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INTERVIEW: My interview with Aditya Angga of AMUSUK (Cibinong, West Java, one-man depressive black-metal)

My interview with Aditya Angga of AMUSUK (Cibinong, West Java, Indonesia one-man band depressive black-metal)
By Dr Kieran James (University of Southern Queensland)
Email Interview, 13 March 2012
Kieran James: Hi, mate, it is good to chat with you here. I heard your YouTube video clip. You create some scary atmosphere especially the brutal vocals.
Aditya Angga (AMUSUK): Hi Mr. Kieran thanks.
Kieran JamesQ1: Why did you choose to start this one-man black-metal project?
Aditya Angga AMUSUKQ1: I was more comfortable by myself, to define the concept of music and lyrics, but on my first demo "Fog" I asked my friend to help fill out the vocals for three songs.
KJ2: Do you play live shows or just record? If no live shows do you plan live shows in the future?
AA2: No, I don’t like live shows, I just make records.
KJ3: Do you plan any album or EP?
AA3: I’ve completed a demo, an EP and a full length album which was completed in February and March. The second EP and full length album released by Depressive Illusions, record label from Ukraine.
KJ4: Who are your main influences musically and also ideologically?
AA4: My influences in music are Varg Vikernes, from Burzum - Daudi Baldrs album that made me like ambient music. I also like Muslimgauze, Vladimir Hirsch, Isengard, Explosion in the Sky, Alcest, Falloch, Moevot & Austere.
KJ5: Do you think black-metal ideas and lyrics can still work in Indonesia? I know you don't have cold winter but you do have forests (although the MNC companies are knocking them down).
AA5: Yes, even in Indonesia there is no winter but black metal in Indonesia is still running with its own characteristics, based on a variety of cultures and different religions. Black metal in Indonesia is more telling about the culture of the native peoples, you know Javanese black metal? I think here the musicians [are] trying to promote the culture of Indonesia through the character of the music.
KJ6: Are you influenced by the one-man black-metal bands coming out of USA recently?
AA6: No.
KJ7: Do you feel a little lonely at times given Indo and especially Bandung has such a huge death-metal scene?
AA7: I know Bandung is a paradise of musicians, a wide range of traditional to modern musicians [are] there. But I also am less influenced by the death metal scene there. I know death metal and black metal are growing very rapidly in these years; many children aged less than 17 years are having metal bands.
KJ8: Have you heard any Australian black-metal bands? We have a history here of blackened thrash going back to Hobbes Angel of Death in the late-1980s and then Bestial Warlust and Destroyer 666.
AA8: Yeah I’ve heard Destroyer 666 and I really like Austere.
KJ9: Some new bands from Brisbane are Vyrion and Crowned. Crowned sound very much like you. The two guitarists wear monk robes on stage. Have you heard of them?
AA9: No, I’ve never heard it.
KJ10: Can you tell us some new black-metal bands in Indonesia which are good? For our site we interviewed Tanah Kubur, Ririwa and Impish.
AA10: I think you should interview the band Vallendusk, a band here which has a real strong character. In Indonesia and Asia a band such as Vallendusk is rare because they have a European atmosphere. Another band is Bvrtan which have a very strong voice for their native landscapes in Indonesia and lyrics that talk about farm workers in Indonesia.
KJ11: What are your comments on Tanah Kubur and Impish? Compared to your depressive sound Tanah Kubur sounds like Motley Crue or party-metal (Jamet don’t take offense)...
AA11: The second band was great, Tanah Kubur from my city of Cibinong. I know Jamet but he does not know me, because I’d rather be alone than gather with friends.
KJ12: Which is your favorite - Darkthrone or Emperor?
AA12: I like both.
KJ13: Blaze in the Northern Sky or Transylvanian Hunger?
AA13: A Blaze in the Northern Sky.
KJ14: Iron Maiden or Judas Priest?
AA14: I like Iron Maiden.
KJ15: Cannibal Corpse or Deicide?
AA15: Deicide!
KJ: Thanks very much! Please send me a picture or logo JPG too.
AA: Thanks Mr. Kieran.


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