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INTERVIEW: DISCREATE (Technical Brutal Death from Philippines ) Interview

DISCREATE is a technical brutal death metal band from the Philippines founded recently in November 2010, when guitarist Michael Carlos (ex-Burial Disorder, Sultan) decided to continue writing his own songs after parting ways with Burial Disorder. With the help of Miko Pareja (ex-Monkey Eating Flesh, Burial Disorder) on vocals, they remain absolute in what they have started out with.

Seeing a huge possibility of breaking conventional metal music, Em Lozano (ex-Los Sin Nombre vocalist, former drummer of Burial Disorder (session), Goremitory & Innocent Suffer, current drummer of Flashpoint) decided to continue drumming for them permanently - helping to engineer ideational music structures and explore potential abstract conjunctions.

Discreate has recently added Mike Emberador of Fvck Belias as their second guitarist and is currently rehearsing with them for their new songs"

Lets check our interview with Miko Pareja (Vocalist):

JY : Hi Miko, thank you very much to send us fuckin great demo album and we would like to know more about your band here. Ok lets start out with a briefly about history of the band ? Any changes for members ?

Miko : Cheers bro thanks for this great chainsaw interview. Discreate started in 2010 with the style of Experimental, technical, brutal death metal, jazz. We just recently welcomed our 2nd guitarist Mike Emberador from Fvckbelias. We liked his style so fucking great!
Miko Pareja - vocals
Michael Carlos - Guitars
Mike Emberador- Guitars
Em Lozano - Drums

JY : What’s up in the Discreate camp at the moment ?

Miko : Right now we are writing our new stuff for the full length album. We hope by late 2012 the album is already done and seek for new sick events.

JY : The 3 song from the demo is great. Would you like to tell us about your first demo ? And How long have you been working on it ?

Miko : Thanks a lot bro for liking our stuff, it took us two moths on the recording process because we are so busy on our daily life and jobs.

JY : Did you send out lots of demo’s to Labels/Records ? And how was response so far ?

Miko : Yup, I have sent it. I’m just waiting for there answer for it on the list is: Morbid Generation, Grinder Cirujano, Vys Label Distro, Sadistic Perforation Records, Aural Onslaught Distro Label, Distrozione Diy Label a lot of labels hahaha! We need to spread are music to other countries.

JY : Are there any great Labels/Records in your country to release extreme metal bands cd’s ?

Miko : Yup we have great labels on are country the list are: one - a records, bergugo records, bituka records, lifespan records and anura records.

JY : When will you be recording for debut album ? What are your hopes for the next album ?

Miko : For now we are on the process of recording for are first full length album we will produce 8 to 10 track and we hope will finish this late of 2012.

JY : Are you looking for a label home at the moment ? What kind of label would you consider signing with?

Miko : Yup we are seeking a label for the first full length album we hope we close are deal to brute production from thailand soon!

JY : Who are your musical inspirations?

Miko : Our inspiration making are shitty music is bands within the scene family, friends, beermates, sluts, whores, bitches, and the great aliens hahahah!

JY : What made you want to sing for this band ? Can you playing another instrument ? And why no bass player in your band ?

Miko : Because for my possession of brutal death music. nope I can’t play other instruments because I like to focus on vocal and writing compose for now its more extreme that’s the reason why? For now hahahaha!

JY : What kind of scene is there in Philippines at the moment, and also especially in Manila ? Any good bands I should be checking out ?

Miko : Oh our scene within our country is fucking great!!! we like it, great bands and productions like Pus Vomit, Rust Phantom, kabaong ni kamatayan, Anal Fissure, Human Mastication,Perverse Molestation, Nocturnal Insanity,Mortal Grudge, Ganid, Fuck Belias, Human Centipede, Cerebral Putridity, Devour from within, Vasodilator

JY : Give us your top ten brutal death metal bands albums list for this year ?

Miko : Viraemia - [EP]
Brain Drill - Quantum Catastrophe 
Rings of Saturn - Embryonic Anomaly
Disavowed - Perceptive Deception 
Origin - Entity 
Monumental Torment - Oppression Submission
Entrails Eradicated - Viralocity
Sleep Terror - Probing Tranquility
Archspire - All Shall Align
Incinerate - Anatomize

JY : Ok that’s all the questions I have for now. Do you have last comment for Busuk Webzine and also for our readers ?

Miko : Thanks a lot for this chainsaw moment and for the support and good luck with your webzine and you and for updateds and new stuff kindy check are:

(Interviewed by : John Yoedi, December 05,2011)

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