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INTERVIEW: My interview with Fahmi (guitar) of DETESTED (Kediri Kingdom of Death Metal, East Java, Indonesia brutal death-metal)

The mighty DETESTED from Kediri, East Java at JAKARTA DEATH FEST!
My interview with Fahmi (guitar) of DETESTED (Kediri, East Java, Indonesia brutal death-metal)
By Kieran James (Busuk Webzine)
Online Interview, 19 March 2012
DETESTED is: Fahmi/ Jammy (guitar), Ari Coolate (Vocals), Mappod (Bass) and Zane (Drums)

Kieran James: Hi Fahmi my friend. Thanks very much for agree to do interview with our website Busuk Webzine. These are the questions:

Fahmi DETESTED: OK...thanks for your respect for our band and welcome to our plague and let’s roll...

Kieran James Question 1: First tell us the band history, like when you start and who are the members?

Fahmi Question 1: Well...I’m Fahmi/ Jammy (guitar), Ari Coolate (Vocal), Mappod (Bass) and Zane (Drum) we are humble and simple men but now we [have gone to a] new level [and] you can see in our eyes the new spirit has IS AN INDONESIAN DEATH METAL BAND FROM KEDIRI KINGDOM OF DEATH METAL EAST JAVA ISLAND. We were originally formed in 2006 under the name of HATE (melodic death-metal style) in 2003. We were signed with No Label record...We changed the genre and name in 2006, changed to EVERYTHING WENT BLACK and then finally to DETESTED (brutal death-metal style) in 2008 [when we] signed with Rottrevore Records.

KJ2: I heard your video-clip from Jakarta Death Fest. The sound quality is poor so it is hard to make judgments but is it true you have a strong groove and almost black-metal sound (apart from the vocals which are brutal death)?

Fahmi2: Hehehe...sorry, because when we took that video we used the digital camera so the sound is a little bit bad...but you can check in our FaceBook page [link below]...we’re true Brutal Death Metal.

KJ3: How is progress for your demo or album?

Fahmi3: When we vomited our demo in 2008 “With Despair We Are Praying" [KJ: was that a split album with DESPAIR from Bandung hahaha?] it was great and many people supported our demo before. We got f***ing surprised by the audience...we didn’t realize that the demo guided us to launch for the next album...and also in 2010 the new album "Tension Threat Satisfied" did well and we stand in a strong position now...yeah...

KJ4: Why do you love to play death-metal?

Fahmi4: Because death-metal is part of our life...we have a duty in the world wherever [things are] bad or not – that is our choice.

KJ5: What bands are your main influences?


KJ6: What are your goals and plans for the band?

Fahmi6: We never measure or demand that goals will be great or not but we just use what we know and [aim towards] what we’ve always dreamed of...[KJ: “Whenever you dream/ that’s when you fly” – Ronnie James Dio, RIP]

KJ7: Kediri is famous for technical death-metal. Why do you think the scene grew so strong in such a small city as Kediri? Wikipedia says population of Kediri is only 252,000 people.

Fahmi7: Yeah...that’s really amazing, why we have many incredible metal bands in Kediri? Because we have something special that some bands [from other cities] don’t have. Most people pointed [out] that Kediri is technical death-metal city because of KILLHARMONIC, HATESTROKE, DEMENTED HEART...they are amazing bands...but actually there are many kinds of genre bands in Kediri...such as DETESTED (brutal death-metal), PUKAT HARIMAU (grindcore), TENGGOROKAN (brutal death-metal), DEPARTED (brutal death-metal), INHUMAN SUFFERING (death-metal), IMMORTAL RITES (black-metal), and many more...

KJ8: What are some upcoming young death bands in Kediri we should listen to?

Fahmi8: DETESTED hehehe....DEPARTED, TENGGOROKAN, INHUMAN SUFFERING...that will be perfect to kick every single day while enjoying in the morning with a cup of tea or coffee.

KJ9: Any message or word for your fans?

Fahmi9: OK...for our fans..."thank you very much for those who bought our original CD and merchandise that is one of way to support our scene...and for the next [years] we hope [they] will be great and [more] awesome than before amen...WALK ON!!!

KJ10: OK, which is your favorite – CANNIBAL CORPSE or OBITUARY?

Fahmi10: Both of them are our masters but I prefer PANTERA and SLAYER.


Fahmi11: IRON MAIDEN...coz they have a plane, cool dude hehehe...

KJ12: Chris Barnes or Corpsegrinder Fisher?

Fahmi12: Very hard question hehehe...what about my vocalist?...Arie

KJ13: Ralph Santolla or Alan West?

Fahmi13: Alan West, because he is weapon in OBITUARY and also he [plays on] the first motor album "Slowly We Rot" in 1989...amazing...

KJ14: Mike Smith or Steve Asheim?

Fahmi14: Steve Asheim? He is killer Metal drummer...he is sick...he is forefather drummer of Death Metal...[KJ: Yes and he is improving all the time, not getting weak with age]

KJ15: Thanks very much for the interview and I will love to meet you next time I go to Kediri, I hope June or October.

Fahmi15: Ok Kieran we will meet again in Kediri...see ya and VivaLaDeathMetal...YYEEEAHHH!!!!!...

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