Sunday, February 12, 2012

NEWS: MORTIFICATION and PEGAZUS show, 18 Feb, The Central Club, Richmond, Melbourne, Australia

We have our first Mortification Gig with the new line-up on Sat. Feb. 18th at The Central Club in Richmond, Melbourne (293 Swan St.) in support of the mighty Pegazus! Doors are 8:30pm and we hit stage at 9pm for a 50 minute set. We will perform most of Scribe Of The Pentateuch [upcoming new album], plus a bunch of Mort Classics including "Brutal Warfare", "Hammer Of God", "The Destroyer Beholds", "God Rulz" and hopefully "Scrolls Of The Megilloth". We have some rehearsal time restraints with Linc [Lincoln Bowen, guitar] being so new back in the band and Andrew [Andrew Esnouf, drums] doing an entire subject at University this month. We will be performing "Scrolls" at our mid-year Album Launch but, if we can get it nailed in time, also at this Gig. It would be great to include "Scrolls" in the set if we can with this year being the Album's 20th Anniversary! Obviously when we do the launch our set will be longer and we will be back in performing shape. The last Mort show was October 1st 2008, so you can imagine how eager I am to get back out there and perform Live!!!

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