Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NEWS from Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Young death band GENITAL CAVITY changes name to WARHAMMER

JOGJAKARTA CORPSE GRINDER community: Left to right: Agung DETRITIVOR,  Aryo DEADLY WEAPON, Dimex DETRITIVOR, Adin vokalis WARHAMMER, Obet CRANIAL INCISORED, Yogya, 13 Oktober 2011
NEWS from Yogyakarta: Young band GENITAL CAVITY changes name to WARHAMMER 
Thank you to Nuri Saputra for this information.
Nuri Saputra said to me on FaceBook: "I like the old name too, because the new concept, so they chose a new name. When [using] their [old name] their concept was process of mutilation, murder, now their concept is war". 
I hope this band continues with its cool groove sound and mighty JUDAS PRIEST covers!
Maybe now we can get cover versions of "Hammerfall" and "Let the Hammer Fall" hahaha!

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