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INTERVIEW : Brutal, Relentless and Direct... Welcome to 'INSISION', Death Metal Is Our Religion !

INSISION is a Swedish brutal death metal band ( from Stockholm). They have released three full lengths, "Beneath The Folds of Flesh" (2002), "Revealed and Worshipped" (2004) and "Ikon" (2007). Beside those they have released 3 demos titled "Meant to Suffer" (1997), "Promo 2000" (2000) and "Revelation of the SadoGod" (2001). They did a split with Inveracity called "Revelation of the SadoGod" in 2001. The Insision part is also the aforementioned "Revelation of the SadoGod" demo.
After dealing with a few line-up changes (Toob Brynedahl and Thomas Daun both left the band for personal reasons and Marcus Johannson has joined the band as drummer) Insision have recorded their new album in November 2006. The new album will be named "Ikon". Insision was dropped from its previous label Earache Records in April 2006 as the label was having financial difficulties.
In May, Insision found a second guitar player in the form of Magnus. He however does not appear on IKON, the third full-length album of Insision.
After some distribution problems, IKON was released on September 26, 2007.
In December 2010, Insision signed the US based "Sevared Records", after leaving Dental Records a few months prior. One EP is recorded and will be followed up by an Full Length album.
Insision Discography :
Meant to Suffer, Demo (1997)
Live Like a Worm, Demo (1998)
The Dead Live On, MCD (Heathendoom, 1999)
Promo-2000, Demo (2000)
Revelation of the Sadogod, Demo (2001)
Insision/ Inveracity, Split-10" (Nuclear Winter, 2001)
Beneath the Folds of Flesh, CD (Earache/ Wicked World, 2002)
Revealed and Worshipped, CD (Earache/ Wicked World, 2004)
Ikon, CD (Dental Records, 2007) 
End Of All , Ep (Sevared Records, 2011)

Here my interview with Carl Birath (Vocals) of INSISION. 
Lets check it out .....\m/

John Yoedi : Hey bro, how are you there ? Pleased talking to you again and thanks for your kind support for Busuk Webzine. This is twice, we doing interview but first time it has been long time ago and I still used for Busuk magazine not webzine like this time. And my friend Kieran James (Australia) and I share for this blog. Well, what's happening in the INSISION camp at the moment ?

Carl Birath : We are hard at work writing new tunes, trying to find the right stuff and hopefully record later this year.

JY : First off, congrats on the great ‘End Of All’ Ep with a 6 tracks-include 1 an intro.  and it was released last year 2011 by Sevared Records. I bet, you guys must be really pleased and although I know you have been working hard to have the album available all over the world. How does it feel to finally have this album done and released ?

CB : Thanks John. Yeah feels fucking great! it felt important to get this out to our fans as soon as possible and now we have more time to work on new songs aswell.

JY : And what has been the reaction/feedback thus far from medias/fans?

CB :  Its been a good response from what I have seen so far, a bit low on reviews but I guess we are not for the masses, which suits us fine. What do you think?

JY : Any new and different techniques you have approached this time ? And do you think the new one is more ‘old school’ or ?

CB: We had 4 days recording this EP and we went for an more open sound this time, wanting to catch the feel of rehearsals and how we actually sound without altering the whole soundscape in the mix.. More energy and less tampering in the studio so to speak...kinda like it that way.

JY : Have you ever considered putting out a live album too ?

CB : No not really, but its an good idea. We have to see what the future holds. Focus at this point is on new songs for the full-lenght, Everything else is low prio.

JY : Your sound doesn’t like Swedish Death Metal but American Death Metal. And as we know, your guys from Sweden. Do you seek inspiration in the American scene or is it just a coincidence that things turned out the way they did ?

CB : We all listen to lots of american acts and other then the swedish oldschool act6s we where brought up on bands likle Morbid Angel, deicide, Suffocation.. so i guess its comes out that way naturally.

JY : The lyrical themes of death metal usually talking about anti religion, occultism, mysticism, satanism, mutilation, torture, rape and etc. Did you write the lyrical themes as I said before or  ? Are they based on reality or fiction ?

CB : I think i tend to write lyrics when in diffrent moods and then draw inspiration from what ever comes up from that. Depends on how you se it, I try to write the lyrics to fit in to the diffrent segments of the song, Mostly metaphorical, and of course, sometime pure fiction. Hehe, Its death metal we are talking about for fuck sake, I try to make it suit both the music and my own inner reflections on reality.

JY : And have you ever been getting bored when you writing lyrics ? Because its always talking about satanism, dissection, necrophilia, hate, death and so on.

CB : Haha shit man, sometimes I just get stuck in the mud and cant write a singel line but I think its just part of the whole thing that deathmetal is about. As long as you keep it dark and and deadly i consider it deathmetal and thats the way it should be. I cant see no reason, or will, to write/sing about 'how nice the weather is' when you have a machingun and a chainsaw blasting in your ear...haha .

JY : Another thing I wondered about with all your years of experience within the music business are what aspects of it you particularly liked and disliked?

CB : Well, Music business is not an easy business for bands these days, especially Death Metal bands if you aiming to live on it, earning some money for your pension or getting some money back for hard work on the road. The money doesn’t seems to exist when it comes to brutal Death metal music.
In fact, it does not pay for us to go out on a 30-day tour today where all parties from promoters to bands should have some part of the money.
If the scene generated more money, and attracted more people to the shows, so the bands could make a profit to go around and touring, we would definitely play more shows than we are currently doing. Right now it feels best to focus on creating the best music we can and keep Death metal flag as high as we can not caring for the cash. Personally I think we have a better harmony in the band now than we ever had.

JY : What gears do you use to record and do you use the same amp/guitars, drums and etc for live shows ?

CB: I’ll let roger answer that...

RJ: The amp I have played for 7 years now is a Mesa-Boogie Dual Rectifier. Have also two 4×12 Traditional Mesa Straight Cabinets in the rehearsal. As for pedals I’m using Boss NS-2 Noise Supressor to get rid off excess noise when playing live. Using a Maxon OverDrive 808 to push the gain just a little. Have recently purchased an MXR 10 Band Graphic Equalizer Pedal to push the solo-channel when it comes to soloing. Using a Boss DD-7 Digital Delay. Also using BOSS TU-2 Chromatic Tuner and an old Morley Bad Horsie WahWah pedal.
Have played Ibanez guitars for years and have a bunch of them at home but recently I got an endorsement thing going on with 666strings from Germany. Owned boy Stefan Shafer who does awesome brutal custom guitars made for death metal and grindcore. Check em’ out here: 

JY : A powerful subset of the death metal scene flourished in Sweden in 1987-1993  And there are many old school bands like Dismember, Entombed, Hypocrisy, Unleashed, Necrophobic and etc. And they’re really great bands.  Here I want to know more about Stockholm and Gothenburg the centers of the Swedish Death Metal movement at this point ? Would you like to explain us about this ?

CB: Dont see any real scene growing at this point, think the there is a lack of dedication in the younger ppl these days. As things progress with the internet and the owerwhelming amount of free music the dedication is lost in the process.

JY : Did you like to hear Heavy Metal ? And what do you think about HAMMERFALL … they’re also band from Gothenburg and as the pioneers of modern Eighties Heavy Metal ?

CB : Haha seriously..haha. No!
( btw INSISION is from STOCKHOLM, its not even the same town , John) ….
( JY: Yeah I know it )

JY : Daniel Ekeroth was member of INSISION as Bass player but then he has left the band in 2009. Besides as musician, he has been involved in several fanzines and also author of several books including Swedish Death Metal. His books very famous. And the book focuses mainly on the late 80’s through the early 90’s from the birth of the genre to the rise of black metal. Would you like to talking a bit about him as your friend and also as ex-member of INSISION ?

CB : Yawn...no not really. 
He was a great bassplayer that contributed alot and we had good times together, but thats it... you better ask him.

JY : And is that correct, if he has left the band because his been busy writing books or prefer to playing in Dellamorte ?

CB : He did write alot of books back then and that was his own reason for leaving and we all was pleased w/ that decision....and dude.. he didn’t even play in dellamorte at all at that point haha.

JY : How did you hook up with Barret Amiss of Sevared Records (USA) , which seem an ideal label for you to have joined. First up, I was wondering how the deal came about ? Are you satisfied with things like promotion and such ? And whats happen with Dental Record ?

CB: Sevared is a label that is doing their job in putting out our records. They have a good network in underground promotion and stay true to pure brutal Death Metal music which is what we want. In the phase Insision is in now we are satisfied with Sevared.
The Deal is for 1 ep 1 full length and one collector cd 1.  
Dental Records? fuck Omer Akay and them bloody rip offs! It was a mistake signing to them at all

JY : Has there been any offers from any big labels yet ? Independent or mainstream label, which of these would you choose to be on ?

CB : Since we have a deal with Sevared we are doing the best we can for them right now. We have chosen not to enter into any discussions with other labels at the moment.
Later on of course we are open to all proposals from labels interested in getting our music out the best possible way.

JY : I think it is not fair from press people, who are getting the promotion copy for free, to put the album on download sites BEFORE or AFTER the release . I can’t understand that. What is the reason behind that. I usually asking people about this and found many reason pro and contra. So what do you think if you see INSISION all albums available on their site or blogs as free download albums ? Do you see it as a positive or a negative ?

CB: Of course we don’t want our songs to be available before we have released a cd, why would we bother puting out a CD at all... but after the release date we don’t have that much control of the release. For an example, the same day we released “End Of All” the same day it was out on YouTube. Free is great as long as you suport in anyway, but i guess not so meny people do these days.

JY : I know you ever been to tour outside from Sweden ? Lots of great bands have toured to Indonesia like Dying Fetus, Disgorge (San Diego-Ca), Suffocation, Misery Index, Kataklysm, etc and Indonesian has a reputation as a country with a strong metal fan base. Did you have ambitions to come here ?

CB: Of course we want to tour Indonesia, you have a great fanbase and dedication when It comes o Death Metal and we’re trying to do the best we can to play in Indonesia, Hopefully we’ll try to play there next year if everything falls in place.

JY : Tobias Alpadie as ‘Live Musicians’ for INSISION would replaced Christian Ericson as guitars. Would you like to tell us, why did you use live musicians ?

CB: Hmm...he actually replaced Martin Magnusson, Christian played with us a long, long time ago.
Well the less people involved in the process of writing, the less we need to argue about the outcome of the music. As simple as that!
Been so meny members coming and going down the years we thought; Hey lets keep the core of the band and let the rest be sessions. Works out good.

JY : Just as a side question, What do you think about Busuk Webzine ?

CB: Cool website with loads of bands...What more could you ask for?. (But you better sharpen up on the background info before interviews.) (JY : Yea, will do ...thanks Carl)

JY : Are you going to tour in support of ‘End Of All’ ? If you could go on tour with any old school bands in the world, who would you choose such as Slayer, Iron Maiden, Hammerfall, and Exodus ?

CB: There are no direct plans for an tour for END OF ALL.

JY : Well, many thanks for your time and support. Best of luck for INSISION. Would you like to say something to the readers here ?

CB: Cheers for the interview John. good luck with your Zine, keep it DM!!
Cheers/Carl Birath / INSISION
(Interviewed by John Yoedi, February 26,2012)

If you want to know more about INSISION, please visit their site : 

Booking Agent : booking@insision.se

Check INSISION video's here :

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