Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NEWS: BUSUK WEBZINE sponsors new HUMILIATION CD (Soreang, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia death-metal) - guest vocals Man JASAD & Adi Gembel FORGOTTEN

Adam's mother, Adam (HUMILIATION), Kieran James (BUSUK WEBZINE), 1 April 2012
Adam & John (BUSUK), 1 Apr 12
From Adam (vocalist), HUMILIATION: (12 April 2012)

"My album in process kieran, drum, bass guitar have been finished. Now process for take vocal, angklung instrument and backing vocal by Man Jasad and Adi Gembel Forgotten . Okeh I want to suggest my album to busuk webzine for sponsorship . The art for cover in process by Gustav Insuffer. They must be perfect 

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