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My interview with Mass Jamet (vocals) of TANAH KUBUR (black-metal from Cibinong, Indonesia)
By Dr Kieran James (University of Southern Queensland)
Interview: Online interview, 27 November 2011.

Kieran James: Hi, thanks for agreeing to do this interview with our site First tell us the band history, like when did you start and who are the members?

MJ: We start the TANAH KUBUR band. This is me Mass Jamet, and then I met with others such as: “Togem Atheist” as guitarist, “Katap Andre” as bassist, [and] “Iqbal Feroza” as drummer.

Some of our personnel have left the band already:
“Hendra” as a guitarist, he’s been out since October 2010 because [he is] busy with his education.“Kiwil” as a keyboardist, he’s been out since March 2011 and [he has joined] the band “Makam Selatan”.“Dirja” as a keyboardist, he's been out since June 2011 in because there is little conflict and he wants [to play with] his band into more seriously "Dicit Lvx". “Fahmy” as a guitarist, he's been out since July 2011 because he wanted [to] focus on his band "Expendiency". “Vandy” as guitarist, he’s been out since September 2011 because busy.“Ibenx” as bassist, he’s been out since November 2011 because busy with his education.
KJ: How is progress for your demo or album?

MJ: Great, we’ve released a demo of some songs at the end of 2010 (Ritual Dahar Dupo):

- “Surat Dari Neraka” “Yaumil Qiyamah” [and] “Reincarnation”. For the rest, [we will] quickly finish our mini-album in late 2011 (Hellish).
KJ: Why do you like to play black-metal?

MJ: Because the black-metal playing includes my hobbies in the world of music.
KJ: How to describe your style and what bands do you like?
MJ: My style is not far from Nergal, Shagrath and Freddy Lim. Bands that I like are Chthonic [Taiwan]; Dimmu Borgir [UK]; Behemoth [Poland]; and Vesania [Poland].
KJ: What is the scene like in your city? I was in your city of Cibinong for Bleeding Corpse show 8 October, 1,000 fans, it was amazing. In our van we saw all the young guys on motorcycles in metal shirts going to the show....
MJ: I was in Cibinong when concert April 23, [with the] trance fans when I [was] eating ritual incense on stage.
KJ: What are your goals and plans for the band?
MJ: My goal for the band [is I] just want to keep working and I want to plan a concert in a foreign country.
KJ: What jobs do you have outside of metal?
MJ: My work outside [of] metal is in college.

KJ:What cities have you played shows?
MJ: Bogor, Depok, Jakarta, and Surabaya.
KJ: Are there any problems playing metal shows in your city for example police problem?
MJ: Sometimes there are problems with the police if there is noise, but if there is no noise and everything is quiet it will not be trouble with the police.
KJ: Do you believe in all or part of the black-metal philosophy?

MJ: In part I believe.

KJ: Last one: Any message or word for your fans?
MJ: Our message to the fans is: “Thank you so much you guys have supported us, without you we are not what [we are now]. Stay Black in the World!!”
KJ: Thanks very much for a great interview. You are the first black-metal band on our website and that’s good because we know metal is not about rules and classifications. Metal should be united. I also love the band picture! Best wishes for your band and your future album. I hope to see you one day in Cibinong or other city.
KJ: As the YouTube clips for this band indicate they do put on a great show with some melody and some technical skill while staying true to the traditional black-metal sound.
Band videos: Dari Neraka” [Live at GOR Padjajaran Bogor 2010]. “Reinkarnasi” [live at GOR Padjajaran Bogor 2011]
Band contact:

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