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INTERVIEW: My interview with Agung Putra of Balinese metalcore band ROSE OF SHARYN

ROSE OF SHARYN from Bali: not just beach bums, go and see them play in Bali and support the metal scene.
My interview with Agung Putra (band manager) of Balinese metalcore band ROSE OF SHARYN
By Dr Kieran James (University of Southern Queensland)
Email Interview, 22 January 2011
ROSE OF SHARYN is: Gunk Bram (voc), Agus (guitar), Gery (guitar), Subak (bass), Pasek (drum), Agung (official manager)

Kieran James’ Introduction: Hi, for those who know me, I was a teenage metalhead in that great, fantastic decade of metal, the 1980s, and so anything from the 1990s and later I admit that I don’t completely understand. I love 1980s metal in every shade: traditional metal, power-metal, thrash-metal and death-metal which was not yet fully formed in 1989 but was on the journey there. I don’t quite understand metalcore but that is my problem not theirs. We are happy on this site to diversify and present interviews with any metal or punk bands including hardcore and metalcore. One day we might interview Slipknot and I will ask “hey, what’s with the masks, dudes?” Therefore, I’m very happy to present my email interview with Agung Putra, band manager for the Balinese metalcore band “Rose of Sharyn”. If you are in Bali for a holiday please support the metal scene and check these guys out. We think tourists should hear loud metal and punk music in the clubs and not just pointless pop.

Kieran James: Hi, mate. Thanks very much for agree to do interview with our website These are the questions:

Agung: Hi James, glad to be interviewed by

KJ: First tell us the band history, like when you start and who are the members?

Agung: This band was formed in 2006 as a place to pour all of our inspiration, anger, ego, ambition, message, protest and critic to the system. Rose of Sharyn means a beauty on the slumped area (Sharyn was taken from Sharon; it’s a town in the Greek myth where the beautiful rose grew on the dirty place). [KJ: Well, I guess every thorn has its rose! The Christian heavy-rock band Petra had a song "King's Ransom" with the line "The Rose of Sharon wore a Crown of Theorns that day".] Our squad is: Gunk Bram (voc), Agus (guitar), Gery (guitar), Subak (bass), Pasek (drum), Agung (official manager).

KJ: Tell me your style of music and main influences both lyrically and musically?

Agung: We have been playing metalcore with our style and many things can be our influence to make music. Our lyrics talk about protest to the arrogant and greedy system, history, and also we share a moral message in each song.

KJ: Have you got plans for a full-length album coming?

Agung: We have been recording for our first full length album, it is going to release in 2012, wish me luck James.

KJ: What are your goals for the band?

Agung: Could change the world, so the positive can be a majority.

KJ: I’ve spent time in Bandung and Yogya but not Bali (which is funny because I am an Aussie, I've never been to Bali). Can you tell me about the Bali metal scene?

Agung: Why don’t you go to Bali? Come to Bali, James, we will serve you with arak Bali and enjoy our beautiful island. Bali metal scene has [made] a lot of progress we [are] proud [about] our local scene in Bali, and we hope the music of Bali metal scene can be accepted outside [of] Bali too.

KJ: What are some good death-metal bands and metalcore bands in Bali?

Agung: There are Trojan, Rezume, Eternal Madness, Mom Called Killer, Parau, Room 401, and many more other great bands. 

KJ: How does it work in the music scene in Bali? Do metal bands ever get to play in front of tourists? I remember in Singapore at this pub the drummer of the band was Filipino and he used to play one or two metal songs for me, like Metallica and GNR, what he could get away with playing (hi Arnold!)

Agung: I think we should be innovative so people can enjoy our music, because metal is a minority. In Bali, of course James, Twice bar is a good place because in that bar local people and tourists come by, also many other genre perform there, such as grunge, rock, punk, metal, etc. it's located in Popies Line.

KJ: Have you got any favourite Indonesian bands?

Agung: Many - there is Burgerkill, Seringai, Homicide, etc

KJ: Did you see the mighty Iron Maiden in Bali? How was the show? I was at the Jakarta gig.

Agung: Of course. It was great to be in a big music concert, the show was attractive and wonderful although they [are now a] senior [band]. It’s a great show from Iron Maiden [and the best] we ever watched.

KJ: Thank you very much!

Band contact: (Agung Putra)

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