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Interview with ENGORRIMENT (Slam Death Metal – Girona-Catalonia, Spain)

John Yoedi : Hi There. Thanks first of all for agreeing to this interview. And I Hope you are well there. Anyway, How are things going at the moment for Engorriment ?

Engorriment : Hi John, thanks to you. We’re glad to prove our english skill… and the Google traductor! I hope that everybody can understand us! Engorriment is preparing some new shit… at the end of February we will record one new song on Trempol Studios with Xevi. We can advance the title as novelty… “Two cocks in your mouth, one knife in your ass!”. It talks about one real experience from Inner. Fortunately nobody was injured, and he gets one big load of cum! hahaha… seriously, we will participate on the CD “Catalonian Extreme Compilation”. Professional cover artwork from Putrid Carcass, with a lot of great bands as Fall of Mankind, Human Ashtray, Avgrunn, Infected Flesh, Human Carnage, and many more!! We hope everything will be ready before this summer. Also we are planning some concerts on our famous “fat mustache tour 2011-2012”, always to the best of us, breaking necks and kick ass!

JY : What made you guys get together to form Engorriment ? Can you give our readers a briefly history of the band?

Engorriment : It starts long ago, with Inner, Monty and Miguel, our first guitarist at the end of 2008, December I think. Inner was the drummer from Innermost, Monty came from some gay bands and Miguel was a successful men’s prostitute. I can remember that our first trials were nearly punk metal… we were awful! Soon Victor from Infecto Cadaver plays the bass and Torrent starts to growl. For differents reasons, Miguel left the band in 2009 and Toni from Becoming Ash supplied him. He plays the guitar too well, so we thought to expulse him from the band! Jaja… Muerte al sweep picking!! After the recording from “Spreading the sickness” Torrent left the band to concentrate on his own projects. Our last incorporation was Ivan, master of pig squealing and selfsucking, no man can resist his tongue!          

JY : Where did the band’s name came from and does it have any particular meaning to you ?

Engorriment : Engorriment is difficult to translate, ‘cause there’s no synonymous on catalonian, spanish or English. Engorriment talks about our philosophy, eat all you can, act like a bastard and fuck like an animal (or die masturbating!!!!). We’re here to spread the word… spread the sickness. We are pornogore lovers obsessed with slam death metal. As we always say… read the bible… and cum on it!!

JY : Lets talking about your first album ‘Spreading The Sickness’. But firstly congratulations on the album. I’ve been reading some very positive reviews for your album, Would you say the responses you have had are what you were expecting ?  

Engorriment :  Thanks John! As you say there is a lot of sick people that likes our shit… we’re glad with this. We never think about if people likes our music or don’t, we just play as loud and distorted as we can, tuned in C… and with tons of pigsqueals! Our first EP recording was with Oriol from Cacodaemon in Girona and without any kind of recourse. When it was finished we send the promo to a lot of companies, and generally receive good valorations. We were fortunate to met Muhamad Fitrah from No Label Records, on Indonesia. He believes in us and made a good promotional campaign. We love that man, and hope we will continue working with him! We are also very happy with the support from the underground metal webs, fanzines, myspace, facebook fans and similars. All of you are incredible. Good and bad reviews are always welcome because we like to think that anyone anywhere in the world spends his time listening to us.

JY : How would you describe your music to anyone who hasn’t heard Engorriment?

Engorriment : Music can’t be described, because is an individual experience. But if you like the labels, can say we are Fat Slam Death Metal. Why fat? well… why don’t? Fat people is cool, you can be fat from inside or outside. Our music (or noise) is like a bulldozer full of crazy fat pigs. You can run but you can’t hide! hahaha… We can say that we play some kind of groovy brutal death metal riffs with a few of beatdown that will bang your heads and all of it under ten thousand tons of pig squealings that will destroy your ears.

JY : You signed with No Label Records from Indonesia, how did that deal come around ?

Engorriment : As we told before when we record the EP we send it to differents record labels. Some of them where interested on us, but most wanted one LP. We were interested to present our songs as EP because we were proud of the material we present. Muhamad from No Label immediately was interested on our songs and don’t discuss whether it had to be an LP or an EP. He cares of us, recently he brings to us stickers, patches… hahaha… we are happy as children! It’s incredible the growing metal scene from Indonesia, and people like Muhamad helps to make it bigger.

JY : Will you keep going to No Label Records for releasing your next album ? Or you guys thinking about looking for another Record Label ?

Engorriment : We are so glad to work with Muhamad and we aren’t looking for a new record label. We feel so good on No Label. We have no hurry to jump on a great metal label. Our style is minority, absolutely underground. Our dreams are to play with bands as Abominable Putridity, Kraanium, Condemned, Cerebral Effusion, Annotations of An Autopsy, Justin Bieber or Michel Teló. Hope someday we will play on Indonesia and take some beers with Muhamad! Meanwhile Engorriment will continue masturbating with tubegalore, hahaha

JY : Would you say that it is important to you that you develop your own original sound rather than simply jumping on what other bands are doing and following the trends?

Engorriment : Of course, since the band was born we been playing what we like. We never think about what are the others bands doing. Neither we think if Slam is just a trend or will survive. Engorriment is a band made to crush on live concerts. Our music can’t be played on the beach while you sunbathe or before the siesta… As we told before, we know that our music will never make us rich or famous, but we prefer be true to ourselves. It sounds as a cliché but this is real. The bands without their own sound are condemned to be forget. We like to think that someday, when Engorriment will be finished (on 50–60 years!), somebody remember us as those fat queers that made extremely brutal music.

JY : Engorriment seem to enjoy exploring sick and twisted subjects in their songs. What are the main themes you write about ? Do you think lyrics are serious element of music ? Because having vocals with no words that no one can understand.

Engorriment : As so many other bands, we consider the vocals as one more instrument. We are proud pigsquealers, not fuckin’ emos! Tokyo Hotel have lyrics and it makes us vomit. We have no special message to the world except: live as furious pork, run as a coward and masturbate violently all the rest of your life. This is the reason why people don’t need to understand our lyrics. Our message is simple and plain.

JY : What kind of things do you write about in your lyrics? Would you say your lyrics have any kind of theme?

Engorriment : Every title refers to a real experience… fecal regurgitation remembers me one lovely sunday afternoon on the beach, two fat guys and one bottle of laxatives. Despite of it, Ivan has worked hard on the lyrics since he arrived to Engorriment. He writes about quantum mechanics, relativism and introduces basic concepts of epistemology and neodarwinism. All mixed with sodomy, fat men, excrements,  and liters of cum. We love to explore the limits of the pornogore… and a lot of people loves it too!

JY : What kits / equipment do you use to records and do you use the same amp/guitars, drums and etc for live shows ?

Engorriment : During the recording from the EP spreading the sickness, all the equipment was from our brothers Infecto Cadaver… haha… our instruments suck! Now we have better equipment (specially amps and guitars), but we prefer not promote any brand because nobody sponsor us, except the great bar FRANKFURT SERVEI from S’Agaró!! Great beers and snacks!!!

JY : What are your thoughts on piracy ? Do download hurt the band or just the corporations ?

Engorriment : Talking seriously, the music is culture. We think that the “piracy” is another way to promote the music. If you can download the music from a band 10.000 kms of distance is thanks to internet. Then you can always buy the original if you are interested. The problem with the piracy is when somebody gets rich with this transaction, because it destroys the underground scene. We support initiatives as Anonymous.. fuck off the majors. The “piracy” should be a resource for musicians to promote their work. The piracy is not the enemy, I’m more concerned about the people who don’t listen music (just mainstream), don’t go to concerts, don’t read books, don’t write or draw and always spares his time in front TV... the passivity will kill the music. Be extreme or be dead!

JY : Will you going to complain them if you see your debut album, available on their site as free download albums ?
Engorriment : Never! Some metal sites ask us if it will be any problem to put our EP on his web. As we told before, we are proud that “spreading the sickness” is downloadable on many sites. They, as you, are people compromised with the extreme metal scene. We know that they don’t get money, only promote the music. Lot of people ask us for one copy from our debut CD after they download from this metal websites. They have 100% our support!

JY : Tell us briefly about metal scene in Spain nowadays ? Are there any less well knows Spain bands that you would recommend ?

Engorriment : The spanish death metal scene is great and strong. Incredible bands as Cerebral Effusion (Gods!), Avulsed, Thirst of Revenge, Wormed, Human Carnage, Extirpating the Infected, Nibiru, Instinto Caníbal, Digging your tomb, Becoming Ash (cum brothers) and a lot more. We have very good friends all over the country and like to play bukkakes between us. This 2012 you must be aware with the recordings from Fall of Mankind and Avgrunn on No Label Records, the great Human Ashtray and his conceptual LP “Pripyat” (18 february on sale!), Carrioned and his awaited return. They will make you hallucinate!

JY : And also what do you think about pirated merchandise ? because I seen lots of fake t-shirt.

Engorriment : We never think about it before. If you pirated this merchandise because you love the band, I think there’s no problem. If you just do it because you want to get rich, the you better off dead! We think that the merchandise is only to support your local scene or to promote the bands that you love. If you are trying to enrich, you are a killing the underground music scene.

JY : Did you know about brutal death metal bands from Indonesia ? 

Engorriment : There’s one strong scene, because Engorriment have received support from a lot of Indonesian fans of death metal. We love Turbidity, slam masters! We also like Embalmed, Jasad, Jagal and Dead Carnations, our brothers on No Label Records.

JY :Do you listen to other genres of metal at all? If so, what artists/bands? And give us top ten brutal death metal albums in your favourite list ?

Engorriment : As you can imagine, everyone of us listen different kind of metal music: doom, deathcore, black, brutal, hardcore, grind, beatdown, heavy, slam, goregrind and similars. Too much bands and too much styles! Our top ten list from brutal death metal may be this: SUFFOCATION=effigy of the forgotten, INTERNAL BLEEDING=invocation of evil. DEGRADE=lost torso found, ABOMINABLE PUTRIDITY=in the end of human existence, SCATTERED REMNANTS=destined to fail, DYING FETUS=purification through violence, CEPHALOTRIPSY= uterovaginal insertion, PYREXIA= sermon of mockery, PROPHECY=foretold, foreseen, KRAANIUM= the art of female sodomy,,

JY : What are your own plans with Engorriment at the moment ? like shows, writing new song and etc ?

Engorriment : We are working on new songs and if all goes well, we hope record them as our first LP. We can’t advance dates, but we hope get some new shit during 2012. As I told you before, you will get one advance on the CD “Catalonian Extreme Compilation” that will appear  before this summer. Of course we are playing as much as we can. We love to play our shit and hope soon we will cross the Catalonian frontiers and play on many places we can… As novelty I can tell you that one great artist from Mexico called Putrid Carcass is working on our next cover. Soon a lot of people will know about him… you can see his artwork at

JY : Well many thanks for taking the time to answer these questions . Do you have any last thoughts or message for Busuk webzine and also for our readers here ?

Engorriment : Thanks to you John. People like you are making a great job for the bands as Engorriment are trying to spread his metal shit. It’s been a pleasure to answear your questions (of course we do completely nude and masturbating all the time!). Thanks to the artist that we found in this way (musicians, cartoonists, photographers, videomakers, etcetera) Also thanks to the open minded people who likes our music, our shows and our micropenis…. Hahaha. Stay brutal! 
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(Interviewed by John Yoedi, February 3rd, 2012)

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