Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NEWS from Bogor, West Java, Indonesia: Young slamming death band EXPENDIENCY releases new 4 track demo EP

EXPENDIENCY Bogor death: Ismail Fahmy Fauzy, Muhamad Asikin Pratama, Aditiya Ramdhan, Bramudya Prabowo
New EXPENDIENCY promo demo 4 track EP:
Featuring the following tracks:
1. Slam, Kill, Bite, Chew And Spit
2. Masturbation Lust (new version)
3. Vessels of the Penis Sperm
4. Baby Killer (DEVOURMENT cover)
Link: www.reverbnation.com/expendiencyporn
Special thanks to: Aditiya Ramdhan of EXPENDIENCY for this news
Free demo download at:

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