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INTERVIEW: Busuk Webzine Interview with James Park II (Guitars/Vocals) & Phil Holland (Vocals) of PROPHECY (Texas Death Metal - "TXDM").

I bet lots of death freak in the world know this band …‘PROPHECY’ from Texas – USA. They really great band. And they’re just released new full length album and its called ‘Don’t Fuckin Mess With Texas. It’s really a great album with 8 tracks.

And this time, Busuk Webzine got chance to do an interview with them… lets check here now :

Hi James, How are you there ? Thanks for taking some time to do an interview with Busuk Webzine. Here is John Yoedi. Kieran James (Australia) and I share for this blog. Many congratulations on the last album “Don’t Fuckin Mess With Texas”, you guys must be really pleased with the way it has turned out.  I have been reading some very positive reviews for your album, Would you say the responses you have had are what you were expecting ?

JPII:  I'm great here bro!  Thanks for the interview and supporting PROPHECY and TXDM FEST!  Yes! ...we are EXTREMELY pleased with the way "Don't Fuckin' Mess With Texas" turned out!!  I spent many months in the studio with our engineer Daniel on this one!  And we feel the work definitely shows!  Thanks to everyone that supports PROPHECY and TXDM FEST 2012 (7-14-12) - 3rd Annual!!!  Phil and I are answering the questions here.

JY : How do you feel Don’t Fuckin Mess With Texas compares to your previous album Our Domain ?

JPII:  Hands down..."Don't Fuckin' Mess With Texas" blows away everything we've ever done before!! 

JY : The material on Don’t Fuckin Mess With Texas sounds really strong. How long have you been working on it ?

JPII:  Been working on some of the songs for many years now..."Enter Bliss" was originally written in 2003.  "Blood Brothers" was the 1st song we wrote after Phil came back in 2008.  "Death Conceived" written in 2005..."The Un Named" was written in 2009.  So as you can tell, it's been an on-going  process ha!  It finally came together though! 

JY : And are you still satisfied with your early material or are there certain things you would like to have changed ?

Phil Holland:  We as a band are very proud of ever song we've ever written because every release tells our personal stories and/or history.  The only regret I have is that the technology of today was not available back then.  Imagine how much better the production would have been on "Foretold...Foreseen" (1998) and "Our Domain" (2002)!  For the most part, we feel that we've been able to grow as a band as well as musicians and yet maintain our sound.  We are very grateful to have had the support from long time friends/fans and of course we appreciate anyone and everyone that's never heard of us and then it turns out that they like what we do!  Because without the friends and fans, PROPHECY would only exist in our heads and the garage!...Ha!  
JY : It took almost 9 years from the release of "Our Domain" to the release of the album "Don’t Fuckin' Mess With Texas". How come it took that long ?

JPII:  That has everything to do with the vast member changing over the years.  Trying to get the band to a more professional level of organization and direction.

JY : And have you ever considered putting out a live album ?

JPII:  Hell yes we've wanted to release a LIVE C.D.!  Ha!  Getting the "perfect" live recording is not easy!  We do our best on stage but at the same time we love to enjoy what we do!  We don't want to release something we would consider "half ass" for the sake of releasing it.  In other words, as soon as we are satisfied with a live recording it will be out!

JY : Don’t Fuckin Mess With Texas has released by Prophecy Records. Is that right or ? If yes,  Would you like to tell us a bit about this records and Who is owner ?

JPII:  Yes, Prophecy Records released "Don't Fuckin' Mess With Texas" digitally 10-28-11.  Then on c.d. 1-7-12.  Prophecy Records was started back in 1996 when we put out our very first release, "It Shall Come To Pass" 5-song cassette E.P.  And then the 2-song promo cassette in 1997.  I'm the owner but it's a group effort in PROPHECY and Prophecy Records.  

JY : All your release seem quite different from each other both sound and music wise. Could you like to explain why that is ?

PH: As we've grown as a band, it hopefully has shown in our music we write.  Even though we wear our roots on our sleeves, we've become fans of today's Death Metal bands as well, so it naturally shows in our writings.

JY : About songwriting process. Does just one of you take responsibility for writing lyrics or   Is everyone involved ?

JPII & PH: Everyone is invloved because we've all had our own experiences and each of us have stories to tell.  Part of the reward of being in a band is being able to express feelings with your music and lyrics.  It's amazing though that every song we write isn't about fisting, fucking and drinking!  LOL!    

JY : And how do you approach a song , given that you use so many different layers, styles and elements ?

JPII & PH: We write songs that start out with a feeling of some kind.  When it begins to take shape, it seems to evolve on its own.  Thereby flowing into form. Our diversity in tastes of music helps to create songs with a message we've tried to convey.  For example, "The Un Named"...that song took over 2 months to write because we tried to step away from the same ways we've written in the past.  And the song itself took off in its own direction so we just followed.

JY : What made you start to play music and form a band in first place ?

JPII: For me, it was only after I heard AC/DC's "Back in Black" from my sister's 8-track being played from her room...ha!  I loved it!  And I guess the rest is history...ha!  I knew I wanted to play guitar and be in a band when I seen Randy Rhoads play in 1981.  He made it look so easy and amazing.  

PH: Music has always been an escape for me and the greatest pleasure I've known.  Whether I'm listening to it or playing it, it takes me to places I've been and want to go...again!  The very first music I remember is Elvis and to this day I'm inspired by him and all the different kinds of music I've discovered since.  So being in a band seemed like a natural evolution, because music is truly my life.  Being an only child, I also like the brotherhood and friendship that comes with being in a band. 

JY : Would you like to tell us the meaning behind the last album title Don’t Fuckin Mess With Texas ? What things inspire you to write it ?

JPII:  The title speaks volumes for itself..."Don't Fuckin' Mess With Texas".  We have a way of life here in Texas, as I'm sure everyone, everywhere does.  We have what is called "Texas Pride" brother.  We're proud of our fellow Texas Death Metal bands!  TXDM FOR LIFE!!  

JY : On your last album, the vocals vary from a deep roar to screams. Who was responsible for which type ?

JPII:  "D.F.M.W.T." has Phil Holland doing his lead vocals - lows and highs, myself doing my backing vocals - lows and highs, and 4 of our brothers in other Death Metal bands from here in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area.  Jamie of Demonseed - lows and highs, Jewski of Devourment - lows, Wes of Primordius - lows, and "Kactus" - lows (formerly of Neverdead).   

JY : What has been your touring experience since the band was formed ? What other bands have toured with and what countries has the band performed in ?

JPII:  PROPHECY has toured 2 times in Europe (2004 and 2007).  All of the fans, supporters, our friends and bros are awesome people!  If it wasn't for them, none of the shows would have been as bad ass and memorable as they are!  Of the members now, I'm the only member that has toured in Europe.  I've shown the guys a lot of Euro tour footage and they can hardly wait to go!  Ha!  It's truly surreal...still hard to believe we've played in 13 countries in Europe.  Absolutely amazing!   In 2004, we toured with Godless Truth of Czech Republic (Zdenek set up that tour) and Despondency of Germany played all the German dates with us. 

JY : As you know lots of Sick Metal Bands touring to Indonesia such as Disgorge (San Diego-Ca), Napalm Death, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Obscura, Kreator, Malevolent Creation, Deranged, Kataklysm and etc. Do you have ambitions to touring outside USA especially touring to Indonesia ?

JPII:  As I mentioned before, we've toured Europe 2 times already and are planning to tour again as soon as possible.  And would love to tour Indonesia, Japan and Australia among many other countries! 

JY : PROPHECY began in 1991 in Shreveport, LA and you all decided to move to Texas. When you all still living in LA, your style was Thrash/Speed Metal then move to Texas area to reform PROPHECY as Brutal Death Metal in 1995. Can you explain what made you  decided to change your style ?

JPII:  During that time changing styles of music was an inevitable progression for PROPHECY.  In 1994, when I met Boogie (guitarist) in Shreveport, LA., I had not heard any Death Metal bands.  He introduced me to Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation's music and I was intrigued by the intensity of what they had created.  I love a challenge and wanted to learn the style.  Boogie had been friends with Phil, then only a guitarist/backing vocalist, and introduced us shortly after Boogie and I moved to Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. in 1995.  I remember Boogie and I going to pick up Phil in my old forrest green '72 Chevy Nova jammin' to "Fetus" and "Suffo", to show Phil what we had been writing.  Phil joined PROPHECY shortly thereafter.  After Phil joined, PROPHECY became a Brutal Death Metal band.     

JY : The current members of Prophecy is James Parks II (guitars/vox), Phil Holland (vox), Anthony Walker (drums), Ben Heffley (guitars), and Allen Culmo (bass). I know Phil Holland joined in 1995 and Anthony Walker in 2003 and they’ve been former members of Prophecy then they both left the band. But now they both come back again. What made them decided to playing again to PROPHECY ?

JPII:  Phil re-joined in April of 2008 along with Boogie and Hank (drums).  The line up was all original "Foretold...Foreseen" members except for Trevor Warner (bass/vox).  Boogie came to the realization he still didn't want to play Death Metal so he was out within the first year or so.  Anthony re-joined in January 2011.  This is the most solid and strongest line up PROPHECY has ever had.  As the founding member, having gone through so many musicians over the past 20+ years, it's been an honor to have jammed with every one of them.  They are all part of my PROPHECY family.

JY : And It must be very frustrating trying to get an album together with a new team so often, intentional or not! For instance you have I believe had a different vocalist on every album. How do you manage to adapt to things and get the job done?

JPII:  Actually Phil has been the only one that's ever recorded as lead vocalist on any PROPHECY release.  After our debut release in 1996, "It Shall Come To Pass", I knew Phil had helped create PROPHECY's signature sound.  As far as keeping PROPHECY going, there was really never any choice for me.  I didn't think about what I had to do, PROPHECY had to keep going regardless how many members I had to audition then teach the songs to.  I'll go to my grave knowing I did the best I could no matter what happens.

JY : What kits/equipments do you use to record and do you use the same amp/guitars etc for live shows ? 

JPII:  I've used my Peavey Supreme 160 guitar amp and B.C. Rich Warlock (NJ Series) since 1995 both live and studio.  My 4X12 cab is a 460 watt Stereo B52.  I used it and a 4X12 Mesa Boogie cab in the studio for "Don't Fuckin' Mess With Texas".  I've actually got pics of the recording sessions of "D.F.M.W.T." on my  I recorded all the "D.F.M.W.T." Bass tracks using Phil's B.C. Rich Virgo.  

JY : And do you have any endorsements ? If yes, please tell us ?

JPII:  Yes.  I got the Coffin Case endorsement January 2012.  Still looking forward to the day the mighty B.C. Rich endorses me!!  Ha...Fuck yeah!  From 2000-2003 I had a "family and friends" Jackson Guitars endorsement.

JY : You previously have put out a Prophecy DVD. Could you tell a little about that ?

JPII:  It's actually any year or combination of PROPHECY years on DVD-R.  The video footage dates back to 1993.  So whatever PROPHECY  video someone wants to buy, I'll burn it for them.  And since they're not pro in any way, I charge very little. 

JY : Here the question I usually asking people and I want to know from you about using the internet as a tool for promoting yourself and your music ? And what are your thought on piracy. Do download hurt the band or just the corporations ? Do you see it as a positive or a negative ?

JPII:  I love the internet for everything.  I'm not saying I endorse theft of any kind because to me there's nothing worse than a thief and a liar.  And to me if you're one, you're the other.  

JY : Will you going to complain them if you see your albums available on their site or blogs as free download albums ? Maybe if someone to post a few songs (2-3) up to help promote, it that would be cool or check their song by their site such as myspace,facebook or reverbnation. So what do you think about this ?

JPII:  It would be cool only if it wasn't the entire release.

JY : Would you like to tell us a little bit about your lives away from PROPHECY ? Work, Interest ….. ? And if you were not a musician, what do you think you would have done as a day to day job ?

JPII:  I cannot think of anything else I would do and be as satisfied as I am being a musician.  I own a swimming pool company and Prophecy Records but as I said, nothing gives me satisfaction like writing, recording and jammin' music for my creation PROPHECY.

JY : Just as a side question, What do you think about Busuk Webzine ?

JPII:  It's cool bro.

JY : What are your plans for the immediate future ? Touring or ?

JPII:  As I mentioned before, we're planning to tour Europe and Asian countries as soon as possible!  As soon as everything is set in stone we'll be promoting everywhere!  

JY : Before closing this interview, What do you think about Trash Metal bands in ‘The Big Four’ such as Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax nowadays ? And if you have chance to play with them, which bands would you like to choose ?

JPII:  Those are some of the bands I "cut my teeth" on in the early days.  We'd play with all 4 of'em bro...ha!  That tour would be in-fucking-sane!  Hell yeah!  I'll always be an old school fan of those bands.  In 1988 I was spending $100.00 and more every week buying everything I could find of Metallica in particular.  And I still have most everything from back then...posters, records, cassettes, buttons, pins, patches, calenders, shirts, hats, tapestries, pics that I took at the concerts, and Euro made merch!  Check my facebook.  I've got an album with a ton of pics of old school metal merch that I decided to sell.     

JY : Well thanks for taking the time to talk with me today and good luck for PROPHECY. Is there anything else you’d like to add ?

JPII:  I just want to humbly thank you personally for supporting PROPHECY in every way you do bro.  Also thank everyone that has ever bought any of our merch, downloaded our songs, posted anything about us online, said anything cool about us to your friends, everything that everyone has ever done and does to show support of PROPHECY.  It means everything to us because without your support the world wide Brutal Death Metal scene wouldn't exist!  A BIG FUCK YEAH GOES OUT TO EVERYONE SUPPORTING BRUTAL DEATH METAL!!  NEVER STOP!       

James / PROPHECY / Prophecy Records Presents The 3rd Annual TXDM FEST 7-14-12 / Prophecy Records

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(Interviewed by : John Yoedi, February 7th2012)

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