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INTERVIEW: "One Night in Yogya": My interview with Rizky of VENOMED (Yogya slamming death)

"One night in Yogya": Oki DEATH VOMIT (left) discusses Yogya metal scene with Rizky VENOMED during our interview at the restaurant behind Avila Studio in Yogya, 12 Oct 2011
My interview with Rizky of VENOMED (Yogyakarta, Indonesia slamming death-metal)

“I’m not from Yogya; I’m from Kalimantan, Borneo. In 1994 I heard DEATH VOMIT music and I wanted to meet them. I enrolled in college in Yogya so as to meet DEATH VOMIT and I’m surprised Roy [Agus] has become our drummer too”– Rizky of VENOMED   

By Dr Kieran James (University of Southern Queensland)

Personal Interview at: Yogyakarta, 12 October 2011

Interpretation and extra comments by Oki of DEATH VOMIT

Kieran James: Hi Rizky, thanks for agreeing to do an interview with me for my proposed book on Indonesian death-metal. First of all can you tell us the band line-up and the history of the band?

Rizky: In 2008 the band was formed with four people – Rizky (guitar), Benny (vocals), Oyen (bass) and Didi (drums). The latest form of the line-up is: Rizky (guitar), Pandu (vocals), Roy (drums), and Roby (bass).

With the latest formation in 2008 we completed three songs in a demo. In the same year we had a split [album] with DEVIATED SANITY [Germany], SPLATTERED ORGASM [Thailand], and MOONFROG [Slovakia].

[KJ note: Actually the split album Unleashing the Seed of Parricide was released in January 2010 by the label METAL GUEST. VENOMED contributed the first three songs: 1. “Rotting the Fetuses”, 2. “Suicide” (BRUTAL CORPSE cover), 3. “Worm in Throat”.]

Rizky: At the end of the year we will complete our first full album just like DEATH VOMIT [KJ: meaning that DV will also complete their new album by end of 2011].

KJ: What is your goal for the band?

Rizky: The goal is to make albums constantly. We play death-metal because we love death-metal, we don’t care about the popularity. We want many people to know about our music and to play in other countries.

Oki DEATH VOMIT: They try to make a living with this music. It’s impossible but who can say what’s impossible?

Rizky: I try to make a living in the same circle [of metal music scene]. I own my rock shop.

[Rizky, if you still have that size XL OBITUARY tour tee-shirt in your shop save it for me please! – KJ note]

KJ: What places has the band played so far?

Rizky: Bali, Sumatra, Bandung, Borneo Island, and almost every city in Java Island.

KJ: What is the largest crowd you played to?

Rizky: Bandung Death Fest 4 (2009).

KJ: What do you think of the scene of death-metal here in Yogya?

Rizky: My opinion is: It does not have to be like you have to play MORBID ANGEL or ENTOMBED, you have to play in your own style, that’s why the scene is different from the other cities.

KJ: What are the problems in playing death-metal here?

Rizky: It’s hard to play death-metal in Yogya because it’s hard to find gigs. Almost all the death-metal players are still college students. If the university has an anniversary they will make gigs of pop music [or] reggae music. It’s hard for death-metal to play on those gigs. If we want people to know our music we must make our own gigs. We cannot depend on other people, we must do it ourselves.

KJ: Has DEATH VOMIT been able to help other bands in Yogya?

Rizky: I’m not from Yogya; I’m from Kalimantan, Borneo. In 1994 I heard DEATH VOMIT music and I wanted to meet them. I enrolled in college in Yogya so as to meet DEATH VOMIT and I’m surprised Roy [Agus] has become our drummer too.

KJ: Did you ever want to go to Bandung to join the scene there?

Rizky: No, there is something different in Yogya but I still respect Bandung. I’m close to the Bandung people. The scene in Yogya is different in that the old people in Yogya do not make metal as “you have to do like this or like that”. That’s why I love Yogya.

[KJ note: Old people? Old people? I think Rizky means old people aged above 30 years!]

Rizky and Oki listen to new DEVO album at Avila, 12 Oct 11
KJ: Any message to the fans both old and young?

Rizky: The message to the fans is: “Just wait for VENOMED and Jogja Corpse Grinder, we will give something different from the other bands”.

KJ: We forgot this part in the DEATH VOMIT interview we did earlier tonight so, Oki, message for the DEATH VOMIT fans?

Oki: “I hope that the fans will enjoy the aggressivity of the new album!”

KJ: Ah, you know English is complicated language, the noun form of “aggressive” is “aggression” but yeah “aggressivity” sounds much cooler!

Oki: Ya, tricky language English.

[KJ note: The interview ends here. It was 11pm on Wednesday 12 October 2011 and we left the restaurant behind Avila studio and went inside the actual famous recording room at Avila where Oki played for Rizky and me the newly recorded DEATH VOMIT song.]

Band contact: “Rizky Venomed” on FaceBook.

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