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INTERVIEW: My interview with Adin GENITAL CAVITY (band now called WARHAMMER) (Yogya brutal death)

The mighty GENITAL CAVITY, band now called WARHAMMER (Adin second left in Rotor shirt), 13 Oct 2011
My interview with Adin (vocalist) GENITAL CAVITY (Yogyakarta, Indonesia brutal death-metal)
“It’s a good band for me as they play old-style. They play the old style of Morbid Angel” – Oki DEATH VOMIT
By Dr Kieran James (University of Southern Queensland)
Interview: 13 October 2011 at Yogyakarta
Extra comments and some language interpretation by: Oki, bass player of DEATH VOMIT and Jay of DEADLY WEAPON.
GENITAL CAVITY is: Adin (vocals), Bava (guitar), Bayu (bass), Husein (drums).

Introduction: It is certainly true what Oki of DEATH VOMIT says that the Yogya scene is a place where diverse styles of death-metal can be found. Halim of CRANIAL INCISORED says if there are ten bands here you will find ten genres. GENITAL CAVITY is a young Yogya band made up of college students. Oki and I watched them rehearse at Avila recording studio on 13 October 2011 and I then asked the band if they wanted to interview. They play a very groove-oriented style of death-metal where they lock in a groove before the singer starts up. The old-school style appeals to older metalheads like me who was into traditional and thrash-metal before death-metal was born. GENITAL CAVITY’S death-metal cover of “Rapid Fire” by Judas Priest was really a very welcome surprise as well. It was great for me to be able to interview some of the younger and newer Indo death-metal bands such as GENITAL CAVITY from Yogya and BLOODGUSH from Bandung for this site. Here is my interview with Adin, a 20-year-old art-student and the vocalist for GENITAL CAVITY....

Kieran James: Hi Adin, thanks very much for agreeing to do this interview. I was really impressed with the band rehearsal earlier tonight. I really like the groove. First can you please tell us about the band history?

Adin: In 2009 my band was formed. Our influences are Vader [Poland] and Bolt Thrower [UK]. The groove aspect is from Vader. The members of the band were high-school friends. The members joined the Jogjakarta Corpse Grinder community to make the band more ... solid maybe.

KJ: Why do you like to play death-metal?

Adin: Because we enjoy the death-metal music and we can flow with the emotion.

KJ: What are the lyrics about for the songs?

Adin: About war, murder, like that.

KJ: What cities have you played so far?

Adin: Still in Yogya, we are a new embryo.

KJ: Why do you think Indonesian people like to play death-metal so much?

Adin: Because death-metal has a good technical nature.

Jay of DEADLY WEAPON: Maybe death-metal is like ... complicated music so they like it.

KJ: What are your goals and dreams for the band?

Adin: We want to go international; we want everyone in the whole world to know us...

Jay DEADLY WEAPON: Famous [laughs].

KJ: As in respected?

Adin: Yes!

KJ: Did you record any demo or songs?

Adin: No but we have three songs.

KJ: I really like and appreciate your cover of “Rapid Fire” by Judas Priest. Why did you decide to do a cover of this song?

Adin: Because our members are big fans of Judas Priest and we wanted to play that song in a death-metal style.

KJ: Do you want to record “Rapid Fire” later for an album?

Adin: Yes!

KJ: Are you happy to be playing in Hellnation festival coming up soon?

Adin: Yes, I’m proud to play death-metal.

KJ: Oki, what do you think of this band?

Oki of DEATH VOMIT: It’s a good band for me as they play old-style. They play the old style of Morbid Angel. I never heard an Indo death-metal band with the style of Morbid Angel. They still do [it] with the old riffs. The new death-metal generation do not do [it] with the old riffs but they still do [it] with the old riffs. That’s my opinion, that’s what I hear, a little part of Morbid Angel.

KJ: Mmm, but they don’t say they are influenced by Morbid Angel...

Oki DEATH VOMIT: For example, there are two bands Suffocation and Severe Torture. Severe Torture music is influenced by Suffocation. Then there is a new band influenced by Severe Torture. I don’t listen to Severe Torture so much so all I know is that the third band is influenced by Suffocation.

KJ: Like grandfather, father, and son?

Oki DEATH VOMIT: Yes, it’s like that. [KJ: So maybe Oki is saying through his story that both of us are just too old already!]

KJ: Adin, what does your family think about you playing in a death-metal band?

Adin: For my family it’s OK. I want to prove to my parents I can be something with death-metal music. [KJ: We hope Adin’s parents are reading this!]

KJ: You know many people say Bandung is the death-metal city of Indonesia. Did you ever think of moving there like Cannibal Corpse and George Fisher moved down to Florida to join the great scene there?

Adin: I’m proud to be here in Yogya because we have different styles of music.

KJ: What are the good things about the scene in Yogya?

Adin: The bands support each other in the local scene.

KJ: What do you think of support of DEATH VOMIT for the new bands?

Adin: Very helpful and supportive.

Oki DEATH VOMIT: His answer is just to make me happy [laughs].

KJ: Do you experience any problems playing death-metal in Yogya?

Adin: Until today we don’t find any problems.

KJ: Do you receive any feedback so far?

Adin: It’s a hard question. Fuck!

KJ: What do you think of the death-metal bands in Bandung?

Adin: Almost all the bands play the same style there but a few bands play with a different style.

KJ: OK last question, my usual last question: What is your message for the fans?

Adin: Keep supporting death-metal! And don’t stop to drink!

KJ: Adin, thanks very much for a great interview mate, and also thanks to Oki and Jay for great comments. I wish you very best for your band in the future. Please promote my website. See you when I come to Yogya again.

Adin: Terima kasih!

See also my "Classic Album Review" for British Steel album by Judas Priest featuring the original "Rapid Fire" on this site in Reviews Section - KJ

Note that this band is now called WARHAMMER - KJ.

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