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HELLBEYOND (Bandung brutal death-metal), PS I see that BIOHAZARD poster, BIOHAZARD rules!
My interview with Lucky Luke of HELLBEYOND (Bandung, Indonesia brutal death-metal)
By Dr Kieran James (University of Southern Queensland)
Email Interview, 16 December 2011
HELLBEYOND is: Aditya (vocal), Luke (guitar) and Edz (lead)
Kieran James: Hi, mate. Thanks very much for agree to do interview with our website These are the questions:
Lucky Luke: Hallo there, this may [be] only answer we can give, sorry if there is one word and jokes that is not good in your heart, ok let’s check it out:
KJ: First tell us the band history, like when you start and who are the members?
Luke: HELLBEYOND [was] formed in late 2006 in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia by Aditya (vocal), Rangga (guitar) from NEMESIS and Luke (guitar) from PITFALL /TRAGEDI. Then Aditya asked Irfan (bass) and Ryan (drums) from OUTRIGHT to complete the line-up. The band recorded “The Follower Butchery” demo in June 2007 and also released it as a four-way split sampler with OUTRIGHT, NEMESIS, and DAZECORTICA. One song from this split CD called “Slaughtered” also kickin’ on Brutally Sickness compilation released by Extreme Soul Production. After the demo released, Rangga departed from the band because he need to concentrate [on] NEMESIS. In March 2008, HELLBEYOND recorded a single song named “The Strongest Stand Last”, which was featured on a Bandung Death Metal compilation named Panceg Dina Galur. The compilation has been released by Pieces Record. After that we [signed] a great deal with Rottrevore Records (the most waco record label in Indo) to release our first album called The Strongest Stand Last. During the process we got extra power with a new guitar player Edz (lead) from THE CRUEL. And for The Strongest Stand Last album the line-up is: Aditya (vocal), Luke (guitar), Irfan (bass), Edz (lead) and Ryan (drums). Two years after the first album Irfan and Ryan left out the band because both of them feel guilty [because they] cannot divide their time [between] HELLBEYOND [and their other activities]. And now, we keep running out without [a full line-up] and two friends [have been] helping us for live gigs, Dimas (bass) from DEMONS DAMN and Reza (drums) from DAZECORTICA, givin’ us a [fresh] spirit for the new HELLBEYOND material.
KJ: What cities have you played shows?
Luke: Mhhhh...yup we started play at many local shows in Bandung, then after we launched the first album we started to touch the Central Java region stages, East Java region stages, and also West Borneo stages. But now we are very surprised because we always play outside our hometown [more often] than we play hometown gigs. It’s really hard gettin’ job [i.e. gig] in our hometown, and that’s true! I don’t know why, maybe we rarely hang out and mingle with the others (it’s very unreasonable if that’s the reason) or that something [has] cracked in the local music organizer in our hometown huahahahahhahaha.....
KJ: How is progress for your demo or album?
Luke: Well....for our first album we reaped a lot [of] polemic between like and dislike about our music. Maybe it’s time the audience and players like a fast and brutal music (it’s a very reasonable thing), [and] we want [to] provide another option to the audience. The fuxxin heavy music with the down tempo blastin’ beat and pumpin’ up with the groovy style, we imagine such a heavy steel railway that runs right front your heart...huahahahahhaha....From all we doin’ today, we still research for our new material because it will be something different than before without removing the red line..yeahhhh! ( you can watch a lil' process about our new material only at
KJ: Why you like to play death-metal?
Luke: Honestly I am going from 90's hardrock into the trash metal era, after that I feel there is a faster and frightening [music trend] when I listen to SUFFOCATION [USA], DEICIDE [USA], CANNIBAL CORPSE [USA]. I feel the adrenaline that spurred my heartbeat. Well, I think we can get a lot challenges in musical and we dig a lot about death-metal music knowledge (in musical, audio or engineering technique). Owh, we will feel young and energetic again when we play it..huahahahhahaa...
KJ: How to describe your style and what bands do you like?
Luke: It’s a LOW and Heavy Dark sound with groove and down tempo on it...well, we have a lot [of] influences for the band, it's like the New York Groovy Death INTERNAL BLEEDING, SKINLESS, DEHUMANIZED and the heavy sound like HATESPHERE, GOJIRA, KATAKLYSM, and MESHUGGAH.
KJ: I know Bandung is huge Death Metal City with JASAD and BLEEDING CORPSE and TURBIDITY and JIHAD and many great bands. How do you feel to be part of the Bandung scene?
Luke: Yup, we [are] very proud about it! Bandung can be a mecca [in] terms of creativity of [the] young people among all [the] great cities in Indonesia. I am very pleased with the atmosphere in Bandung, [and the] local culture that gives hospitality to every guest who comes to Bandung.
KJ: What are your goals and plans for the band?
Luke: Our goals? Of course we will made up the second HELLBEYOND album; have a long life so that we can continue to play and hear the music; lots of new friends; new music sources; and new stages to play...[KJ: awesome answer!]
KJ: What jobs do you have outside of metal?
Luke: I am (Luke) a graphic designer for a leading apparel company in Bandung, Edz is an owner for Funhouse studio, he works on various musical projects and Dimas works on that as a recording operator. Aditya and Reaza are completing college degrees.
KJ: I was at TURBIDITY show in Bandung 9 October 2011, awesome, were you there?
Luke: Mmmhhh [at] TURBIDITY album launch? Or [at] Bandung Berisik Fest? Maybe I was there and saw you, perhaps because we do not know each other before..heheheh sorry for that... :)
KJ: What has been the response from people to your song "The Strongest Stand Last" on Padiga: Panceg Dina Galur compilation CD?
Luke: “The Strongest Stand Last” song on Padiga compilation it’s the most slow and heavy song among the others. But most of all they like the song because the lyrics really reflect a person’s struggle when life is like a law of the jungle, the weak are oppressed and the strongest will take a lead.
KJ: Last one: Any message or word for your fans?
Luke: Wow.... we do not know if we have fans or not? (the woman fans I mean) huahahahahha... “well, we would say thanks for hearing our music, buying our album and wearing our shirts...Without you we’re nothing dudes! Happy pumpin’ day!”
[KJ: not "Happy Pumpkin Day" - this is not the HELLOWEEN interview!!]
KJ: Thanks very much for the interview and I hope to meet you next time I go to BANDUNG DEATH METAL CITY.
Luke: PS and thanks for Dr Kieran James for a brief chat which is very pleasant...just let me know if you wanna’ come to Bandung....thanks all...
KJ Closing Note: My dear friend Chris Tolliday wears a HELL BEYOND tee-shirt in Rockhampton, Australia and on his trip to Philippines (my gift to him from Yogya). Best wishes Chris for speedy recovery for your back problem and I look forward to catching up!

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