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KRAANIUM (Brutal Slamming Death Metal) Interview

Here our new interview from great Brutal Slamming Death Metal ‘Kraanium’ (Oslo – Norway). New news from them, the new album “Post Mortal Coital Fixation” will be coming out early next year 2012 and it will be released by Comatose Music. This time, Martin Funderud (Vocalis) give his chance to answered my interview and I am so glad to find it.  Lets read it …..

JY : Hi Martin, Thanks for talking to me. How are things going in the Kraanium camp ? I’ve been reading some very positive reviews for your album. How has the reaction been to the album ?

Martin : Hello man all good here, things are really busy these days with booking gigs for next year and working on the new album in the studio. We got a real good recording deal for the studio with almost no limit on amount of time we can use so we try to really take our time and make the best record we can so far, Its all about that these days. Yes we seem to get alot of good responses on our albums which is great, there is always some people you cant please and that dont like what you do, but we dont focus on that cos there is plenty of people that seem to like our stuff and what we do, which is all you can hope for when you are in a band.

JY : Well firstly, What made you guys get together to form Kraanium ? And can you give our readers a briefly history of the band ?

Martin : Well, the band started back around 2000 but then we played a more punkish style of Death metal/Goregrind, alot simpler stuff, and not that slam influenced. It was more just a fun project, and we made a crappy demo but got alot of good interest in it still, hehe. Then the band broke up, cos we had other bands that we wanted to spend time on instead. But then again a couple of years later our friend and former drummer Jonas asked about starting up Kraanium again and doing drums so we gave it a try and the band was reborn again. But we had become big fans of the slam style of brutal music so we wanted to make something way more brutal and groovy than the old stuff.
Played with him as our drummer a couple of years, but after alot of complications and stuff with him we decided to find another drummer, so we talked to Fredrik Widigs (SOILS OF FATE (Swe), VOMITOUS (Swe), REPULSIVE DISSECTON (Ukr)) and he was interested in joining the band. We have been playing together with him for couple of years now. But he sadly had to leave the band due to personal reasons, and then Hannes Nysten from Extripated stepped up and played for us some years, also he played with us on the tour to Russia we had earlier this year. But recently we had to let him go due to that he wanted to put more time in his job than in the band. As for now we don’t have a steady drummer so we are still looking for one.

JY : Where did the band’s name came from and does it have any particular meaning to you ? Who came up with the name Kraanium?  How does it fit with the sound of the music ?

Martin : Well i cant really recall how we got the name, haha! Probably just playing around with brutal words and this came up and we all agreed to use it. As for the way to write it we had to change it cos there was already a band called Cranium, so this is what we came up as a substitute.
Well in the way it fit the musical style of the band i think its a brutal sounding name for a brutal sounding band, enough said,hehe.

JY : And how would you describe Kraanium in musical output ? Where do you get your inspiration musical and lyrical form ?

Martin : Well we consider our band a brutal slamming death metal band. We also never had a problem to label our band as a “slam” band, cos this is what we feel like our music is. Not too technical focus on writing brutal songs, but going more for the more groovy and slower type of riffing and feelings in the music cos this is what we like to create. And we always try to break it up with some fatser parts and stuff just to keep it interesting and some form of variation.
Inspiration can come from anything from reading the newspaper to watch sick and twisted movies or play brutal and violent videogames!  We are also very fascinated by the darker side of humanity and the brutality some poeple seem to possess which we also try to depict in our lyrics, as im sure you can tell by reading them .

JY : Do you write everything yourself on the album or do the others guys have input ?

Martin : I write most of the lyrics in the band, but my brother Mats also helps out sometimes with them.Musicwise its mostly me and my bro who makes the music, but our second guitarplayer alos makes some songs when we nag him enough to do it. Haha! 

JY : Kraanium seem to enjoy exploring sick and twisted subjects in their songs. What are the main themes you write about ? Do you think lyrics are serious element of music ? Because having vocals with no words that no one can understand.

Martin : Well as most brutal death metal bands write songs about its stuff like rap, murder, sexual perverted fantasies, cannibalism. To us the lyrics are as important part of the band as the music, cos i like to do as good work as i can with it and to me every song is like a history or tale about violent subjects.
And even if you cant really hear what im singing, we always print the the lyrics so people can read them in the cd if that interests them .I never really liked too much just doing vocalpatters cos its alot easier to remember lyrics than just sounds,haha.

JY : As we known, ‘Ten Acts Of Sickening Pervesity’ Cd and The Art Of Female Sodomy’ Cd and also ‘Goresoaked Slamassacre’ Split album… was released by Pathologically Explicit Records. How the deal came about ? What kind of label would you consider signing with ?

Martin : He contacted us cos he had heard some songs from us and really liked our sound, So we sent him a demo and the deal was a fact, it was pretty simple actually, things just worked out themselves basically.

JY : And I heard Kraanium signed to Comatose Music for new album ‘Postal Mortal Coital Fixation’. Tell us a bit about your upcoming release ? How many copies ?  Will there be any merchandise produced from them ?
Martin : Yes we were very lucky to get a deal with them and is very happy for it!  Well you already know the tittle so nothing more to say about that,hehe. It will hopefully be released early next year if all goes as planned. The brutal artwork were done by our good friend from russia Andrey Kroms which did a killer job for the brutal artwork.. Thanx man! It will be printed in 1000 copies to start with and if they sell out it will be printed more. Not sure about any merchandise yet but probably we will, just need to find a good artwork for it cos i dont think we will use any artwork from the cd on it.
JY : And hows the sound of Kraanium, does it will be different /changed from previously album or will you be improving some ? How do you envisage it developing in the future ?
Martin : Well i think we always had some kind of improvement or change in our music after each album, cos there will always be a natural progression in a band as long as you get more experience and mature both musically and lyrically. I think we have songs that has better structures and sounds even better now than our previous ones. We have also had alot of time working on them in the studio and did alot of change on them from our original ideas we had when we went in the studio some months ago. I think we managed to put even some more influences from other genres in the new cd which is a way for us to make it more interesting for people, hopefully. We will poraobly never change our style very much since this is how we like to make music and we all love the slamming style though, we will stay true to the groovy and simpler stuff, but this is what we like to make and people seem to enjoy it to so no point of finding a new “recipe”. 

JY : Where and what was the best and worst gig you ever played ? And how do you find the reaction from audiences when you’re playing live ?

Martin : Worst gig was probably on our European Sodomy Tour in April 2010. We were gonna play at some small city in Chech Republic called Ostrava, we drover for about 6 hours to get there, had alot of problems to find it , and the roads was very bad! And when we came there we found out that the whole damn show had been cancelled cos no people showed up! That made us pretty tired and pissed cos it was a wasted trip there, luckily we got our money for the show though, better than nothing.
The best had to be when we played at Deathfeast in June 2010! Even though we had to play in a tent due to the big stage was closed cos it was a big storm there, the show was crazy! The whole tent was packed with crazy ppl screaming and moshing and almost falling on the stage cos it was so crowded, if ya search for it on youtube you will find some really sick footage from it \m/ And people still tell us that this show was insane when we meet them around gigs in europe .

JY : How is the metal scene in Norway ? If I am not wrong, mostly Black Metal Bands there…is it right ? And any good brutal bands to recommend for our readers here ?

Martin : its mostly black metal bands up here yeah. And we are the only slamband around,hehe! But as for other types of death metal we have some cool bands such as: The sickening, Bloodred throne,Hideous deformity. Cant really remember any other bands right now, but there are some more so you just have to check around on myspace,or something. 

JY : Give me 5 great Slamming Death Metal Bands ? And why ? Did you ever heard about Slamming Bands from Indonesia ?
Martin : Cerebral effusion, Devourment,Abominable putridity, Condemned, Cephalotripsy , Visceral disgorge. Yes have heard about some great bands down there! Turbidity, Rezume, Bloodgush to name a few, you got a really good scene down there for sure!

JY : On a final note, it would be great to see you play over to Indonesia. Are there any plans to come over here ?
Martin : No problem man, thanx for showing interest for kraanium and support us! As for plans we have no concreete ones yet about playing in asia. We still need next year for tour in Europe and the US, but maybe in 2013 if we can find any promoters that will help us! Would really love to come down and play there!

JY : Ok Martin, thanks for your time to answered my questions. I am so happy,  You give me chance to do this with your band. Do you have any last thought or message for Busuk webzine and also for our readers here ?

Martin : Thanx alot for doing the interview with us, and supporting Kraanium. I really appreciate it! And i would also extend my thanks to all our fans out there, old & new ones...without you we wouldnt be anything! No glam just fucking SLAM!
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(Interviewed by John Yoedi, November 28, 2011)

Kraanium Severed stump fistfuck DFOA 2010

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