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Vulvectomy ( Brutal Slam Death Metal from Italy ) Interview

Here our new interview with Vulvectomy 'Brutal Slam Death Metal' from Italy.
Well i cant too much talking here , so lets check our interview with Mario (Guitars / Programming). 

JY : Hi Mario, thanks for talking to me. How are you there with Vulvectomy ?

Mario : Thanks to you John for the interview !! Everything fine here man; working hard for the song-writing of my bands haha

JY : Firstly, would you like to explain us… how did the band form ? Who’s had idea ?

Mario : The band was born in 2007 by an idea of our vocalist Diego Fanelli (ex Stench of Dismemberment and actually in Devour The Unborn from Texas too).

JY : And where did the band name came from ? what’s word meaning ?

Mario : The name derives from his perverted mind hahah and Vulvectomy refers to a gynecological procedure in which the vulva is partly or completely removed.

JY : I have read some great reviews about your last album ‘Post Abortion Slut Fuck’. Are you satisfied with it ? Have you ever found bad reviews before ?

Mario : Yes I've found on the web alot of good reviews about our last album "P.A.S.F". We really appreciate the support all over the world! mm yes I found some bad reviews too haha but I think is normal people can like and dislike one band!

JY : And where do you see the biggest difference between from your previous album ‘Putrescent Clitoral Fermentation’ and the new album ‘Post Abortion Slut Fuck’ ?

Mario : Differences are in the song writing of course! Our first album is really simple and claustrophobic, the second one is more well arranged but with typical Vulvectomy style at the same time!

JY : Has it made a difference in terms of sound?

Mario : I think the second album has more defined our typical style and in our 3rd album will be more evident.

JY : About the lyrics. Are they based on reality or fiction ? And where did you get inspirations for the lyrics ? Is it must be talking about mutilation, torture, dissection and rape ?

Mario : Are based on funny events, porn and horror movies, medical procedures all mixed with the perverted mind of Diego lol

JY : I hear some inspiration from  Devourment and also Inhuman Dissiliency in the music. Is there any band or bands in particular that have inspired you ?

Mario : Of course! Devourment first of all, but also Abominable Putridity, Gorevent, Kraanium, Digested Flesh and alot more!

JY : And how would you describe or categorize your style? 

Mario : Italian Spaghetti Slam hor Spaghetti Brutal Slam hahah

JY : I am surprised so many people have never heard the term of slam death. I though it was pretty widespread in the metal community. And I always thought it was used to describe death metal bands with gutter vocals and plenty of breakdowns. Would you like to share or explain what is the meaning about slam death metal music in your opinion ?

Mario : Years ago (beginning on '90) many bands as Suffocation, Internal Bleeding, Pyrexia, Dying Fetus wrote classical brutal songs with some "slam and mid tempos" parts.. after these period bands as Devourment ecc have created a very particular genre built only on claustrophobic and long slams riffs. At the end I can say who Slam is everything is played with low-tuned guitars, mid-tempos drums and very guttural vocals.

JY : In your band, you used drum machines. Is it hard to find live drummer in your area ? or did you prefer to use drum machines than live drummer for your band ?

Mario : We started with the drum machine because me and other Vulvectomy guys live in different cities in Italy; I live in Rome, other guys in Bari (south of Italy) so is difficult first of all found a drummer because we need to practice every week and we can't for the distance (with drum machine we can work on the web). Then we don't want to found a drummer because we had always bad experiences with them for the attitude and professionalism.. I think too who Vulvectomy has a lot of fans for the drum machine because this is our feature..

JY : What kits/equipments do you use to record and do you use the same amp/guitars etc for live shows ? explain about this ?

Mario : To record and for our live shows we use Jackson USA Dinky guitar, Line6 Pod X3 and Boss dr-880 to program the drum, Ibanez Bass and Ampeg head and Shure microphone.

JY : Vulvectomy signed a deal with Sevared Records, as I know Sevared Records is great  label for brutal death metal bands in the world. And also they have an excellent distribution system. So, what made your choose to enter a contract with them ? Are there good labels / records for brutal death metal bands from your country ?

Mario : Yes Sevared Records is one the best brutal death label in the world! But our first album was released by Amputated Vein from Japan, another great label!! Barrett (Sevared Rec) was interested in Vulvectomy since the first album but we choose Amputated Vein because he answered us faster then Sevared haha but AVR made a great work and promotion for us too!! Here we have some good labels, first of all Permeated Records then The Spew Rec and Despise The Sun Rec. and more

JY : Who did the artwork for the album ‘Post Abortion Slut Fuck’ ? And who came up with the concept ?

Mario : The art of "PASF" is from Matthias Auer (Mottla Art) from Austria; we send him the tracklist of the album and he did the most awesome and brutal cover ever!!

JY : I don’t know too much about brutal death metal bands from Italy but I know some great band such as Mindsnare ( I know them from long time ago and they’re great band), Natrium, Eden Beast and Egemony. Well, would you like to tell us about Brutal Death Metal scene in your country and also especially in your area ‘Bari’ ?

Mario : We have in Italy, since 5-6 years, a lot of great bands! If I can say some names I must say Hour Of Penance and Fleshgod Apocalypse, then Septycal Gorge, Putridity, Blasphemer, Modus Delicti, Antropofagus, Corpsefucking Art, Necrotorture, Sickening etc all awesome bands!!!

JY : Have you ever heard and know some great bands from Indonesia ?

Mario : Of course! I know Jasad, Asphyxiate, Bleeding Corpse, Bloody Gore (Rip), Funeral Inception, Turbidity!

JY : There is actually a really good new wave of brutal slam death stuff coming out right now all over the world. What are you opinion about this ? And also give us top ten brutal slam death metal cd’s album list for this year ?

Mario : mm don't know man.. I prefer listen other kind of music not only brutal and slam.. If I have to say some brutal albums of 2011 who I liked, I can say Putridity, Gorgasm, Decaying Purity, Bloodsoaked, Fumes Of Decay

JY : What’s the next planning from Vulvectomy ? Any shows/tours, writting songs or ?

Mario : Actually we are writing the songs for the 3rd album!! the demo songs sound so fucking great!! About the shows for 2012 we are going to play maybe at Las Vegas Deathfest for the 3rd timein June!!, a big show here in Italy with Obituary in June; at Obscene Extreme (Czech Republic) in July and a minitour next October on the east coast in USA (New Jersey Deathfest + some shows in Philadelphia, New York ect).... can't wait!!!

JY : Well, that’s all…Mario.Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions.  Do you have the last words for Busuk Webzine and our readers here ?

Mario : Thanks again to you John for the interview! To all Vulvectomy fans I can say thank you so much for the great support!! And prepare yourself for the 3rd chapter of pure slamming sickness out in 2012!!! Stay fucking slam!!
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(Interviewed by : John Yoedi, December 6, 2011)

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