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My interview with Novan (bassist) of SAINTROW (Malang, East Java, Indonesia brutal grindcore)

Novan, bass player for SAINTROW (Malang, East Java, Indonesia grindcore)
My interview with Novan (bassist) of SAINTROW (Malang, East Java, Indonesia brutal grindcore)

By Dr Kieran James (University of Southern Queensland)

Email Interview, 13 February 2012

SAINTROW is: Bangkit (guitarist), Novan (bassist), Alvy (vocalist 1), Ariep (singer 2), and Ari (drums).

Kieran James: Hi, mate. Thanks very much for agree to do interview with our website www.busukwebzine666.blogspot.com. These are the questions:

KJ: First tell us the band history, like when you start and who are the members?

Novan SAINTROW: Our band formed around the month of September 2011, [we] came from the coffee shop where we used to get together and at the place we agreed to form a band with [the] name Saintrow, we play in the grindcore [style]. The themes [are] our criticism [of] the government, injustice and hatred. Our [line-up] now is: Bangkit (guitarist), Novan (bassist), Alvy (vocalist 1), Ariep (singer 2) [and] Ari (drums).

KJ: What city are you from?

Novan: We come from Malang/ East Java/ Indonesia.

KJ: How is progress for your demo or album?

Novan: We already have a mini album with six songs.

KJ: Why you like to play death-metal?

Novan: Because metal is the spirit [that impacts on other types of music].

KJ: How to describe your style and what bands do you like?

Novan: Our style of poetry using only the stage that contains only krtikkan and bands that inspired us include Terrorizer, Rotten Sound, Noxa, Nasum, Otnamus, [and] Dying Fetus.

KJ: I know Bandung is huge Death Metal City with Jasad and Bleeding Corpse and Turbidity and Jihad and many great bands. What is the scene like in your city of Malang, East Java?

Novan: [There are] many Malang [bands] and [it is really a] populated scene [with] bands like Sekarat, Rottenomicon, Ritual Orchestra, Rotten Corpse, Torment Murderer and many more.

KJ: What are your goals and plans for the band?

Novan: I hope our band can be a top band in the underground [and inspire] other [bands].

KJ: What jobs do you have outside of metal?

Novan: We are all still in school.

KJ: Are there any problems playing metal shows in your city for example police problem?

Novan: [It] still occurs because [the] problem [is we] often do not get permission from the police - only that [is the] problem.

KJ: Last one: Any message or word for your fans?

Novan: Message for the fans...“you should never brag [to] your friends”...hehehe. [KJ: Yes I agree! We don’t want your friends to hate you!]

KJ: Thanks very much for the interview and I hope to meet you next time I go to Java.

Novan: I am very grateful to you because [you] want to interview us and we look forward to seeing you on the island of Java, especially in Malang [City].

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