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My interview with DEATH OF SPERM (Cibinong, West Java slamming death-metal heroes)

DEATH OF SPERM - Cibinong, West Java death-metal
My interview with Ir Whyoe of DEATH OF SPERM (Cibinong, West Java, Indonesia slamming death-metal)

By Dr Kieran James (University of Southern Queensland)

Email Interview, 8 December 2011

DEATH OF SPERM is: Wahyu (Vocals), Ridwan (Guitar1), Fajri (Guitar2), Fauzan (Bass), and Adhan (Drummer)

Kieran James: Hi, mate. Thanks very much for agree to do interview with our website These are the questions:

KJ: First tell us the band history, like when you start and who are the members?

Whyoe: [We are] Slamming Death Porn band of Cibinong born with the name DEATH OF SPERM on 16 October 2011 with five personnel [namely] Wahyu (Vocal), Ridwan (Guitar1), Fajri (Guitar2), Fauzan (Bass), Adhan (Drummer).

KJ: What cities have you played shows?
Whyoe: We had a gig at Cibinong and [at] Bogor; all our personnel are students [so we cannot afford to travel far for shows because of time and money problems].

KJ: How is progress for your demo or album?
Whyoe: We have [no plans yet] to make a new album because our band has [only] three songs.

KJ: Why you like to play death-metal? 
Whyoe: We play death-metal because we have always [had the] spirit [of] death-metal.

KJ: How to describe your style and what bands do you like?
Whyoe: Our style is death-metal style. Bands that we like [include] SUICIDE SILENCE [California, USA], DEVOURMENT [Texas, USA], DEATH VOMIT [Yogyakarta, Indonesia], JASAD [Bandung, Indonesia], BLEEDING CORPSE [Bandung, Indonesia] and many more.

KJ: I saw BLEEDING CORPSE headline Cibinong 8 October. It was great to see 1,000 young people there just for a death-metal show.
Whyoe: Yes I also saw [the show] that time and I also saw you with many metalhead friends.

KJ: Did you see my interview with DICK DESTROYER on our site? I guess you know those guys well because they come from Bogor and play goregrind?
Whyoe: Yes I saw your interview with DICK DESTROYER on the site.

KJ: What are your goals and plans for the band?
Whyoe: We plan [in] the future to quickly create our mini-album.

KJ: What jobs do you have outside of metal?
Whyoe: Outside [of] the metal [scene] all our personnel work as students.

KJ: Last one: Any message or word for your fans?
Whyoe: Message from me as a fellow lover of metal music [is our] soul remains the same because that is the soul of black!

KJ: Thanks very much for the interview and I hope to meet you next time I go to Java. Best wishes to your band and to the metal scene in Cibinong, West Java, Indonesia.
Whyoe: Thanks you very much and greetings from me Ir Whyoe.

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