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My interview with Januaryo Hardy of INFESTED FLESH (Cikarang, Jawa Bawat, Indonesia death-metal)

My interview with Januaryo Hardy of INFESTED FLESH (Cikarang, Jawa Bawat, Indonesia death-metal)
By Dr Kieran James (University of Southern Queensland)
Email Interview, 13 February 2012

[Note that Januaryo Hardy is also bassist with Vomit Larynx.]

Kieran James: First tell us the band history, like when you start and who are the members?

Januaryo Hardy, Infested Flesh: I just started this band around 2009 after my old band broke up. I [am] the only member.

KJ: What cities have you played shows?

JH, Infested Flesh: In 2011 I’ve played a studio gigs with my neighbour and some school shows. Now I still write materials for the EP.

KJ: How is progress for your demo or album?

JH, Infested Flesh: So far so good. I recorded one song for [the] debut EP and the others will soon follow.

KJ: Why do you like to play death-metal?

JH, Infested Flesh: Because I like something fast and intense. My father taught me about “distortion” seven years ago and I [was] interested.

KJ: How to describe your style and what bands do you like?

JH, Infested Flesh: This project is more inclined to slam and groove parts of death metal. I like to listen [to] fast brutal death metal and slamming brutal death metal. [I like] Putridity, Liturgy, Disgorge, Condemned, Decrepit Birth and several drum machine bands such as Putrid Pile, Vulvectomy, and many more.

KJ: I know Bandung is huge Death Metal City with Jasad and Bleeding Corpse and Turbidity and Jihad and many great bands. What is the scene like in your city?

JH, Infested Flesh: I think the scene in my city isn’t as big over there. But, here are many killer bands such as Asphyxiate, Pedih, Vomit Larynx, and we all [mutually] support each other.

KJ: What are your goals and plans for the band?

JH, Infested Flesh: I just want to finish my Infested Flesh debut album and play some gigs.

KJ: What jobs do you have outside of the metal scene?

JH, Infested Flesh: I’m a Website and Graphic Designer. And I just got fired. Hahahaha! [KJ: This is an honest man! Some readers out there please help him get another job! We must help and support each other in the metal scene.]

KJ: Are there any problems playing metal shows in your city for example police problem?

JH, Infested Flesh: No, I think every event will have it. But, we could [solve] it with MONEY.

KJ: Last one: Any message or word for your fans?

JH, Infested Flesh: I don't have any fans hahaha. [KJ: Yes, he is an honest man! I also have no fans!] But, I would say: “You can do everything you want with strong determination and brutality! Keep supporting the underground scene!”

JH, Infested Flesh: Thanks a lot James. I hope to meet you soon!

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