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INTERVIEW: “Glory to the Brave”: Bayu (vocalist) of DEVAROCK (power/ speed metal, Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia) talks with Dimas Bramantyo (VALERIAN)

“Glory to the Brave” Power Metal Legends’ Party: Bayu (vocalist) of DEVAROCK (power/ speed metal from Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia) talks with Dimas Bramantyo (VALERIAN)

Dimas Bramantyo, VALERIAN guitar shred master, did this interview for BUSUK WEBZINE! One day, after they had killed some dragons, Knight Sir Dimas returned back to the Valerian castle, took up some wine, turned up the fire, and started chatting with Knight Sir Bayu from Devarock about mighty and noble power-metal topics...Enjoy it! and support Power Metal!

Email interview, 23 June 2012

Dimas Bramantyo (VALERIAN & BUSUK WEBZINE): Thanks very much for agreeing to do interview with our website These are the questions:

DB Question 1: Please tell us band history, and the band line-up?

Bayu, DEVAROCK Question 1: Devarock, the band from Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia, formed on December 17, 2006, with the first formations of Bayu (vocals), Wawan (guitar), Payik (guitar), Hidayat (bass), Dekki (drums), Nank (keyboards). Songs of homage to power speed metal, progressive speed metal, even hyper speed metal is our favourite, this can be seen from the bands [which] influence us, such as Angra, Dragon Force, Adagio, Stratovarius, Galneryus, Helloween, and the bands other power metal. But in our journey, in 2009 Payik (guitar) decided to resign from the band, with a wish to concentrate on his work. but this should not discourage Devarock to continue travelling in the metal music scene. Until August 2011 we managed to record our first single, Sacred Journey, which is the work [we had been working on] since 2008. The difference principle in terms of musicianship does not make us vulnerable, but instead makes us more mature and solid. The last formation until now is: Bayu (vocals), Wawan (guitar), Payik (guitar), Hidayat (bass), Dekki (drums), Nank (keyboards).

DB2: How do you describe your music, are you influenced by a specific band? What is your sound like?

Bayu2: Our music is not just pure power speed metal, because each member of Devarock is not only inspired by one band. This can be seen from some of the song cover versions of our favourite bands. But of the many power metal bands [which] inspired us a lot [include] Angra, also Adagio, Galneryus, even Dragon Force. And the sound that we play mostly is [influenced by] these bands.

DB3: Why did you choose to play Power Metal? Because in Indonesia I think Death-Metal is bigger than Power Metal? Do you think in Indonesia Power Metal (genre) can be big like Death Metal or maybe even bigger than Death Metal?

Bayu3: Because we really like power metal music, although we realize that [power] music fans [are] rare, and currently the largest [genre is] the death metal genre, but we are confident in the short term power metal music will again prevail as in the era of the 80s until late-90s. [KJ: Yes, Let the Hammer Fall!!]

DB4: I heard Devarock will release the first album? Is it correct? Tell us about the process, concept, and distribution and when will it be released?

Bayu4: Absolutely, if all goes well sometime in October 2012, we will release our first album. We’ve got seven songs on this first album, and this time the workmanship has been running 70%. To the concept of this album as a whole is working together. None of us [have] dominated, as in the manufacture of each song and musical arrangement we do together, but all the song lyrics are written by me, the vocalist.

DB5: Ok, let’s start with favourites games: (you just choose one answer) Iron Maiden Or Helloween?

Bayu5: Iron Maiden, hahaha...because they’re legend...

DB6: Number of the Beast or Powerslave?

Bayu6: Number of the Beast.

DB7: Walls of Jericho or Keeper of the Seven Keys?

Bayu7: Keeper of the Seven Keys...

DB8: Can you tell about the others bands in Indonesia playing Power Metal, because I heard you are part of Music Community called Power Speed Community (PSC)?

Bayu8: If in Surabaya we know there are some bands that [play] the songs power or speed metal (we call it), such as Valerian, Lentera, Valhalla, Archangel. From out of town there is Lord Symphony (Solo), Umbra Mortis (Jakarta). It is true that we belong to the Power Speed Community (Surabaya).

DB9: Thanks for doing interview with Busuk Webzine. I hope we can meet this year.

Bayu9: You're welcome...

Next DEVAROCK and VALERIAN gig: "Hellthrone Fest" At GOR Ganesha  Batu - Malang, Minggu, 8 Juli 2012,  11:00 - 22:00, feat. DEVAROCK (SURABAYA), SILENCE IS BROKEN (MALANG), VALERIAN (SURABAYA), SEKARAT (MALANG), TICKETS: Rp 10,000 (pre-sale), 75,000 (at venue).

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