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INTERVIEW: Our new interview with One of the sickest band from Perth - Australia 'Entrails Eradicated' (Brutal Death Metal)

" Definitely !  That’s what I love about death metal. There's so much variety of the genre it's hard to ever get bored of it. If everyone was doing the same thing the genre would grow stale and wouldn't evolve.  It's good to have bands that inspire you to play but it's terrible to just rip them off.  Each band should try and find their own style and sound  in order to stand out from the crowd ".
Here is my new interview with sickest band from Perth-Australia “Entrails Eradicated”. I know this band when I was in Bali last year and seen them on stage at Bali Extreme Metal Fest 2010. I cant believe with what I seen before, Damn....they really f***in great band , full technical and full blasting …..fuck hell yeah…I like this band.  So that’s why, I want to do interview with them and this time ... I have chance to do an interview with Tarren Whitfield  (Vocalist). 
I wish, one day ... they could be playing one stage with f***in techical death metal bands such as: Decrepith Birth, Psycroptic, and Necrophagist. Lets check my interview with Tarren Whitfield here now.

JY :Hi Tarren. Thanks first of all for agreeing to this interview. And I Hope you are well there. Anyway, How are things going at the moment for Entrails Eradicated ?

TW: Things are going really well for us. We have just released our 1st Official Video for our song "Viralocity" plus we have had a busy year of playing shows all around Australia.

JY :What made you guys get together to form Entrails Eradicated ? Can you give our readers a briefly history of the band ?

TW:  Jim Parker (guitars/vocals) created a 1 track demo back around 2007 and called the song "Entrails Eradicated".
The song was then passed out to  members of the Perth metal scene and interested and available musicians were asked to join. Once a line up was formed, rehearsals began and more songs were written.
Another Demo was recorded  around 2009 featuring the song "Impending Annihilation"  and was handed out to friends and local metal heads to show what we were capable of. 
Merchandise was then created and we went to work on our Debut EP " Viralocity".  After the EP was recorded and self released we made our Debut Live Performance  at the Bali Extreme Metal Fest in 2010.
We then went on to play shows in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney here in Australia.  We are now currently writing new material for an upcoming Album  and plan to do a lot more touring in the near future.

JY : Where did the band’s name came from and does it have any particular meaning to you ?

TW:  Jim originally came up with the name as our 1st song title  but when more songs were written we decided on keeping it as the bands name. To me the name Entrails Eradicated is a good representation of what we stand for musically and lyrically.
With a name like ours people often think that were all about guts and gore but in fact we are more about the  Entrails of the Universe being Eradicated. It's hard to be original these days and I'd rather sing about multiple universe's collapsing and destroying what ever sort of life it supports than just singing about some slut loosing her head. I love those type of gore lyrics/themes in death metal but I leave those sorts of lyrics and ideas for other bands and projects im doing  like my band Visceral Mutation and Iniquitous Monolith.

JY : Lets talking about your first album ‘Viralocity’. But firstly congratulations on the album. I’ve been reading some very positive reviews for your album, Would you say the responses you have had are what you were expecting ?  

TW:  Thank you. We are happy that there's people out there that like what we're doing. I know our style of music isn't for everyone , and that’s ok, but it's great to hear some positive feedback.  We just play what we want to hear and that's Fast Brutal Death Metal!

JY :Would you like to tell us briefly  about recording process for first album ? Who did you work with ?and did everything go to plan ?

TW:  We were originally going to record the album with our friend Richard West, who helped us record our demo's  but unfortunately his time schedules couldn't fit in with ours so we had to look elsewhere. Some of our friends had recorded with a guy called Jay Huxtable and said he did a great job so we called him up, booked a rehearsal room and got him to bring down all his recording equipment.  It was quite an easy going process and was also a lot of fun.  It didn't take long to record and Jay also did the mixing and mastering for us.

JY :How would you describe Entrails Eradicated in musical output ?

TW: We all love listening to Death metal from all parts of the globe  so there's always so many different influences coming  from all of us  in which help shape and mold Entrails. Generally I would say  we are a Fast, Brutal, Technical but Catchy Aussie Death Metal Onslaught  influenced by many  but mostly we try to influence and outdo ourselves.

JY : Who did the artwork for the album and who came up with the concept ? And did you like it ?

TW:  The mighty Jon Zig did the artwork for us. We gave him an idea of what we wanted and he created something better than we expected. It was an easy choice choosing him as we have been fans of his artwork and style for many years.  Jim has also got half his body tattooed by Zig which looks unbelievable,  so we knew he could create a design we could be proud of. The artwork concept is derived from all the songs. Each song interlinks between each other and the result is what became the cover.

JY :What instruments are you using, and do you have any endorsements? If not who would you like to be endorsed by?

TW: For me, I've always used a Shure SM58 microphone but as for the guys they use all sorts of equipment. Recently Jim and Lynton (guitars/vocals) have switched to BC Rich Guitars from Jackson Guitars. It's not that BC Rich are better or anything, it's just something different for the guys to try out sound wise. We don't have any endorsements at the moment but it would a great opportunity if it came along. As for our drummer Ben, he uses a triggered snare and kicks but I can't remember the brand/type of his gear. Best bet is to ask these guys individually for their specs as I'm just the vocalist hahaha.

JY :The drumming is also insanely fast and really kickin ass in the album. Also technical guitars from Jim Parker.What sort of musical backgrounds do you have? Have you had any formal musical training or education? And when did you first time love death metal? 

TW:  None of us have had any musical training.  We have all played in many  different metal bands over the years which I think has gained us a lot of experience  in  a sense with we now know what we want to do with Entrails  and the style we want to play. We have all grown up loving brutal death metal so it was a natural genre selection for us to play and contribute to.

JY : In musically for this album, sound very influenced by Necrophagist, Decrepith Birth and Psycroptic. Is that right ? And could you say something about this ?

TW:  As I said before, we all have many different tastes and styles when it comes to death metal. I would say  Necro, Decrepit and Psycro are influences but not direct influences. We try to have our own original style and sound  and play music that pleases ourselves  and hopefully others too.
For example,  i love getting charged up  vocally by growling along to Deranged , Kronos and Severe Torture whereas  Jim and Lynt might get off on Vital Remains,  Wintersun and Monumental Torment  and Ben might just love blasting out some slam like Devourment etc... Everything and Anything  really applies to Entrails but we try hard not to sound like anyone else.

JY : Would you say that it is important to you that you develop your own original sound rather than simply jumping on what other bands are doing and following the trends?

TW: Definitely! That’s what I love about death metal. There's so much variety of the genre it's hard to ever get bored of it. If everyone was doing the same thing the genre would grow stale and wouldn't evolve.  It's good to have bands that inspire you to play but it's terrible to just rip them off.  Each band should try and find their own style and sound  in order to stand out from the crowd.

JY :In your album is called ‘Viralocity’, which is also the title of one of your songs on the album. What made you use this as the name for the album, rather than one of the other song titles ? And did you have a personal favourite track on the album ?

TW:  The Ep is basically a concept album. Each song is interlinked with each other  and the end result is a process called Viralocity. It's starts off with all the negative energy from the Earth being absorbed into Earths atmosphere and turning against us, killing off all that live on the planet and even infecting the planets core itself. The Earth then becomes an incurable disease  in our solar system/milky way galaxy  which leeches onto other surrounding planets, galaxies and multiple universes  causing them all to being infected with this  Earth made virus. Once the sickness has spread across the majority of the cosmos the weight of all the dead tears a hole in the fabric of space, sending this unknown disease faster than the speed of light  into unknown parallel realms and the process continues on forever. This is why we named it Viralocity. A virus travelling faster than the speed of light!
My favorite track from the Ep would have to be " Harnessing Gravitational Endurance". That was the original demo song in 2007 entitled Entrails Eradicated  and for me is the start of the Viralocity infection  and  is also the start of our live set.  It was an easy choice to make Viralocity our  1st official video as it sums up the Ep really well.

JY :What kind of things do you write about in your lyrics? Would you say your lyrics have any kind of theme?

TW:   The gore theme to me is fun to write but it's sort of been overdone so I prefer to write about Universal Disease, Space and time and destruction of  all that exists in the cosmos.Why write  a song about 1 individual death when I can write about an entire galaxies demise.  The next album might be based around a variety of different things. Time will tell

JY : Many brutal death metal releases only clock around 30 minutes. Do you think it’s due to lack of material or is this mainly done because otherwise it would just seem to long and perhaps monotone ?

TW:  Fast, punchy and brutal  is what we aim  for with our music but each bands is it's own. I'd rather be impressed for 25mins than bored for 40mins.  Keeping music fresh and exciting to the listener is very important., Especially in Death Metal.  I think 30mins for an album is a great time. It's long enough to hear what you want and it can still leave you wanting more without being bored.  Long albums usually have long songs and unless their full of interesting riffs, sounds and tempo's  it can often loose impact. Many have asked why we have samples in such a short Ep and the answer is  to help break up the songs. Our songs are short but have plenty of  fast guitar riffs/sweeps, gravity blasts and a variety of vocal tones in them to keep the listener interested.  If we didn't have samples in the Ep it would be too short plus we use the samples as fillers between our live set.  We also do a cover of Pyaemia - Cerebral Cereal  when we play live so that’s something to keep an ear out for if you're ever at and Entrails show.

JY :I seen your band was playing in Bali Extreme Metal Fest last year. And also with Humonic (Melbourne) and Grosteque (Perth). As I know, you were ex member from Grosteque. If you don’t mind, would you like to tell us why you left this band ?And what did you think when you were playing one stage with them in Bali last year ?

TW:  I left Grotesque because of personal and musical issues within the band. It wasn't an easy choice to leave but I felt I had to in order to move on.  I'm still friends with some of the members and have been to several of their shows so seeing them live in Bali was just another gig  watching friends do their thing.  Playing in Bali was a great experience and the fans loved it. I look forward to playing there again in the future.  We also became good friends with Humonic while in Indonesia  and played with them on our recent visit to Melbourne.

JY :Do you enjoy touring, like in Bali last year ? Many bands seem to lose money on touring and can barely pay for their food when touring. Do you have it the same way or.?

TW: I love touring and promoting Entrails Eradicated. I get so pumped up when we play live I just have to mill and scream my ass off. It's never about the money for us, obviously we don't want to loose money but if we do it's no big deal. We just enjoy playing to as many people as we can. We have many great merch designs available so if Entrails play in a town near you make sure you pick up a copy of our EP or grab yourself a shirt or hoodie. Supporting underground death metal all stems from supporting the bands themselves.

JY : Tell us briefly about metal scene in Australia nowadays ? Also especially in Perth ? Are there any less well knows Perth bands that you would recommend ?

TW:  The Australian  metal scene down here isn't too bad. We don’t get what the rest of the world gets so we have to make do with our own bands and styles. There's plenty of variety of genres Down Under but I really enjoy the brutal death metal scene. Bands like Psycroptic, Nails of Imposition and Disentomb are killer. Gallows for Grace(R.I.P) and Nails of Imposition are a few of my fav Perth Death metal bands along with Perth Black Metal warriors Wardaemonic.

JY :What are your own plans with Entrails Eradicated at the moment ? like shows, writing new song and etc ?

TW:  Our plans are to get back into writing new material and hopefully  we can  play around Australia again and even head off overseas once the album is complete.  2012 is going to be a busy year for us.

JY :Do you listen to other genres of metal at all? If so, what artists/bands? And give us top ten brutal death metal albums 2011 in your favourite list ?

TW:  When im not listening to Death Metal I listen to a lot of  various Black Metal.  I really like Craft and Watain plus I also love blasting bands I grew up with like Pantera, AC/DC,  Slayer and  Sepultura when im drinking. I also love Steel Panther. That shit is just hilarious  and very well written. I can't stand melodic death and all those Soilwork, Mastodon and In Flames style bands. That shit  just annoys the hell out of me.  As for my top 10, I'm not even going to go there. There's just too many to mention.  A favorite release for 2011 would have to be Visceral Disgorge " Ingesting Putridity"  and Deranged "Cut, Carve, Rip, Serve.  I've bought over 75 cd's this year so it's hard to pick a top 10  out of all of them.

JY :Ok thanks again for the chance to do this interview, If you have any last message for Busuk webzine and Death freaks here, please go head ?

TW: Thanks for the chat. Please check out our band's Facebook page and video clip.  Support Local Metal and keep it  BRUTAL!!!

(Interviewed by : John Yoedi , December 26,2011)

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