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INTERVIEW: My interview with Jap (vocalist) of NEKROHOLOCAUST (Philippines brutal death-metal)

My interview with Jap (vocalist) of NEKROHOLOCAUST (Philippines brutal death-metal)
By Dr Kieran James (University of Southern Queensland)

The brutal Filipino death band NEKROHOLOCAUST - Coming to a MacDonald's Family Restaurant in your city! Please don't take their favourite table by the window!!
 Email Interview, 16 February 2011
NEKROHOLOCAUST is: Bert on guitar, Frans on drums, Jap on vocals

Kieran James: Hi, mate. Thanks very much for agree to do interview with our website These are the questions:

Jap NEKROHOLOCAUST: Hey bro, Sorry for the very late reply on this interview, because I have been busy last few days, by the way here it is. I hope you enjoy reading... by the way can you give me a link if you blog this zine on your blogspot, sites etc? Thanks a lot!! –Jap.

KJ: Haha, yes, of course, we will give you a link because we want to promote your band and also this website too. First tell us the band history, like when you start and who are the members?

Jap: This band was founded and started playing in the years 2003-2004. Current members: Bert on guitar, Frans on drums, me [Jap] on vocals, and we are adding additional guitarist and bass guitarist later.

KJ: I see from the great website you had a split album 2010 and demo 2011. What was the style of the music and what response have you had to these albums?

Jap: The record [sound] on both of the albums [is] straight up raw and dirty. It’s like a clan of beasts that [is] doing an orgy noise from your speakers coming to your ears utilizing your shit out there!!! hahaha! The response [to those] two albums are just normal. I think. It depends on [each] listener [as to what is her or his] opinion and we don’t need it. HA!!

KJ: Have you got plans for a full-length coming?

Jap: Yeah!! We are currently recording our promo (2012) CD from a good studio out here. Expect good quality recorded songs on this one! And, maybe after that promo we will unleash our first debut full length album with a good label hopefully!

KJ: What are your main music influences?

Jap: We dig all kinds of music, we have [our] own personal music that we dig. But our main and primary priority for our band is Brutal Death Grind straight fucking up!! We are more influenced [by] US death-metal bands, like Disgorge US, Suffocation, Devourment etc.....

KJ: I'm Aussie but most of our readers are Indonesians, I share the site with John Yoedi from Balikpapan. Can you tell us more about the metal scene in the Philippines?

Jap: It’s getting bigger and bigger!!! Gladly!

KJ: What are some good death-metal bands there in your country? The only bands I know of are Deiphago from your country and of course Human Mastication who we interviewed here.

Jap: Check out: Pus Vomit, Loss of Control, Down from the Wound!!!

KJ: You know Indonesia metal is huge these days like Bandung is death-metal city, Surabaya has black and power metal, Jakarta has thrash and Yogya has its own varied death scene. Is it like that in Phillipines where one city is strong in DM, another in BM etc?

Jap: All the cities and regions out here have different kind of music. You cannot say, for example: all the people on that city or region are just digging one genre of music. All the people out here are digging different kind of genres. Luzon, Visayas, [through] to Mindanao have different kind of music! It depends! But I think death-metal [is] the biggest scene right here right now!! [KJ: Great!]

KJ: What is the attitude of the religious people and the police towards metal shows and metal bands there?

Jap: You cannot see any cops out here if there’s a metal show or underground event. The productions can handle the whole show without paying any cops out here. And about the religion, I don't give a fuck either because I’m an Atheist! Hahaha!

KJ: What are your goals and plans for your band?

Jap: To release more brutal and sick records, play more gigs, to obtain genocide through our music!! And of course to offend people through our music!! Joke! ahahahaha!!

KJ: Have you got any favorite Indonesian bands?

Jap: I dig Jasad and Asphyxiate! [KJ: Someone is going to translate that Asphyxiate interview on our site into English just for you, my friend...and for me too of course].

KJ: Any plans or hopes to tour Indonesia and/or to tour Australia?

Jap: Hopefully, if there’s any production or promotion that can book us to go and play out there.. why not...if they can just handle our plane tickets, food, and simple accommodation...that will be a great deal for us...hehehe...because, the financial stuff is just the main problem on our band, enough said.

KJ: Last one: Any message or word for your fans?

Jap: “First of all I would to thank you Kieran James for the interest of having a killer interview with us! Many thanks to all the staff of Busuk Webzine!!! [KJ: Yes now we have around 300 staff running it hehehe! We are going to rent a floor in a big office tower in downtown Singapore!!]  And, to all the Indonesian readers and all the readers around hope to see you all in the future!!! Tetap fucking sakit dan brutal!!!”

KJ: Thanks very much for the interview and we hope to spread unity and brotherhood among metalheads in this SE Asia region.

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