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More brutal,more technical and more fuckin blasting.Here my Interview with Dan Osborn ‘Drummer of INHERIT DISEASE’ (DEATH METAL From VENTURA–CALIFORNIA )

"Indonesian death metal is great !!! I love Lumpur, Asphyxiate, Bleeding Corpse, Total Rusak, Jasad, Gore Infamous, Brain Ass and etc....
I really like the early 2000-2003 era of death metal, and Indonesia has many bands like this. I would love to play there, there have been some talks about it with promoters, but nothing set in stone yet! Hopefully soon"!!!

Inherit Disease formed in 2001, half the band from Ventura, California and the other half from Santa Barbara. Inherit Disease set out to create music as Brutal, Technical, Original and as Dissonant as possible. The second album ‘Visceral Transcendence was released 2010 by Uniqueleader Records and it was great album….. And here Inherit Disease discography :

2006 - PROCREATING AN APOCALYPSE (Released by Uniqueleader Rec)
2009 - PROMO 2009
2010 - VISCERAL TRANSCENDENCE (Released by Uniqueleader Rec)

And wow finally…..I got reply email yesterday from Daniel Osborn ‘Drummer of Inherit Disease’. Although I know, I sent this interview last year …(early December 2011) by email and his late to reply it, so that’s why I sent it again …. because he has been busy with his activities but never mind because I could be understand about that. ( Thanks Daniel ).

Well here my interview with Daniel Osborn …….. lets check it out :

JY : Hi Daniel, thanks for talking to me and for agreeing to this interview. I’d like to start by talking about your 2nd album “Visceral Transcendence ” although I know it’s released last year but It’s full of creativity and ideas. What was the starting point for “Visceral Transcendence ”? 
Daniel Osborn : Hails John!!! Thank you for considering INHERIT DISEASE for an interview, we are very honored. "Visceral Transcendence" started musically with "Prolific Dominance". Our bass player Josh had written this song before "Procreating An Apocalypse" was out on CD. After our current line up was complete, the song writing came very naturally. We were very selective of the guitar riffs we used. We did not want to have any "filler" riffs, with no real purpose within the song. 
JY : In ‘Visceral Transcendence’ album, I can feel in music it’s more technical and heavily guitars, more blast beat drumming, deep growling vocals and complex song structures with multiple tempo changes. How do you feel the music on ‘Visceral Transcendence’ has developed or progressed since your last album ‘Procreating an Apocalypse’?
Daniel Osborn : I think there is a pretty noticeable difference in the two albums. "Procreating An Apocalypse" had two music writers, Josh Welling, and Sean Kennedy (ex guitar), also, a different drummer. "Visceral Transcendence" had 3 music writers, Josh, myself, and Derek De Roos (current member). Each of us have our own sound of guitar riffs, but they all come together very nicely. Also, my drumming style is much different than the original drummer. I used a different style of blast beat that wasn't used on "Procreating". The vocals are a really noticeable improvement, I do like Obie's vocals on "Procreating", but I think they turned out monstrous on "Visceral".
JY : Where were you recording the 2nd album and Who was producing it ? 
Daniel Osborn : We recorded "Visceral" at Seahorse Sound Studios in San Bernadino California, the album was mixed by Samur Khouja, who is the owner of Seahorse Sound. Some really great bands have recorded there, before us, and after us: Reciprocal, Arkaik, Condemned, Ossification etc...
JY : There was a four year gap between the release of ‘Procreating an Apocalypse’ and ‘Visceral Transcendence’. What did you do during this time? How come it has taken so long ?

Daniel Osborn : Shortly after "Procreating" was recorded, there were some issues with the line up. The original guitar player was replaced by myself in November of 2006, In January of 2007, the original drummer left the band, So I took over the drums. Josh and I would jam together, he would play guitar, I would play drums, then a few months after that, Derek De Roos moved to California, and joined the band on guitar. It took a few months for us to all get up to par with learning the songs, and playing them tight. We decided to spend some time touring on "Procreating An Apocalypse", we did some tours in 2007 and 2008. After that, we decided it was time to write out next album with the new line-up. After writing, recording etc... "Visceral" was released in July of 2010.

JY : There are a host of special guests on the album ‘Visceral Trancendence . Firstly you have Justin Richey of Retch and Connor Bond of Envenomation. How did this come about?
Daniel Osborn : Retch has been long time friends of INHERIT DISEASE, and it was an honor to have Justin on our album. Connor was going to be a fill in vocalist for our Canadian dates on a tour as a precaution, just in case we had any problems with the Canadian border patrol. We grew to be great friends, and again it was an honor to have him on our album.
JY : Who came up with the impressive album artwork ? Did you use different artist for your album ? Why did you decide to go for a different style and look ?

Daniel Osborn : The artwork for "Visceral" was created by a Japanese artist by the name of Yang Guang. We were extremely satisfied, and our fans seem to really like it also.
We decided that the style and look of the art fit the lyrics extremely well, and this is why we chose him.

JY : The two album was released by Uniqueleader Records. How happy are you with them ?
Daniel Osborn : "Procreating an Apocalypse" was a one album contract, with "Visceral Transcendence" we originally had a three album deal with worked out with Unique Leader. We decided that two albums would be better for us, so "Visceral" is one, and our next album will fulfill the contract with ULR.
JY : I know you are already a good way through work on your next album and I saw your video band practice / working new song. What stage are you at with this ?
Daniel Osborn : For our new album, we currently have 5 songs ready, we are hoping to have our next album out by late 2012.
JY : And Will you keep going to Uniqueleader Records for releasing next album ? Or your guys had thinking before then looking for another Records/Labels ?
Daniel Osborn : As I mentioned before, ULR will be releasing the next album. We have discussed some options, but nothing that can be announced yet lol.

JY : How many killer songs will be available for next album ? When are we likely to see a release date?

Daniel Osborn : We will have another 10 song album, and I hope we can hit the studio this summer to be able to get it out by this year!!

JY : How big a role do the lyrics play for the band and music ?

Daniel Osborn : Lyrics are really important. Obie put a lot of research time into "Visceral". I know that these lyrics are something he feels strongly about, and I think it was a great change for INHERIT DISEASE.

JY : Are there any particular themes that you are lyrically inspired by?

Daniel Osborn : Personally, I am inspired by lyrics such as Death "Human", "Symbolic" and "Individual Thought Patterns", and as weird as it sounds, Hatebreed "Perseverance" and "The Rise Of Brutallity". To me these lyrics are a portrayal of genuine thoughts and feelings that I can relate to on a personal level.

JY : When you started or choose to play death metal? Which bands inspired you back in the day to start playing death metal? 

Daniel Osborn : I have been listening to death metal for a really long time. I did not have any friends interested in the genre until I met the guys in INHERIT DISEASE. Luckily, we were all on the same page as far as the specific style of death metal we wanted to play, so it worked out great. As far as inspiration, I would have to go with the first death metal album I ever heard, Napalm Death "Utopia Banished". I first heard this album when I was 8 years old, and I was hooked on death metal ever since.

JY : I know it’s not easy to find band name, sometimes we can see same band name although they living in another country with different or same music concept such as : Disgorge (USA and Mexico), also others name: Vile (USA and Indonesia (RIP) ), Trauma and etc. What do you think about this ?  For your band, Where did the band name come from and does it have any particular meaning? Who’s made the sick band logo ?
Daniel Osborn : It does not bother me that there are bands with the same name. I really don't think that they ripped each other off. Now, if a new band decided to call themselves Disgorge or Vile, it would make me mad, hahah. The name INHERIT DISEASE was thought up by the original drummer Andy, and our bass player Josh. I think they were messing around with the order of words, and happened to think of it. 
JY : What are your thoughts on piracy? Do downloads hurt the band or just the corporations?
Daniel Osborn : Illegal downloading is something that really upsets me. It seems that the newer generation of metal heads do not have an interest in owning a physical disc, and really have no concept of the amount of effort, time and money the band themselves put into writing and recording an album. If a band and label is putting thousands of dollars into a cd, and you choose to download it, and not purchase it, then really you are hurting them both. Obviously none of us do it for the money, if we did, we wouldn't be playing death metal, BUT illegally downloading an album hurts, the band, the label and the scene. If you aren't interested in having a physical copy of the cd, then at least purchase it from a legitimate online music site. 
JY : I was read from one blog about comment from NikFuck and he said like this : ‘Hey man this is Nik from Sikfuk. Just was informed that you have my new cd up for download on your blogspot site. I would appreciate it if you took it down asap ! I know almost all cds can be found for free download but myself and steve green of comatose music have invested a lot of time and money into releasing this cd and for you to posting it up for free not too fuckin cool with me. If you support the underground brutal death metal scene as your site looks like you do why the fuck are you giving away bands and labels music that they have invested much time and money on for free. Do me a favor and take shit down and support your fucking scene and buy a cd’. Well, I think what his said it’s correct and maybe if someone to post a few songs up to help promote, it that would be cool. So what do you think about this , Dan ? 
Daniel Osborn : Well, I kind of explained my feelings in a nutshell on the last question. But I agree with his comment 100%. If you want to promote a band, tell your friends, post links on facebook, upload a video on youtube, but don't make the album available to everybody for free, ESPECIALLY before the album is released, that shit is horrible.
JY : The drumming is also insanely fast and really kickin ass in the album. Would you like to tell us briefly when you started to be drummer ? How long you been playing drums ? Can you playing another instruments ?
Daniel Osborn : I started playing drums around the age of 12, I got serious about death metal drumming when I joined INHERIT DISEASE. I had playing in a few punk bands, but was not able to find dedicated metal musicians before then. Like I said earlier, I joined INHERIT DISEASE on guitar, I can play bass also, I have been working on my finger style playing.

JY : For you personally, who are the major influences on you as a drummer ? Which kind of drumming do you prefer ?
Daniel Osborn : My favorite drummers are Romain Goulon(Disavowed), Torrey Moores(Deprecated), James King(Unmerciful), Robbe V(Disavowed/Pyaemia)  etc...  
I prefer drumming that is straight forward and solid. I appreciate technical drumming, and extreme speeds and it really impresses me, but those are not necessarily things I strive for.  

JY : It sounds so easy when we listening to the album, but I know it takes a lot of practicing to hold this level. How often do you practice ?

Daniel Osborn : Hahaha, I wish it was easy, but for some reason, no matter the amount of practice, it is still difficult. INHERIT DISEASE usually practices 3 times a week for 2-3 hours each time.

JY : What kits/equipments do you use to record and do you use the same amp/guitars etc for live shows ? 

Daniel Osborn : Yes, we play on the same equipment live that we used on the recording. I have a Yamaha kit, 3 rack toms, two kicks, a Pork Pie snare, 2 crashes, 2 splashes, 2 chinas, a ride, a bell, and hi-hats. I use AXIS long boards with E-kits. Derek uses a Fender M-80 head, Josh uses gallien krueger bass amp, Obie uses an SM-58 mic, I think. ahah =)

JY : Can you tell me a little bit about your lives away from Inherit Disease ? Such as work and etc. 
Daniel Osborn : I work drilling water wells, Josh is a manager at a health store, Derek builds high voltage relays, and Obie is a tile setter. Our lives are pretty normal, nothing crazy or out of the ordinary. Josh lives right up the street from me, so I see him the most, we usually hang out on the weekends, drink some beers, and listen to music. Derek is about 15 mins up the coast from me, and Obie is about 45 mins away. We try to hang out as much as possible outside of practice, but since there is some distance between us, its not as often was we would like.
JY : I heard you’re owner from New Standard Elite. Is that right ? How’s you started with it ? And are there any bands deal to NSE ?
Daniel Osborn : Yes, this is true. I am very excited about this. I currently have four bands on my label:


I highly recommend you give them a listen. You can follow the label, the bands, listen to music and video samples here:
And you can find merchandise here:

JY : How is the metal scene in California today ? I know, lots of killer bands from California and they’re really fuckin awesome.

Daniel Osborn : The CA metal scene is great, and it seems to always be growing. I have noticed a big change in the last few years in Ventura, the city I live in. Unfortunately we are without an ALL ages venue in this area, that will have death metal shows. Ventura is small, but the scene has increased a big amount.

JY : Do you play a lot of gigs is there ? And what’s a Inherit Disease show like ? Backstage crazies ?
Daniel Osborn : The last show we played was over 6 months ago. We decided to take some time off and focus on writing. We have a few shows coming up, I am really looking forward to them. Backstage crazies?? hahah, no we usually just hang out with friends, maybe have a beer or two. We don't have any crazy stories, sorry! Hahaha
JY : Where and what was the best and worst gig you ever played ?
Daniel Osborn : That's a hard one, there are so many factors.... I think overall, our best performance was actually a local show in Ventura, at a short lived all ages venue called Mega Sound. Our worst, I think also in Ventura, our "Visceral Transcendence" CD release show. The show itself was great, but we played soooo awful, and I think to this day, it was my worst drumming ever, and that in itself, is a long story..... hahah.
JY : Did you know about brutal death metal bands from Indonesia ? It would be fuckin great to see you play live in Indonesia one day. Are there any plans to come over here ?
Daniel Osborn : Indonesian death metal is great!!! I love Lumpur, Asphyxiate, Bleeding Corpse, Total Rusak, Jasad, Gore Infamous, Brain Ass and etc....
I really like the early 2000-2003 era of death metal, and Indonesia has many bands like this. I would love to play there, there have been some talks about it with promoters, but nothing set in stone yet! Hopefully soon!!!
JY : Give us top ten brutal death metal bands albums list for this year ? 
Daniel Osborn : How about the top 3 albums of the last few years lol ? ( JY...We did this interview last year, early December 2011, red) 
CEREBRAL EFFUSION - "Impulsive Psychopathic Acts"
DEFEATED SANITY - "Psalms of the Moribund"
ASPHYXIATE - "Anatomy of Perfect Bestiality"
JY : Thank you very much for your time and it was a pleasure to speak to you. Anything you wish to add to conclude this interview ?
Daniel Osborn : Thanks again my brother. Keep up with INHERIT DISEASE here:
Keep up to date with my record label here:

Thanks and Keep it sick everybody!!!

(Interviewed by John Yoedi, January 12, 2012)

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