Thursday, April 5, 2012

NEWS from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia - Lord Butche (vocalist, The Cruel) banned from Facebook!

We celebrate Popo's birthday at The Common Room Network Foundation, Bandung, 2 April 2012. Left to right: Bobby Rock (BLEEDING CORPSE), Kieran James (BUSUK WEBZINE), John Yoedi (BUSUK WEBZINE), Lord Butche (THE CRUEL), Popo (DEMONS DAMN) (seated), Man (JASAD)
Our dear friend Lord Butche (vocalist, The Cruel) has been banned from Facebook. We will not reveal the reason here. We had a great night drinking vodka with him until 4am at The Common Room Network Foundation in Bandung this week. The night ended with Lord Butche, Zemo, and Kieran James singing karaoke along with Youtube to the great old-school songs "Still Lovin You" (SCORPIONS), "Every Rose has its Thorn" (POISON), and "Livin on a Prayer" (BON JOVI) and others we don't remember. It is sad to leave Bandung but John Yoedi and I will be back later (back in black of course). 

If you want to contact Butche you can contact him through his friends Zemo, Bobby Rock or Popo or most nights you will find him in the Common Room Network Foundation in the northern suburbs of Bandung. The other news is that Butche has become a black-metal fan (check out his new leather DARKTHRONE jacket). Abah Desecrator of IMPISH says he is not surprised by Butche turning black-metal as punk and black-metal have similar ideologies of anti-trendism. To Butche: thank you for the good times, karaoke, laughter, vodka and the Immortal badge!

Best wishes, Kieran James.

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