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"The current situation is that mostly grindcore gigs are going on here,
 less death metal shows. Deathcore/metalcore stuff is 
becoming popular as well....."

Not too many Slamming Death Metal in Praha-Czech but in Czech they have many grindcore bands. But this time I have chance to do an interview with EPICARDIECTOMY. They formed in 2007 by Milan on drums and Zelda on guitars/vocals. The musical style of a band very brutal and primitive slamming death metal. In 2010, they’re participates the ‘Goresoaked Slammassacre’ split with another great slam band such as Kraanium (Norwegian) and Dormant Carnivore (Russian) which has been released by Pathologically Explicit Recs and its awesome split and they found very positively responded by world’s brutal death metal fans. This time the band is being at the final stage of preparation for record and releasing of a debut album which coming up on spring 2012 and also preparing to summer European tour.

Here my interview with Sergey Gordeev as Guitars of EPICARDIECTOMY….. they really great slamming band from Czech - Rep, so lets check it out :

John Yoedi : Hi Sergey. How are you ? Thanks first all for agreeing to this interview. And I hope you are well there. Kieran James (Australia) and I share for this blog. Anyway, How are things going at the moment for EPICARDIECTOMY ?

Sergey : Hey John! First of all, thanks for doing this intie! Everything’s fine with EPICARDIECTOMY, very busy at the moment because we finally started a record session for upcoming debut full-length. Also, lots of things had to be done with all the preparing, signing a contract with a label, discussing the CD artwork and stuff like that. So we are totally involved in this process now and working on it every fucking day!

JY : Epicardiectomy has been started in year of 2007 in Prague. Briefly, in year of 2009 you and Tom have joined in the band. Well I just wondering about discography of your band as I read and I am not see one full length albums from EPICARDIECTOMY since the band have been started but only two demo album (2010 and 2011 ) and one ‘Goresoaked Slamassacre’ Split 2010, they all already have released. Would you like to explain us, why you didn’t released full length album since you have joined for this band ?

Sergey : Well, there was no hurry you know, we were just composing a material until we felt ourselves ready to release a full-length. I think it probably could be released earlier if we wouldn’t participate the “Goresoaked Slamassacre” split CD in 2010 with Kraanium and Dormant Carnivore. If we won’t use those songs for that split CD we could use them for the album and the whole material could be written earlier. But as I said before we didn’t rush. We decided not to use the songs we used for that split, to write the brand new stuff for the upcoming album so it took us a bit longer to do it.

JY : What are your hopes for the next album and when will you be recording it ?

Sergey : The recording of the next album has already been started. The new CD will be titled “Abhorrent Stench of Posthumous Gastrorectal Desecration” and will be released approximately  in June of 2012 on Coyote records. It will contain of 8 sick tracks and we hope the final result will appear as much as that sick and heavy as we plan it to be.

JY : The founder of this band before are Milan (drums) and Zelda (guitars/vocals). During the period, Zeda left the band and he formed ‘Carnal Disfigurement’ as guitars/drums programming. Did you know why he left band ?

Sergey : As I know, the main reason was that he didn’t live in Prague as the other band members and it was every time too far for him to go to rehearsals. So finally he decided to leave the band and founded his own in his town.

JY : As we know, you had released promo 2011 with two tracks : ‘Ulcerous Cadaveric Decreptation’, and ‘Phallus Decapitation’… that’s great promo. What have been the reactions so far since it was release ? Did you sent the demo/promo album to some labels/records too ?

Sergey : Yes bro, the reaction on this promo was very good; we received a lot of positive responds. We already had a material for a full-length ready so we recorded that promo to present the stuff we have ready to release. Of course we sent it out to labels and received a few good offers. But the best offer was from a Russian label Coyote records. And the result was a signing the agreement about the CD release in 2012.

JY : How did you working relationship came about with the sick slam bands like Kraanium and Dormant Carnivore on the ‘Goresoaked Slamassacre’ split 2010 ?

Sergey : Well, that was a surprise for us that the guys from Kraanium contacted us and invited to join them on that split. We were much honored and of course accepted their offer. I think that split CD came out very sick and we are fully satisfied with that release, both bands are sick as hell and we are glad we had such a company on this split.

JY : Would you like to describe the bands sound. When I heard some song from your site, the sound heavy slow slams just remind me of guttural engorgement and also vocals are low deep guttural as Mark Rawls did. What bands influence your sound mainly ?

Sergey : Yes dude, our sound pretty much consists of a heavy and slow slam riffs combined with some fast parts but they are nor dominating in our music. I guess you will be right if you will call our sound minimalistic and primitive but it’s the way we want it to be. Yes, Guttural Engorgement is an awesome band, sure we’ve been inspired by it along with the other amazing bands like Cephalotripsy, Condemned, Abominable Putridity, Devourment, Digested Flesh, Disconformity, Vomit Remnants and many others.

JY : What made you choose to play slamming death metal? Which bands inspired you back in the day to start playing slamming death metal?

Sergey : Along with a bands I already listed we were inspired a lot by a great New York death metal bands like Internal Bleeding, Pyrexia, Dehumanized, some old TXDM bands like Sintury, Prophecy, Sect of Execration, Devourment.

JY : Epicardiectomy seem to enjoy exploring sick and twisted subjects in their songs. Do you think lyrics are serious element of music ? Because having vocals with no words that no one can understand.

Sergey : I’m pretty sure that the lyrics have some weight in brutal death metal but not that much as a musical parts. You can’t understand a word in guttural vocals, so it’s pretty much gives you just more atmosphere if the there’re the lyrics and you can just read them. I think it gives you more emotions with listening but it’s not that serious element especially if you are writing about stuff like necrophilia and gore hehe

JY : Mostly slams bands writing lyrical themes about Necrophilia, Mutilation, Gore, Torture, Rape etc and its not different like death metal bands. Although I know its not easy to writing lyric for the albums. In your band, who usually writing lyrics. Are they based on reality or fiction ?

Sergey : Our lyrics are usually written by our vocalist and me. We usually doing it together, just sitting with a couple beers and writing some sick shit which usually based on just some invention or some ideas taken from horror movies which we really love to watch. Of course we are not taking seriously all the stuff we write about, we are not some kind of maniacs. But we definitely enjoy that twisted shit in some way, that’s a part of being involved in this music, sick themes have to touch you along with a sick music.    

JY : I bet you guys have project band and in your band I only know Tomas (vocals) playing for Děti Pohřebního Kvítí / DPK (death metal). How he could be share time playing for two band ? And can you translate to english language, what is the meaning of Děti Pohřebního Kvítí ? because I know it is Czech language hahaha

Sergey : Haha man, that’s already not the first interview we’ve been asked about that band. The answer is: we have no idea what that band is and Tom had never played in it! J We always say don’t trust to everything they write on Metal archives, that’s not always true. But I can tell you the translation if you are still interested hahaha It means something like Children of burial blossom. What’s to a sided projects, I am also a member of Moscow brutal death metal band Fleshbomb and Milan has a goregrind side project called Digested Womb. Tomas also doing a DJ at avant-garde hip-hop band called WWW but it probably won’t be interesting for the readers of your zine J

JY : What gears do you use to record and do you use the same amp/guitars etc for live shows ?

Sergey : Well, we don’t have some expensive gears or something like that. For the last few years I play on Ibanez guitar and using Randall amp and Digitech processor. Our drummer Milan has a custom D-drum set and Tom uses Shure mic. Till the last time we used the same stuff on a gigs and for recording. But we will definitely use better gears on the upcoming album recording, that’s for sure because we want to get the best quality of sound.

JY : Who influenced you to pick up the guitars ?

Sergey : I don’t remember that much now because I play guitar for a very long time, more than 16 years ago. The time when I was starting playing I was really into old thrash metal bands like Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax, Exodus and may others so that were my main influences for that period of time when I started to play. I played in a few band that time but on the time I founded my first own band I was already totally in a death metal music. The main influences for me that time were the bands like Deicide, Morbid Angel, Vader, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Cryptopsy.

JY : Do you think your geographical location affects your music in any way? In your inspirations or just the way you sound?

Sergey : I don’t think it affects on our music in anyway. We actually can get the sound we want and the sound we have now is just the one we like. Another thing I know, that there still the bands from some countries where guys are playing in the bands but don’t have a money to buy an instruments and make their music sound good. And that’s very sad because I know lots of bands who play sick as hell music but can’t release it in a good way because of don’t have a means to so that.

JY : Tell us a bit about the Praha-Czech Republic scene. I am completely unknowledgeable on the scene over there but I know a few great bands such as Krabathor and Fleshless. So name some other promising bands to look out for.

Sergey : Yes, the bands you listed are great, though Krabathor doesn’t exist anymore. We have a metal scene here but Czech republic is mostly the country of a grindcore heheh So lots of grind bands here. I’m not pretty much in that kind of music but still like the bands like Alienation Mental (R.I.P.), Perficitizen, Ahumado Granujo (R.I.P.), Isacaarum, Spasm etc. And you should definitely check out Despise (R.I.P.), Smashed Face, Godless Truth.

JY : And what is the current situation of real metal in the Praha – Czech Republic ?

Sergey : The current situation is that mostly grindcore gigs are going on here, less death metal shows. Deathcore/metalcore stuff is becoming popular as well but that’s not my cup of tea you know hehe J But lots of good and “proper” gigs and shows are happening here every week.

JY : Are there any gigs that have been particularly memorable for you on the tour? What's the funniest/worst thing you've ever experienced when playing live? 

Sergey : Probably the most memorable would be the show at Mountains of Death festival in 2010. That was the biggest festival we played on so far, so we definitely won’t forget that one. The funniest experience I think was at the same show when few guys started dancing Macarena dance in the middle of the pit J Never saw anything like that before and neither seen after hehe Can’t remember any if bad experiences for now, I usually trying to look at everything from the positive aspect you know. (Ahh yeah i seen that before by youtube....thats funny lol...Ed )

JY : Just as a side question, What do you think about Busuk Webzine ?

Sergey : I must say that your webzine is very good done, has a lot of information and interesting interviews. When I looked at it first I had to say like hmm, this looks professional. Keep it up a good job bro! (Ahh thanks bro J….Ed)

JY : What are your own plans with Epicardiectomy at the moment ? like shows, writing new song and etc ?

Sergey : Well, the general plans is to finish the recording of our debut CD and release it on a very good level! Working hard on it every day and we hope that our fans won’t be disappointed. Then we plan a European tour in late summer or beginning of autumn to support the new album, we will announce the dates and towns on our facebook and myspace profiles soon. And also, the whole bunch of new sick merch is planned to be released.

JY : Thank you very much for your time and it was a pleasure to speak to you. Best of Luck. Anything you wish to add to conclude this interview ?

Sergey : Thank you John, for making this interview and for your interest to our band! We would also like to thank all the sick motherfuckers out there for supporting Epicardiectomy! Listen to brutal music, support the scene and stay fucking sick and twisted!

If you want to know more about this band, please visit they're link on here : 

(Interviewed by John Yoedi, March 04,2012)

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