KJ: Have you started work for demo or album?

Woco: We’re doing EP that will come out soon! That we must release itself without the intervention of others, because we want to show the spirit of brotherhood in the band, the title 'WEST BLASTING ROTTING AND HUMAN GUTTURAL' but if there is the label you want to release or help market the liver senag we will consider it!

KJ: Are there any problems playing metal where you are?

Woco: Indeed there has never been a serious problem or major disaster [which] brings [major] problem. But we often are not satisfied or feel neglected because in some of our events are treated ... less logical, for example we played at the event but we felt it was not a decent band that was playing when we were invited but after we come and play some songs, [we receive] no award at all! Therefore we would like every band of any event which invites each organization of the event must be prepared for everything.

KJ: I went to show in Cibinong headlined by BLEEDING CORPSE, 8 October 2011. BLEEDING CORPSE fans are wild. Are your fans crazy too?

Woco: I always like it when [I] heard the death metal music in an event! That’s a symbol of appreciation saya kepada every band that I see. LOL. Hi, Kieran did you pay attention to me when BLEEDING CORPSE performing at Cibinong? Ha, I wore a white shirt and I had time to admonish you as well. LOL

KJ: What goals you have for the band?

Woco: My goal is only one: just having [fun] with your friends and show my talents!

KJ: Death Vomit toured Australia in September 2010. Does this give you hope Indonesian metal can be big around the world like Poland death-metal?

Woco: I salute with my predecessor as DEATH VOMIT. I really want and I’m sure [we] could be like them; I believe the metal scene in Indonesia is not inferior to the European metal scene. Stay, Busted Indonesian and brutally.

KJ: Last question, have you got a message for the fans?

Woco: My message is: Let us increase the progress and maturity that we are not viewed [as] weak by other nations. Ensuring our culture is becoming Indonesia. Benchmark all actions, remember and think this is not [only for] Indonesia! Metal music here will not be rich! Therefore enrich yourself to play metal music. Okay, I thank you very much and greetings, Woco Suffering LOL.

KJ: Thank you very much and best wishes for your band. Can you please also email me a band picture? If I’m in West Java again it will be good to meet you and I want to see your show.

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