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Interview with Necrotic Disgorgement ( Columbus, Ohio - Usa )

" Really a normal life for all !! We all work regular jobs !!!” Work Fuckin Sucks “!!! If I was not doin the band thing i might move to California and become a medical marijuana farmer " !!!!

After nearly 8 years since their debut album ‘Suffocated In Shrinkwrap’, Necrotic Disgorgement from Columbus, Ohio welcome the apocalypse in 2012 with their higly anticipated second full length release ‘Documentaries Of Dementia’….total technical blasting brutality with heinous rhythms and inticate lead guitar solos. 
Here my interview with Jimmy (vocalist). Check it out …\m/

JY : Hi there. Thanks first all for agreeing to this interview. And I hope you are well there. Anyway, How are things going at the moment for Necrotic Disgorgement ? And who will be answer for this interview ? 

Everything is goin good!!! Jimmy on vokills !!!

JY : Firstly, I want to starting with boring question as warming up hahaha. Can you introduce me to the members of the band and tell me about how Necrotic Disgorgement got started ? Any changed line up before ?

Jimmy : Tony Tipton lead guitars, Ben Deskins rhythm guitars and vocals, Jason Trecazzi drums, Scott Kinnamen on bass, Jimmy Javins vocals!!! Tony Ben and Jason were in Regurgitation !! Brian Baxter was as well but they went their separate ways in spring of 2010 in comes me then Scott !!

JY : And where did the band name came from? Does it have any particular meaning to you ? How does it fit with the sound of the music ?

Jimmy : Ben named the band I have no idea where he got it !!! Brutal name for brutal music !!

JY : As we know, your band will be releasing second full length album and its called ‘Documentaries Of Dementia’. Tell us more about the upcoming new second full length album ? How has the sound of Necrotic Disgorgement , does it will be different/changed from first album or will you be improving some more killer stuff for second album ?

Jimmy : Well the sound will be somewhat the same , except the  vocals , & , the production will be a lot better than Suffocated in Shrinkwrap !!!

JY : How long you been working on the new material ?

Jimmy : I would say 2 years easy !!! But those guys have had some of the music put together a little longer !!!

JY : When do you expect to have ‘Documentaries of Dementia out ? And how many song will be available for this new album ?

Jimmy : We should be wrapping up sometime in March with a release date sometime in the spring !!! 10 to 12 songs will be on the new disc we r doin 2 songs of Suffocated disc ! You will just half to wait and see what 2 songs they are !!!

JY : ‘Documentaries Of Dementia’ will be released by Comatose Music. How did you hook up with Steve Green of Comatose Music ?  

Jimmy : don’t know !!!!

JY : Where do you think the biggest difference is between  ‘Documentaries Of Dementia’ and your previous album ‘Suffocated In Shrinkwarp’ ? 

Jimmy : The overall sound production suffo was a rush do to Jason joining the Marine Corps !!

JY : Could you tell us who’s artist to make cover artwork for new album ? Is it same artist that did the artwork for Suffocated in Shrinkwarp ? How are things progressing with the artwork ?

Jimmy : We have it down to a couple of guys !!!

JY : Do you all contribute equally to the writing process , or are some more involved in the process of writing the lyrics and music than others ?

Jimmy : Ben , & Tony write all the music . Ben & I share the lyrics though Ben writes more than me !!

JY : And where do you get your inspirations, musical and lyrical from ?

Jimmy : All that is brutal !!! Really most songs write themselves !!!

JY : Do you think lyrics are a serious element of music ? Because having vocals with no words that no one can understand.

Jimmy : Lyrics are every bit as important as drums or guitar !! The vocals on the new album should be more audible !!!

JY : Do you have some guest appearances for the second full length album or not ?

Jimmy : No guest on this one !!!

JY : How would you in your own words describe your music ?

Jimmy : Not your run of the mill Death Metal !!! Some old skool (Malevolent Creation) with breakdowns & grinding your body into the ground !!!

JY : What were your musical influences when growing up? Pantera,Iron Maiden, Slayer ,Cannibal Corpse, Kreator ? Or…?

Jimmy : For me I fed upon the the likes of Iron Maiden , Judas Priest , Slayer , Morbid Angel , Cannibal Corpse , Suffocation , Malevolent  Creation,   !!! 

JY : What kits /equipments do you use ? Is it same equipment to recording and for live shows ?  
( sorry...he wasn’t answered this question or maybe he missed it….but no problem…..ed )

JY : What other bands/musicians/artists do you respect and admire?

Jimmy : Decrepit Birth !!! Those guys r killing it !!!!

JY : What do you think about the metal scene in general these days? What's good about it? How could it improve?

Jimmy : It seems to be making a comeback from recent years but I would like to see it take over  !!! More brutal bands get signed to bigger labels would be a good start !!!

JY : Everyone knows USA is a great place to find metal bands. Are you involved with a scene in your local area ? Are there any less well knows in Columbus - Ohio bands that you would recommend ?

Jimmy : The scene in Columbus sucks ass !!!

JY : Whats your opinion on illegal downloading and the effect on internet on the metal music?

Jimmy : What ?? That’s illegal ??  I think free music is cool !! Some guys & gals buy the disc for the collection some burn the disc some rip it on the net !! Just as long as you can get it !! It opens the door for smaller upstart bands to get their music out!!

JY : Could you tell us a little bit about your lives away from Necrotic Disgorgement ? Work, Interest….. ? And if you were not a musician, what do you think you would have done as a day-to-day job ?

Jimmy : Really a normal life for all !! We all work regular jobs !!!” Work Fuckin Sucks “!!! If I was not doin the band thing i might move to California and become a medical marijuana farmer !!!!

JY : What’s the next plans from Necrotic Disgorgement besides releasing new second album ?

Jimmy : Play as many shows as possible this summer and fall . Whiskey , Weed , Grind !!!

JY : Give us, top ten ‘the best brutal death metal band’ albums for this year 2011 ? And why ?  

Jimmy : Man I wish I could I am stuck in a rut but that Fleshgod Apocalypse agony  is nice !!! for me to name 9 more my brain might have an overload so much out there now days I have a set list of bands I listen to and that’s about it !!!

JY : Ok thanks for talking to us. Is there any word you would like to state before closing this interview for Busuk webzine and for our readers ?

Jimmy : Stay Brutal thanks for all your support we hope to play as many shows as we can this upcoming year !!!

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(Interviewed by John Yoedi, December 28, 2011) 

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