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INTERVIEW: My interview with CROWNED (Depressive black-metal band from Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia)

My interview with CROWNED (Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia depressive black-metal)
"We were formed in the depths of winter!" - CROWNED 
By Dr Kieran James (University of Southern Queensland)
Email  Interview, 25 November 2011

Kieran James: Can you take us through the history of the band?

Crowned: We formed in the depths of winter 2010 as a fusion of two bands, AB AETERNO and CROWNED, with four members. Unfortunately, one of our number departed soon after, leaving the current line-up of three. Since then we’ve released a demo titled ‘Ainulindale’, which was well received. We’ve also played a few shows, supporting Tasmanian act ‘RUINS’ in April, ‘PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS’ at the Globe [Brisbane] in August, and then travelling to Sydney to assist with EREBUS ENTHRONE’S album release, with SANGUINARY MISANTHROPIA, for which I would like to thank Suzanne and Séance Records. I guess I should mention we’re an Australian QLD based ambient depressive black metal band.
KJ: How is the progress towards a demo or an album?

Crowned: Well, should have something out early next year.

KJ: Are there any big shows or festivals coming up?

Crowned: Nothing yet.

KJ: What are your major influences both musically and ideologically?

Crowned: As a band, musically our influences range from the classics, EMPEROR [Norway], MAYHEM [Norway], DARKTHRONE [Norway] etc, to DRUDKH [Ukraine], HORN [Germany], WINDIR [Norway], SUMMONING [Austria], PORTAL [Brisbane, Australia], WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM [USA], and to music with no relation to metal, however, I would say our biggest collective influence is BURZUM [Norway]. As for ideology, we all, to varying degrees, I would say, align mainly with a general loathing for humanity and a yearning for tranquillity in nature. At the same time there’s a strange mix of nationalism, nihilism, volkism, existentialism, and paganism, not to mention Lord of the Rings hah.

KJ: What are your goals for the band in the future?

Crowned: Perhaps to tour Europe, and hopefully to continue writing interesting music.

KJ: What do you think of the various elements of black-metal ideology? What parts of the ideology attract you?

Crowned: There are too many, but I have my own personal ideology inspired through observation of others, which I’m sure most intuitive people do.

KJ: How did you feel on the day Varg Vikernes was released from jail?

Crowned:...I wouldn’t ask this question of any other black metal bands you’re intending to interview, most of them will think it’s a ridiculous question, but I guess I’m glad for his part he can freely live and create music again.

KJ: What do you think of the metal scene in Toowoomba and the black-metal scene in Australia?

Crowned: There are a few good bands coming from Toowoomba, such as KRONSKRIPTOR, ETERNAL REST and ADNATE, but otherwise the scene has virtually died, I think (not that I pay much attention). Everything else is generally fronted by some unconscious retard with tight pants and a fringe whose balls haven’t dropped. Regarding Australia, I think it’s much more successful and interesting than most people give it credit for, particularly if you’re willing to look past the aforementioned example of a homosexual.

KJ: Last question, mate. Personal message for the fans?

Crowned: Thanks for the interview, and thanks to anyone who reads it.

YouTube video-clip for CROWNED:  

[My thankyou to Pauline Collins for her help in arranging this interview. The guys in CROWNED wish to remain anonymous.]

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