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INTERVIEW: My interview with Willy Damien (guitar shred hero) of UMBRA MORTIS (black-metal (early), power-metal (later), Jakarta, Indonesia)

UMBRA MORTIS power attack: Willy Damien (lead guitar), Ambon Mortis (drums), Koko Mortis (vocals), Ukay Mortis (rythm guitar), Erick Mortis (bass)
My interview with Willy Damien (guitar shred hero) of UMBRA MORTIS (black-metal (early), power-metal (later), Jakarta, Indonesia)
By Dr Kieran James (University of Southern Queensland)
Online interview, 4 May 2012
UMBRA MORTIS line-up is: Koko Mortis (clean power vocals), Willy Damien (guitar shred hero), Erick Mortis (bass/ vocals), Ambon Mortis (drums) 
Kieran James: Hi, mate. Thanks very much for agree to do interview with our These are the questions:

Kieran James Question 1: First tell us the band history, like when you start and who are the members?

Willy Damien (UMBRA MORTIS) Question 1: The Band was founded on January 15th, 1992

-Country of origin: Indonesia
-Location: Jakarta
Black Metal (early), Power Metal (later)
The Umbra Mortis' name, means "Shadow of death" founded on January 15th, 1992. We played Black metal music at that time...with the first band members: Ukay Mortis: Guitar, Fuad Zibril (Bass/Vocal), Danton (Vocal), Muchsin (Drums).

In April 1996..Umbra mortis released the first Album Alam Arwah kematian,
with label "RK music studio".
In April 2005..after we got a Shred guitarist From Japan, name Shishido Yutaka, Umbra Mortis released the 2nd album, Darkness Victory. We changed the band members here...and we starting play a power metal music style with scream vocal. The Members are:
-Ukay Mortis (Rhythm Guitar)
, Shishido Yutaka (Lead Guitar), Elvin Zaenal (Bass/Vocal), Ambon Mortis (Drums).
That was the classic formation but after that we got bad news: Yutaka must quit the band. He must go back to Japan, then Willy Damien came to join the band.
August 2006 we recorded one song for the compilation Metalik klinik 8
with the song title "Nyctophobia " under the label "Musica Records".
In December 2007 Elvin Zaenal quit from the band because of his jobs.
then we got Erick Mortis for the Bass and vocal. In 2010 Koko Mortis (New Vocalist) joined the band and now we are in progress making the Next Album. It will be pure power metal with the Clean Vocalist!
** 1st Album, Alam Arwah Kematian 1997.
-Compilation BMC Record,1998.
-Compilation NEOHELIST part 1 ESP record, 2000.
-Compilation Metalik Klinik 6 (Musica record), 2001.
**2nd Album, Darkness Victory' Bizzare Record, 2004.
-Compilation ''Indonesia Underground'' EDELWEISS Record, 2005.
-Compilation ''Army Of Black Waly'' Imfolable record 2005.-
-Compilation Metalik Klinik 8 (Musica record) 2005.
-Compilation ''METAL CROOT'' 2009.

KJ2: What cities have you played shows?

WD2: Sure many times in Jakarta, and we went to several other towns, like Pekalongan, Jogjakarta, Lamongan, etc.

KJ3: How is progress for your coming demo or album?

WD3: Coming soon.

KJ4: Why you like to play power-metal?

WD4: Hmm I think sometimes power metal is similar with the classical music stuff...harmonic minor scales? and base of heavy metal is the pentatonic scales on guitar, the Great Tones...Good singer? and maybe power metal is more catchy and easy listening for people? hehe but we just want to play the base of metal actually.. heavy? or power ? are same... sounds like Iron Maiden, Manowar, Judas Priest, etc [KJ: that is good enough for me!]

KJ5: How to describe your style and what bands do you like?

WD5: Hmm style.?. I think all power metal bands are similar haha...although they have their own character. Let it be [what the other] people say about us, I dunno how to describe it hehe. We love power metal, then we play what is coming from our hearts...but for the guitar...I love Yngwie Malmsteen, and Marty Friedman...[KJ: ex-MEGADETH!] They are still my big influences...and for the bands? I love Helloween, Iron Maiden...but I listen to many metal bands too, from many genres...

KJ6: Everyone says Indonesian scene is huge for death-metal especially in Bandung and Kediri. Do you feel lonely playing power-metal haha?

WD6: yeaaah right, death metal?? Lonely? haha...we don't care about that, we just play what we want hehe.. still straight on power metal rules.

KJ7. What are your goals and plans for the band?

WD7: To still exist all the time in the metal scene...and release many albums...hmmm I really want to play out from here, Indonesia some day, I dunno...I hope we will have luck and maybe we play in Europe some day some how hehehe..

KJ8: What jobs do you have outside of metal?

WD8: I’m working as guitar teacher in Bigyellow music school Jakarta...all of the guys in the bands have a variety of jobs [outside the metal scene]...yes they are working too. 

KJ9: What is your comment on the band VALERIAN? We interview those guys on BUSUK WEBZINE too.

WD9: Hmm I know that band...but I don't want to comment anything...every band has their own rules, beers and cheers, just enjoy it.

KJ10: Ok, pick your favourite: IRON MAIDEN or JUDAS PRIEST?

WD10: I love both of them.

KJ11: Number of the Beast or Powerslave?

WD11: Love ‘em, Number of the Beast 666 hahaha \m/

KJ12: British Steel or Screaming for Vengeance?

WD12: Same, I love both of them...haha. [KJ: I don’t think Willy understands this favourites game! You have to choose hehehe]

KJ13: Bruce Dickinson or Rob Halford?

WD13: They are Gods [KJ: Metal Gods!]

KJ14: Last one: Can you give us your favourite death-metal and black-metal bands? (Foreign or Indonesian)

WD14: Foreign Death metal bands>> Deicide, Obituary. Necrophagist, Vader, Death.
Indonesian >> Siksa Kubur, Eternal Madness, Noxa (grindcore).
Foreign Black metal >> Gorgoroth, Belphegor, Bathory, Mayhem, Windir. Darkfuneral, etc.
Indonesian Black metal> Valefor, Vallendusk, Ecternum, Dry. Ceremony of Circle, Fromhell.

KJ: Thanks very much for the interview and I hope to meet you when I go to East Java in October or November. Please keep playing power-metal. I grew up on this music. Don't let it die!!!

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