Sunday, December 25, 2011


SPAWN OF POSSESSION (SWEDEN) will complete the work on the new album 

The Swedish tech-death metallers Spawn Of Possession have already signed a few months ago with Relapse Records, and now completed the recording of their upcoming album. The new concoction goes by the name 'Incurso' and will be released in spring 2012. Earlier this year Spawn Of Possession entered Pama Studios in Kristianpoel, Sweden, with engineer Magnus Sedenberg, to track their debut for Relapse Records. Devastating riffs, jaw-dropping time-signatures and improbably complex song writing coalesce to create an opus of next level death metal on Incurso, which the band promises to be their most supreme work to date, and more devastating than ever.

Having recently completed the recording of this brutal masterpiece, the band and label are coordinating the final details for Incurso, which will be set in stone and announced over the coming weeks. Featuring current and former of 'Tech-Titans' Necrophagist and Obscura.
As previously announced, Spawn Of Possession wants to ravage Europe on their massive tour this March 9th through April 7th, supporting label mates Obscura
and bearing support from Gorod and Exivious.     (Source from Relapse Records)

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