Monday, April 2, 2012

NEWS from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia - Police cancel show " KIDUL RAHAYU FEST 2012 " - Holiday at Hell -

To quote from the great TWISTED SISTER: The Kids are Back!!

John Yoedi and I were at the show Sunday 1 April. After the first few bands played and at around 5pm police cancelled the show. Everyone was very disappointed. Busuk Webzine sponsored the Soreang death-metal band HUMILIATION's gig for this festival but sadly HUMILIATION did not get the chance to play. OUTRIGHT, DEMONS DAMN, TCUKIMAY, JASAD, and DISINFECTED also could not play. Amenk (vokalis DISINFECTED) has returned to Jakarta. It was a sad way to celebrate Popo's birthday (vokalis DEMONS DAMN).

 Although we were all very sad the show could not happen John and I enjoyed the great atmosphere of camaraderie and brotherhood among the metalheads and the punks. Most of the crowd was high school age and I had a good time getting pictures taken with the crowd. Man JASAD was not there at the time of the show cancellation. If he had been able to talk to the police things may have ended differently. After the show Man said to me that the police are very sensitive and scared now because of the demonstrations in Jakarta.

The police should know that the underground metal and punk scenes cannot be stopped by them. THE SEX PiSTOLS are famous 30 years after the London police cancelled all their gigs but we don't remember those police or government ministers at all today. The world of music and culture remembers the great SEX PISTOLS forever. To the police: Please do your job with a smile and don't take away harmless fun from the high school metal crowd. When the history of metal is written you are not included in it!

We are happy we sponsored Adam and HUMILIATION for the festival. He is a very young man and he will play many more shows! We will continue to support HUMILIATION and Bandung death-metal. The HUMILATION full-length album should be available in April-May this year.

Kieran James, Bandung.

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  1. Wah bener nih di gagalin polisi. Itu lokasi gedungnya deket banget rumah saya. Di ciwidey, gedung mayang arum. Band utamanya belum muncul keburu digagalin polisi, baru band openingnya aja yang main.