Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NEWS from London, England: The punk spirit still lives, Sex Pistols reject London Olympic Games closing ceremony

Johnny Rotten/ John Lydon, looking more like Lord Butche every day!
NEWS: The Sex Pistols reject London Olympic Games

West Java punks - would they agree with Johnny?
The Sex Pistols have rejected appearing in front of one billion viewers at the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games. All I can say is how very punk! Why support such a hyper-capitalist event which does not help the ordinary working people at all? There is a possibility The Clash could perform but without the late, great Joe Strummer they would be a shell of their former selves.

When asked for a response, "a spokeperson from the band declined to comment" - awesome! I hope the Queen is happy! Charlie is probably waiting for the return of Status Quo (his favourite band) which might not be a bad thing to happen at all.

The following boring mainstream bands may perform: Adele, Paul McCartney, Elton John, the Rolling Stones and the Spice Girls. The best we can hope for might be a brilliant "Ruby Tuesday" from The Stones!

Why not invite Scorpions? Oh yeah they're not English! Perhaps The Exploited can be invited and they can declare Scottish independence after the last song!

Source: The Telegraph (UK), 10/4/12

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