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INTERVIEW: My interview with Olla of Yogya/ Jakarta death-metal band DEMEANOUR

Shattered Archtype EP by DEMEANOUR is out now through international label Core-O-Sive Records [USA]
My interview with Olla of Yogya/ Jakarta death-metal band DEMEANOUR
By Dr Kieran James (University of Southern Queensland)
Email Interview, 25 January 2011
DEMEANOUR is: Olla - Vocals, Rury - Guitar, Nomme - Bass, Simonte – Drums.

Kieran James: Hi, here are the questions.
KJ: You are a very interesting character and dedicated metalhead having two bands - Mindfreak and the internet band Demeanour. As you request we will just interview about Demeanour now. Tell us about the band history.

Olla: Well, I’m just lucky having friends who still trust me to be their singer. Well, Demeanour is established due to the desire to keep moving forward and make some music by playing what has never [been] played in previous bands. We [put all our heart in it] all here and now Demeanour is: Olla - Vocals, Rury - Guitar, Nomme - Bass, Simonte – Drums.

KJ: Tell us more your process for writing songs and communicating. What cities do the players live?

Olla: Lyrics are the fundamental strength binding in every Lyrics are the fundamental strength in [all] Demeanour’s music. That is translated through the character of each member without restriction. It is clear that our music sets free with easy listening and friendly concept.I live in Yogyakarta and the others live separately in Indonesia because of some kind of activities we have, so communication is crucial for us. As much as possible we ought to keep the emotional connection we already have. But we decided Jakarta as the hometown just to make [it] easier [to] meet each other.

KJ: Has it been very difficult managing an internet band?

Olla: There are always advantages and disadvantages. For the advantage itself is we just spare our little time before computer to record tones from our head, share it via email to each member, then fix it and done. It’s not too difficult; I think it’s more efficient in managing time to make songs. It’s sooner and right on our target. And the disadvantage is our internet billing would increase haha...

KJ: What are your goals and plans for the band?

Olla: Goals: As I told you, our EP titled Shattered Archtype was released by Core-O-Sive Records (USA) last year. Now we have got label and would release our first album soon this year. We [are] also having cooperation with [various] parties relating to the development of this band. Plans: we plan to make great albums and have some national and international tours.

KJ: I guess you saw our interviews here with some of the Yogya bands. What do you think of the Yogya death-metal scene?

Olla: Awesome...they [have] grown rapidly and diversely, lots of great new bands emerge.

KJ: What are your favorite metal bands in Yogya including young and old bands?

Olla: [All] bands are good I think but there are some bands I have watched their live performance as follows: Death Vomit, Septicemia, Hands Upon Salvation, Spider Last Moment and Godforsaken.

KJ: Do you think death-metal in Yogya is just a trend or it can stay strong in the future?

Olla: I cannot [put] it into words but I think you should know about this one. The death-metal in Yogya already exists because so far this city has [had] an annual extreme music event presented [for] more than 20 years, called “Jogja Brebeg”. And up to now lots of great bands have released their new albums. For me, future belongs to people who prepare for it now, so Yogya has prepared!

KJ: Why do you love to play death-metal and be part of the death-metal scene?

Olla: Because this takes a lot of talent, the techniques, the passion, the crowd, the artwork, those promote uniqueness and independence.

KJ: Any message for your fans?

Olla: “Thanks for your support!”

KJ: Thank you.

Olla: Thanks for the interview KJ, I really appreciate it.

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