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PAROXYSMAL BUTCHERING 'Slamming Brutal Death Grind'

Biography :
Romanticizing rape, torture and cannibalism since 2007, Paroxysmal Butchering consistently delivers slamming, guttural sickness,
exemplifying the essence of Brutal Death Metal, while incorporating elements of Grindcore and Black Death into an all out aural
fist fuck of blasting perversity. Churning out misanthropic disgust from the festering bowels of Southern California, Paroxysmal
Butchering has worked hard to establish a loyal fan base, and create music that is both ferocious and unyielding, yet memorable.
Their efforts have not gone for naught, as PB recently caught the attention of South Korean Brutal Death fanatics, Show No Mercy
Records, with their 2011 demo, "Supreme Revulsion", subsequently inking a record deal with the label. As a band, Paroxysmal
Butchering continues to assert itself as one of the regions premier purveyors of ear drum punishing, genital obliterating brutality.

Well, Tim gave me chance to answered my interview...lets check it out.

JY : Hey Tim. First of all thanks for doing this interview with me. I really appreciate it. I know that it’s boring for you but our readers here want to know some information about your band ‘Paroxysmal Butchering’ (the current line-up and band history) ? And how long does the band exits ?
Tim : Hey man, not at all, I love this kind of thing. I am really happy that you wanna take your time to interview PB, haha.
The current line-up consists of myself, our guitarist Josh, our drummer Nacho, and our new bassist Rick.
The band actually started in March 2007. At that time, it was just a solo project that I did for fun (nothing serious). In May of this year, however, Josh and Nacho joined and we became an actual “band”. We started playing shows, writing new stuff and got signed to Show No Mercy, so we’re all just having a blast doing this now.
JY : You just released the demo album ‘Supreme Revulsion’ is really fuckin great in Slamming Death Metal. So please give us infos about the new demo album ? How were the first reactions on it ?
Tim : Thank you, that’s very nice of you to say. Yeah, that was the culmination of me just messing around with shit. I figured why not take all the songs I had and record them? I programmed some drums and recorded the thing in Josh’s room, haha. People seemed to like it, which I was very pleased to see. I didn’t think it was very good, and was actually pretty disappointed with it, largely because of my vocal performance on it (I had a long layoff from doing vocals, and they did not come out as I had hoped they would.)
Luckily, now with Josh, Nacho and Rick, the album is going to sound light years ahead of the demo, and I am doing vocals regularly now, so shit’s gonna sound brutal. haha

JY : How could you describe Paroxysmal Butchering in musical ? Also please give us some information about the lyrics ?
Tim : Musically, it’s brutal death with slams, but people have labeled it as death grind, due to how short most of the songs are, which is fine, because death grind is awesome, haha. We have some super melodic riffs, here and there, but for the most part, it’s brutal death and slams. You can’t go wrong with that combination.
Lyrically, it’s all about hatred, murder, rape, cannibalism, etc. Pretty basic stuff; I don’t like preaching to people with my lyrics. They’re there to listen to death metal, and couldn’t give a shit about my personal philosophies. I feel the gore imagery is an essential part of death metal, and I don’t see it as cliché or unoriginal, it’s just part of what makes death metal… death metal.

JY : Why did you decide on the Paroxysmal Butchering ? Where did it come from and What does it mean to you ?
Tim : I have a weird thing with needing to be (as close to perfectly) symmetrical as possible when drawing logos; I hate designing logos that are all over the place. Paroxysmal Butchering is 10 letters by 10 letters and when it is drawn out, it’s very pleasing, aesthetically.
The name is paying homage to impulse killings. I have always enjoyed reading about serial killers, and those who act on impulse have always fascinated me the most. The name is a reflection of that: sudden, violent and uncontrollable butchering… Paroxysmal Butchering works. haha

JY : How have you guys become the deal with ‘Show No Mercy Records’ ? Are you guys lucky with the deal yet ?
Tim : Just a week or so after the demo was out and Josh and Nacho joined, Darren contacted me and asked if we’d be interested in signing with him. Everyone talked and was like… fuck, let’s do it. We really enjoy working with SNM, Darren and Ds are great guys; they love BDM, and Darren is signing all these really fucking badass bands, haha. It’s an honor to play on a label that has bands like this – it’s all upward from here. With each new signing, the label just gets heavier and heavier, and I really think that Darren’s solidifying himself as a serious contender in the BDM scene. These bands seriously don’t fuck around. haha

JY : Which bands have influenced the Paroxysmal Butchering sound ?
Tim : Back when I first started, Inveracity, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Hate Eternal, Beheaded, Iniquity, Skinless, those guys were my favorite bands.
Now that it’s an actual band effort, and everyone is throwing in their style and influence, it’s shifted more towards straight BDM and Slam influence, which I really like. Inveracity, Gorgasm, Devourment, Beheaded, some Dying Fetus, Vomit Remnants, shit like that. Just unrelentingly brutal stuff, it’s the way to go.

JY : The demo album cover artwork is fucking awesome by Bvllmetalart. Why did you choose him ? Are you satisfied with the result ? Where did you met him ?     
Tim : Hell yeah, BvllMetal is incredible. I was looking around for a while, trying to find something that wasn’t too gimmicky, something that would fit the sound of the band, and one day, I find BvllMetal on the forum. I was really impressed by his work, but when he showed me his newer stuff I was blown away, he had improved so drastically, it looked like two different artists. I was hooked, I showed Josh and Nacho, and they liked his work, as well. That claw monster that we have is top notch, I love that piece.

JY : What are your hopes for the next album and when will you be recording it ?
Tim : We have the re-release of Supreme Revulsion coming at the end of this year, (it’s being completely redone and we’re adding some new tracks to it) - we’re all really anxious to get that out to everyone. If people liked the demo, they’re gonna really love the album.
We already have NEW material in the works for the second album… but that’s confidential… haha

JY : What kind of scene is there in North County, California at the moment, Any new comer bands I should be checking out ?

Tim : The San Diego scene has some really good bands, from several different styles. Suntorn plays slam, and those guys are really fucking cool. Jesus Christ Vs. The World is from WAY down south, in East County, they play really intense grind. Those guys are one of my favorite bands. Fury Never Fades plays really sophisticated djent, new age kind of metal, those guys are nuts, good friends and great musicians. Greenskull, Aeornicess and Perdition are all really good North County bands, REALLY good. We’re likely gonna be doing a compilation release with them. Within the Swarm, Ruinist and Imbalanced are other really good North County death metal bands.
The big music scene out here is thrash. Those guys don’t like much of anything but thrash. haha

JY : Did you play lots of gig ? Where was good and worst gigs ?

Tim : Yeah, we play pretty often, it’s great. Our two shows with Pathology were both excellent, and this show out in LA, back in October comes to mind. Great experience. We got to play with a bunch of our friends in really great bands. That was one of the better shows I’ve ever been to, and PB got to play in it, that’s pretty cool. Haha
We’ve had a few awful shows… haha. The reason though is always the same: You play BDM to people who don’t like BDM and you’re going to get blank faces staring at you in bewilderment. We try to avoid those shows now… *cough* thrash shows *cough* haha

JY : And did you know some great band from Indonesia ?

Tim : Absolutely. Right now, Expendiency and Absorption are the only guys coming to mind, but I know many bands that play out of Indonesia, there’s quite an amazing scene out there. We really hope to be able to play out there in the future, because that experience would be life changing.

JY : Whats your current 6 album cd list ?
Tim : Shoot… haha, Inveracity “Circle of Perversion” is always there, and will always be there. Same goes for Beheaded “Ominous Bloodline”. Vomit Remnants, another favorite. I’ve been listening to a lot of Pencil Lead Syringe, Vomit the Soul and Pyaemia.

JY : Thanks for the interview and the support. Do you have the last words for Busuk Webzine and our readers here ?

Tim : Just thanks again for taking the time to have this interview, and keep shit brutal. You’re doing a great job with your blog spot, and to all the PB friends and fans, keep slamming your heads and we’re gonna have some more blasting, guttural sickness for you VERY SOON!

(Interviewed by John Yoedi '9 November 2011')

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