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Here our new interview exclusive with Ed Talorda guitarist of ‘Disgorge’ and also ‘To Violently Vomit’. I met him when Disgorge tour in Bandung (on their second tour in Indonesia 2006) They’re really friendly people and we had have a great time there. I decided to do an interview with Ed Talorda because I want to know more about Disgorge and also To Violently Vomit. And this morning he replied my email and answered the interview. Well, I don’t want talking to much here lol and I let your all to read our interview here…….lets check it out :)

John Yoedi : Hi Ed. How are you there ?  Thanks first of all for agreeing to this interview with Busuk Webzine. I really appreciate it. And I Hope you are well there. Anyway, How are things going with you at the moment ?

ET: Good John. things are slowly happening for the better in more ways than one :)

JY : This is exclusive interview , so I want to asking you some question as personel. Honestly I want to asking this question from long time ago when we met in Bandung-Indonesia  (Disgorge 2nd tour) hahaha . Well, i just want to know What made you have decided to be Disgorge member ? And when did you first time hear about Disgorge ?

ET: I'll answer part two first. I saw Disgorge around '93-'94 when they relocated here in San Diego at an old venue. Matti Way, Ricky Meyers, Tony Freithoffer and another guitarist… (possibly David Hill) I've caught them a couple times later as the lineup who recorded Cranial Impalement, including Eric Flesey. SOOO ahead of its time. I was actually crossing over from Thrash/ Speed Metal at the time… Listening to Obituary, Morbid Angel, Cannibal, Deicide, and some of the Swedish Death Metal as well… Grave, Hypocrisy, Dismember, Carcass… tons of others who made me want it heavier…. THEN I heard 'Effigy of the Forgotten', if I didn't hear that then I probably wouldn't have comprehended what Disgorge was musically as much as I did second time around…

Deciding to join Disgorge wasn't an immediate choice or offer. I had Mortuus Terror which I was playing with for nearly 10 years. I toured with disgorge in 2003 as an audio engineer for their tour with Incantation. Seeing them play every night and REALLY hearing what's going on in Diego and Ben's riffing style lead me to one day asking them if they ever considered getting a second guitarist… Their original reply was not because they didn't want to just show someone the material and that person skip out for whatever reason. Months later I had to make a change for myself and left my old band to learn new material and do other things with my endeavors as a guitarist……

(answer for question 3 is covered in question 2)

JY : And how was your feeling with that ? because as I know, you already playing to Mortus Terror before. Would you like to explain about this ?

JY : I heard a bit about you before, maybe I heard it from Ben Marlin (RIP). He said you’re working as an audio engineer before, so that’s why you know much more about Disgorge sound, is that correct ?

ET: Yes… That's what helped me hear and feel more of what this band is about musically. It helped me discover what I had in commons far as the sensation one would feel really listening and knowing what it's about.

JY : It has been very long time we never heard about Disgorge and we could be understand about that because Ben Marlin (Bassist) passed away in 2008, and its hard time for you all. but we always love him and I know you all become big family. Since that I heard some member of Disgorge playing to another band or they all made new band such as Ricky Myers playing to Sarcolyptic / Cinerary, You and Diego Sanchez playing to Obscured Secretions / To Violently Vomit. Although I know, Diego Sanchez also playing to Pathology with Matty Way before. Could you tell us a bit Why did they all playing to another band or have had new band ?

ET: Life took a long lesson for us at the time. the economy, and us trying to get our personal lives in order, kind of made it to where it was hard to be Disgorge as everyone knew it. We were going to start playing and writing again just before Ben passed away, but when his time came, things definitely weren't what they were supposed to be for us. Perhaps they were, but it was actually a blessing it did because where we are now is a lot more digestible than was possible at the time. About the bands, Ricky has on and off been in other projects i.e.… sarco, cinerary…. while Disgorge wasn't being busy, Diego got together with Jason Trecazzi and started the Obscured project. I myself was,dealing with my own set of issues in life. But when I started missing playing, I went in to help out OS and since there wasn't a bassist, I went ahead and filled in that spot in tribute to Benny…. Jason had to go back to school in Ohio so that put an end to performing and further songwriting for OS. We've been holding on the raw EP tracks for the drums for a while, with 2 songs promotioned out at the last MOD fest… when we have some spare time there are at least 2 more tunes and a remix we may release just to share with the world. To Violently Vomit was a concept that was brought up when Ricky moved to texas (except the name)…. After OS made hiatus, we decided that we wanted to keep the Disgorge spirit alive waiting for the day that we could play again under the Disgorge Banner… As we weren't so busy at the time, Diego and Oscar filled in some spots Pathology needed to get their career started. Diego ended up staying with us, and Oscar is full time in Pathology, with his spare time playing TVV/ Disgorge until we solidify a bassist…

JY : Last year, Disgorge have prepared to release new album (fifth full length album) ‘And The Weak Shall Perish’ for a late 2011 with new line up : Erik Lindmark (guitar) and Derek Boyer (Bass) but the album still didn’t coming out until now but I know Erik, Derek and the others still working on it. What do you think about this ?

ET: Unique Leader Records have been trying to motivate Disgorge to move forward and get past the loss of Ben, which is great….. Erik has written a good amount of material for the new album and with Diego and I's recent rejoining, are not going to rewrite what's already there. We will contribute to the rest of the material at the same time get the band ready for playing live again so we can pick up from 2006…… Erik and Derek have been in the Disgorge family for YEARS…. its an honor to have them involved and to have them expand the sound… As of now, I don't know what Derek has written but we do know that he is our backup for recording in case our bassist situation doesn't materialize soon enough. It IS a different approach, but necessary. We miss playing live and the studio aspect is a forward moving issue…..

JY : It sound good to hear You and Diego Sanchez back to Disgorge and I bet Disgorge fans very happy to hear that. Besides that Nate Twyman (vocals) joined to Disgorge and as we know this guy vocalist from Gortuary. So the new line up of Disgorge are : Ed Talorda (guitars),Diego Sanchez (guitars), Ricky Myers (drums) and Nate Twyman (vocals). But here I still didn’t see Bass Player for this band. Do you know who will be going to be bass player ? is he Derek Boyer or ?

ET: We are hoping to recruit Oscar because he has the live set down… but with all respect to Pathology, he has come very far with them and they are one of the hardest working bands in our city… We just had him first is all :P The band is definitely on the hunt for a willing and very able performer…. Our building relations with Nate is at a very young state. He is still in Gortuary, and he has our support should he continue with that project. If he remains in this new lineup, it will present opportunities for him and us the same… He's working out VERY well. and his tones are definitely Disgorge par….

JY : And how did you guys so interest to recruit Nate Twyman as new vocalist of Disgorge ?

ET: When we were presented the opportunity to rejoin, Ricky asked me who would I think of to do vocals. Everyone that we use for TVV are all in different bands, or have way too great of careers risk struggling making this a priority. Listening to a video Gortuary's recording engineer Jeff Forest made of them, and also seeing a few live shows, the first person of new blood that came to mind was him. We were looking for more of the gurgle type of vocal sound, much like CI and CTF…. and Twyman has a huge potential to walk the shoes that Matti Way, AJ Magana, and Levi Fusilier have worn for this  band in his own way.

JY : As we know you are playing to ‘To Violently Vomit’ as guitars. And I heard if ‘To Violently Vomit’ playing old song from Disgorge, so that’s why I heard some rumor and people said ‘To Violently Vomit’ is ‘Disgorge’. Is that correct ? What do you think about this rumor ?

ET: As much support we have had from Disgorge fans, saying 'TVV IS DISGORGE', I like to think more of TVV as the summoning of a sleeping beast known as Disgorge. As a fan, first…… playing such legendary tunes was the best way for us to know that we weren't ready to give this up. Ben would have never wanted it this way. TVV was well on the way of playing original tunes… still are…. in fact, I myself writing more stuff has finally gotten me in the state of writing material in the fashion of 'what would Disgorge do'?…… we're writing for a short EP right now while we practice the set with Nate to get it ready for the real deal….

JY : Have you started work on a fifth album yet or ? I know you and Diego Sanchez will be working hard to learning or preparing new material for Disgorge and it need much time to do that but I wish you can doing it good.

ET: Erik and Ricky are going to continue working on ATWSP material. Diego and I will contribute as well…..

JY :  When can we expect more from Disgorge and tell us a bit the sound from new album ?

ET: I haven't heard any of it as of yet. Diego tells me it's definitely Disgorgesque….. written with 7string…. that says a lot for the fan

JY : And if you back playing and focusing to Disgorge , what about your other band ‘To Violently Vomit’ ?

ET: TVV will continue writing new material at least until the EP or split is out… we are hoping it can continue as well because Scott Ellis is a talent that can't be shelved… it would be a waste to not have him in this scene.

JY : Well, I don’t wish to make this an interview about your other numerous bands/projects, but there’re just a couple of things I was curious about. Firstly, the fact that you are involved with such a diverse range of bands says to me that you have a very open mind when it comes to music and that there is not only one style that you listen to or that influences you. Would this be accurate, and would you say that each of the different bands allows you to show a slightly different part to your personality?

ET: I am an audio engineer… from live to recording mixes…. that makes me tolerable to just about any genre, and has opened my ears to a whole world of music outside of our beloved scene…. it reminds me that I have other feelings than just rage and anger…. I think that if i narrowed myself to just BDM, I might not be as sociable with others outside the scene and that's not what life is about…. I like a 'balanced' surrounding of peers…. just like music, Everything I am involved in, whether from listening to playing, is usually because it has grasped my heart in one way or another. when I am into an artist. I don't just listen.. I study every nuance that had attached me to that artist… not just death metal… progressive metal…. pop ballads… soul… even R&B…. strange and obscure things… classical… anything that says more than just a beat can deliver…. That’s usually what gets me going. as far as playing, theres nothing like executing a riff that no one else can think of… whether it's riff wizard's or something that I have to struggle to compete into the pool… he's literally like 6 riffs to my one….. but I'm catching up slowly. I just try and play it tighter than he does before he's got it completely second nature… haha…. Diego's been my biggest influence for the past 8 years… and he's a freeform artist for the most part… I'm working on not being too meticulous in my writing style… and it's working!

JY : I’m assuming that music is an essential aspect of your life that you couldn’t live without, you need that outlet for you to express your emotions and you’d be pretty lost without that?

ET: yep…. that and my small handful of friends and family that aren't just faces in the crowd…. I'd become a recluse photographer! my other hobby of passion…. Lol

JY : When did you start to playing guitars ? And how long have you been behind the kit and who does you admire in the extreme guitarist world ?

ET: I've been playing guitar for 27 years… since I was 10… I learned my first song when I was 7… originally wanted to become a drummer, but a guitar was easier for my brother to get his 10 year old kid brother, and was WAY less noisy for our parents to bare…. they didn't entirely want us to focus on that, but at the same time it kept us out of trouble and they are glad we kept music close to our hearts like most of our family…. I still play drums every once in a while just for fun…
There’s a LOT of guitarists in the world I am not worthy to mention without mentioning everyone else who helped me celebrate this extreme world of sounds and raw emotion. Currently, Matt Sotelo, Terrance Hobbs/ Guy Marchais…… Ciccio from Putridity…. Craig and Chance from Arkaik…. Charles from Abysmal Dawn… Sam from Letum Ascensus… Glen and Andres from Gortuary. Paul from Origin….. Shaun Lacanne and Shawn Whitaker…. Steve Watkins…. so many in this scene and in the metal seen abroad, that help influence me putting my soul into every note I play for whoever I and sharing a stage with….

JY : And what are your best memories so far in your career ?

ET: 12 countries in 2 years……. being able to get a taste of what even a lot of rich people won't. it has barely started… this career. when it does more memories will come. And the best part is that this is all driven by love… being able to meet people in places I never thought I’d go…… I can’t really just put it in one place….. my whole experience living my dream is my best memory, and there were a lot of people involved…. including yourself, john \m/ ( Thanks Ed \m/ )

JY : Just as a side question, What do you think about Busuk Webzine ?

ET: killer interviews….! Busuk seems to ask a lot of the right questions that I'd wanna read about even on interviews with other bands…. I hope Busuk grows and continues to grow…

JY : That’s me all out of questions! Thanks for answering this interview. I am so happy I can talking with you now. Send greeting to Diego Sanchez and Ricky Myers. All the best with Disgorge also keep making great music. Hope to see you over here again. Do you have a personal message for Disgorge fans here ?

ET: I will send brutal regards to them for you, John….

As for Indo, and the rest of SE Asia and surrounding countries…… We love your scene out there. so many sick bands…. make sure you support your local scenes, that's what helps us get out there!!!!!! And Thank YOU to John Yoedi and BUSUK Webzine for taking the time to prepare this interview!!!


(Interviewed by John Yoedi, February 15, 2012)

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