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My interview with Deang (bass) of DESPAIR (Bandung, Indonesia brutal death-metal)
By Dr Kieran James (University of Southern Queensland)
Email Interview, 16 December 2011
DESPAIR is: Yayas (1st guitar), Arief (2nd guitar), Deang (bass), Adang (drum) and Max (vocal).

Kieran James: Hi, mate. Thanks very much for agree to do interview with our website These are the questions:

KJ: First tell us the band history, like when you start and who are the members?
Deang: DESPAIR since 2008, firstly because Maxi (vocal) and Deang (bass) wanted to change their band genre be more progressive and loud. For the first time the member of DESPAIR were Acong (1st guitar), Paloh (2nd guitar) Deang (bass) and Hasbi (drum). Because of their [busy schedules], Hasbi, Paloh and Acong resigned in 2008. To be more progressive we [were] looking for new personnel to replace the positions. Finally, DESPAIR had new personnel: there are Yayas from SEDUSA (guitar), Abas from UNDERGOD/ JASAD (drum) and Arief from DEPRAVITY SAVAGE (guitar). Because Abas had a [busy schedule], at last we found another personnel to change the position of drummer. After this, we have Adang Hibrani who wants to help DESPAIR in drummer position. Now the members of DESPAIR are: Yayas (1st guitar), Arief (2nd guitar), Deang (bass), Adang (drum) and Max (vocal).
KJ: What cities have you played shows?
Deang: Our first performances [were] at some gigs in Bandung region such as Soreang, Banjaran, Cimahi, Cicalengka and Garut, Serak tour and launching UNDERGOD, and yesterday in the biggest gig in Bandung - “Bandung Death Fest 5”.
KJ: How is progress for your demo or album?
Deang: For demo and album, it still [is unfinished] business and we [will realize] it soon. Changing personnel inhibited our demo and album, our plan [is that] the new demo will [be] released at end of 2011.
KJ: Why you like to play death-metal?
Deang: Hahahhaha... death-metal??? Actually it came from our deepest heart. Growing [up in] the Ujung Berung Community [KJ: East Bandung] [which has] already launched a lot of death-metal bands like JASAD, BLEEDING CORPSE etc. We try to be like them or maybe more than them hahahaha...
KJ: How to describe your style and what bands do you like?
Deang: Our band is just like our motto “more than dog” hahahahaha. We think you can describe our band by yourself. We like DARSO (traditional act from Bandung) hahaha, big influences for my band are: DYING FETUS [USA], SLEEP TERROR [USA], DISAVOWED [USA], PROPHECY and then the other bands from BANDUNG.
KJ: I know Bandung is huge Death Metal City with JASAD and BLEEDING CORPSE and TURBIDITY and JIHAD and many great bands. How do you feel to be part of the Bandung scene?
Deang: Bandung...ya ya ya it’s hard to explain...Because there always launches a new band every time and everywhere, and maybe it was worthwhile [for them] to perform to the people hahaha. We can say that Bandung city is a death-metal music barometer for sure.
KJ: What are your goals and plans for the band?
Deang: Our aim [in] making this music our personal happiness, to express something that we want and dispense our talent hehehe... and to be something like our motto “more than dog”!
KJ: What jobs do you have outside of metal?
Deang: Our vocalist is a dog keeper hahaha. Our drummer is a shopkeeper and so [is] our guitarist. And I’m an electrical wire operator. And our second guitarist is a dolphin trainer hahahahahaha [KJ: I see these guys have read my interview with TURBIDITY hehehe, if you want to know the joke, read my TURBIDITY interview for yourself!]
KJ: Is there any problem playing metal shows in your city for example police problem?
Deang: For many years we had some problems [regarding] the places to make the shows, but for now that problem [has been] resolved.
KJ: What has been the response from people to your song “Sivillian Mutilated” on Padiga: Panceg Dina Galur compilation CD?
Deang: Hahahaha actually that was our material from two years ago. [Regarding] the response from the people here, a lot of people here are giving a positive response but some people give the negative response too.
KJ: Last one: Any message or word for your fans?
Deang: For our [true] fans keep supporting us, keep bangin’ your head, keep drink your beer and buy our original merchandise hahahahaha
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