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I bet all death freak know some sick band from Texas such as : Devourment, Prophecy, Insidious Decrepancy, Images Of Violence, Sintury, Sarcolyptic, Aversion To Life, Vitality, Braced For Nails and etc BUT don’t forget with fuckin sick band and its called ‘DIMINISHED’- Brutal Death Grind from Pasadena – Houston. 
They formed in the spring of 2005, in the minds of Michael Pinkard (vocals), Danny A.Balle (guitars,vocals) then they have picked up Cesar Martinez as drummer.  The trio would fluctuate members on guitar and bass like Marc Steubing and Josh Raught. In 2007 they added Marcus Gonzales on bass and in the summer of 2008 had a full line up with Bill Soils on Rhythm guitar. But in December 2008, Edward Martinez would replace Bill on guitar.
In February 19,2010 Diminished released their debut album ‘Chainsaw Cunt’ by Sevared Records from New York. But not for long after released first album, Edward and Caesar were detached from the band fold in the spring of 2010. Then Diminished found new drummer ‘Aaron Romo’ and Marcus switched over as Rhythm guitar. In the middle of making second album ‘Rectal Tormet’, Chris Cropper joined to Diminished as Bass player then they released their second album ‘Rectal Torment’ to Sevared Records. Diminished still have many problem with their members and last year 2011, They found new member Samantha Romero as Bass player.  And in February 8th 2012 the new 3rd album ‘Origin Of Apocalypse’ just release with 9 tracks such as Origin of Apocalypse, Secretion of Bile, Shattered by the Reformations, etc and include 1 instrumental from Abdicating the Throne. Diminished still enjoy working to Sevared Records for release 3rd album, so if you want to get their stuff such as t-shirt and cd’s, you can find by Sevared Records too.

And here my new interview with Diminished……lets check it out, fuck yeahhhh \m/

John Yoedi : Hey bro, how are you there ? Pleased talking to you and thanks for your kind support for Busuk Webzine. Kieran James (Australia) and I share for this blog. So who will be answer my questions ? Yes

JY : Congrats on the release of your new album ‘Origin of Apocalypse’. And I bet you cant wait to get response/review from fans/media. How would you describe the sound of the new album ?

Daniel : Hi, this Daniel and yes of course, because you can see growth and how well fans or anyone in general receives you. I would have to say a more mature sound, the production is better and cleaner we turned down a lot of bass and distortion

JY : What was recording process like and who was responsible for production and mastering?

Daniel : Production was easy because it was just Aaron (drummer) and I (guitars & bass & vocals for uninhibited) & mike (vocals) it was easy because this was our third time recording so I new how things work and what doesnt as far as production.

JY : What is the main different, but also similarities between Origin of Apocalypse with your previously albums ?

Daniel : The difference between O.O.A. is the artwork is more "PG" so we can shed that image of being a porngrind band, because we are a Death Metal/Grindcore band. The music like "Uninhibited," "Origin of Apocalypse," & "Tearing Back the Flesh" was different because of the harmonies, it was actually easier to play, but it sounds more "technical." It reminds me of Chainsaw Cunt in the sense that we did more stuff and had more grooves in this. It reminds me of Rectal Torment in the sense that it has a dark tone to it.

JY : Diminished started in the minds of Danny Andrew Balle (guitars,vocals) and Michael Pinkard (vocals). Besides as player, you’re both as manager for Diminished. Where did you get idea to start a music career ? Are there any metal bands have inspired you to playing Death Grind style and then your both have decided to form DIMINISHED ?

Daniel : Well music for me started in the 8th or 9th grade I was into Nirvana a lot and A.I.C., Metallica and Slayer, & Michael was in to Nu Metal & Death Metal so we meet, wanting to see what the other got, I new with or without him I wanted to see how far I can go, I dont really think he expected much out of music. As for bands that inspired us I would say old Cryptopsy, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, I really never like Corpse much other when Barnse did vocals. Diminished came from Michael's girlfriend at the time she pointed at a word in the dictionary and there it happened.

JY : And how long have you been into Death Grind ?

Daniel : I have to say in 2008, after we meet Steve from Comatose, his band was awesome, Deathgrind is was more exciting than Death Metal. I remember we had a conversation at work about becoming more extreme at work one night at Sonic (a fast food place we worked)

JY : You formed the band in 2005 and there were many problem with your band. But in 2010 Diminished have achieved two album Chainsaw Cunt and Rectal Torment …that’s amazing ! How do you manage to adapt to things and get the job done? As we know it must be very frustrating trying to get an album together with a new team so often.

Daniel : We the writing process was easy because I do all of the writing, the hard part is find people  who are serious. I pushed for the two releases in one year because I knew that'll boost our image rather than being newbies. Also if people didn't like Chainsaw Cunt they had another chance to listen to something that might get their attention. I can remember Michael wanted to wait until Jan/Feb to release Rectal Torment, that is why I ended up doing half the Vocals on that album. Rectal Torment was also ment to be apart of Limbsplitter 2, but Devourment drop off and BBB (Ossuary Industries) said it'll be a while before anything so we rushed to make four songs (Rectal Torment, Oppressed by Tyranny, Consuming Vaginal Discharge, Impurity) so we had those songs since March, I thought well might as well add four more songs to make it a release.

JY : After the released of ‘Chainsaw Cunt’ and ‘Rectal Torment’, In 2010 Caesar left the band then came Aaron Romo as drums. Then in 2011 Samantha Romero had joined as bass player with Diminished. How involved in the creative process has the two new members been ? What qualities do they bring to the band ?

Daniel : Writing process is the same, I get the ball started, Micheal sees something catching and builds a song off of it. Sammy (Samantha) is a work horse, she brings back that heart we had when we were 17, Aaron is a work horse compaired to past members, so they bring heart to the table.

JY : The cover artwork from your all album is fuckin awesome and very sick … i like it very much . Who came up with the concept, and how many designs did you have to wade through until you came to this one ? Is it same artist for all cover DIMINISHED album ?

Daniel : Michael came up with all of it , on this one (O.O.A.) we wanted to show people that we are not a pornogrind band, also we are 23/22 so we are growing up, We don't want to have our kids seeing that. lol This artwork gives us more room to work with rather than put us in a corner. We used Jon Zig, we were going to use Hal Rotter, but fuck that guy, we ran off with 300$ dollars and no art. 

JY : Woud you like to tell us, What kits/equipments do you use to record and do you use the same amp/guitars etc for live shows ? explain about this ?

Daniel : We use Tama drums, peavey 6505+, cheap hot rodded jackson guitars with emg 85/81 pick ups, Vader Cabinets/ Lanely Cabinetss, Ibanez bass and plug it into a line 6 pod and go straight into the mixing board (no cab) and studio mic. yes we use the same equipment as live, (Michael doesn't own a mic) and its the same as live except we add reverb to cleans or solos thats about it.

JY : All album from DIMINISHED released by Sevared Records, as I know Sevared Records is great label for brutal death metal bands in the world. And also they have an excellent distribution system. How far are you into the contract your signed ? And what kind of label would you consider signing with ?

Daniel : We had a one album contracted I had four songs from the Limbsplitter (Rectal Torment) and pitch him my idea of a 2nd record, I was losing members and if I would be out for a while rebuilding members I wanted to return knowning I have a album contract left so I signed a two album contracted. We are no longer signed to Barrett. We are just building up right now and trying to play a lot of shows to get that name out their. We are not looking but if something hit us up, we will check it out. On this next contract, we really need the label to help us out, because paying for those albums out of your own pockets hits you pretty hard. So if a label offers us to pay for the artwork, recording, mix and master and a 20% straight contract well sign for the most part.

JY : I assume you write the music individually but how is the whole process of putting a song together ?

Daniel : I write it at home, then I take it to the drummer & well put drums on it, critic it and then record it, and then once we finished mixing it and adding bass, Michael will start writting lyrics

JY : Everyone knows USA is a great place to find metal bands and we can see lots of sickest band from there. Are you involved with a scene in your local area ? Tell us a bit about this.

Daniel : Oh no, Houston is full of assholes and cunts. Its a ass kissing contest here, but like every where Death Metal is small. The big venues only work with their friends in bands or a band pays touring bands to play a show with them to build their status.

JY : I know that the overall feedback from both fans and metal media has been overwhelming. Do you really care what potential fans and musical critics like me even think of your work ?

Daniel : Yes I actually Ido because I put a lot of time and effort in this, not just writting but training dumbass after dumbass, I lost a lot of releationships, jobs and hours at work over this band. So it pisses me off seeing a troll ruin my hard work. But also one has to keep in mind, maybe my shit sucks so next time I got to do better. So it helps put pressure to be the best.

JY : Here the question I usually asking people. In this day and age internet has taken a huge part of our lives and so has also illegal downloading. What do you think about downloading illegal metal albums online ? Do you see it as positive or a negative ?

Daniel : Positive, because its the band's job to tour, its the label's job to front the band money so they can in turn make the label money.

JY : I know sometimes I found some answer pro and contra from the bands, they never got problem about piracy and also if they see their albums available as free download on blogs site…and sometimes they said ‘thanks for promote our albums’. But be honest, I am not agree with that and We have to know before because ‘The label and band has been working hard and need lots of time and money into releasing Cd’. And i think if they’re to post a few songs (2-3) up to help promote, it that would be cool or check their song by their site such as myspace,facebook or reverbnation. So what do you think about this ?  Will you going to complain them if you see DIMINISHED all albums available on their site or blogs as free download albums ?

Daniel : Honestly we are so far down the ladder of the indie circuit that those free download help. Now if we were a level of "The Faceless" or "Pathology" than yeah it would effect the money.

JY : Have you ever been to tour outside from USA ? Lots of great bands have toured to Indonesia like Dying Fetus, Disgorge (San Diego-Ca), Suffocation, Misery Index, Kataklysm, etc and Indonesia has a reputation as a country with a strong metal fan base. Did you have ambitions to come here ?

Daniel : Yes I do, but it cost money and when you pay for your own recording its hard to tour much less travel. We only been out the U.S. once and that was to get to Las Vegas from Houston, so we crossed into Mexico for like 10 minutes

JY : Would you like to tell me about what’s it like backstage at DIMINISHED show ? Where and what was the best and worst gig you ever played ?

Daniel : Its rush, rush, rush. We have to set up fast, watch the merch talk to fans, and sell merch. Worse part is when the promoter isn't on their game and everything is a wreck in terms of organization. Best part is when things go according to plan

JY : And will you going to show/tour in support of ‘Origin of Apocalypse’ ?

Daniel : Yes kind of

JY : Just as a side question, What do you think about Busuk Webzine ?

Daniel : I think its  very cool

JY : Well, many thanks for your time and support. Best of luck with the new album. Would you like to say something to the readers of Busuk webzine ?

Daniel : Well its cool when you have a webzine that tracks down bands to interview them, thats a win win for everyone, bands and fans and webzines, because it gives the viewer a inside look on things and an idea on that person in that band and how their character is. Thank you all 

Here the link if you want to know more DIMINISHED information and dont forget to buy their new Cd 'Origin Of Apocalypse'  and also other stuff : 


(Interviewed by John Yoedi, February 11,2012) 

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