Thursday, June 14, 2012

NEWS: MORTIFICATION Album Launch "Scribes of the Pentateuch", 29 June 2012, Central Club, 293 Swan Street, Richmond, Australia (PEGAZUS playing from 11.15pm)

Classic 1992 MORTIFICATION line-up: Jayson Sherlock (drums), Mick Carlisle (guitar), Steve Rowe (bass & vocals)
Album cover for new PEGAZUS album In Metal We Trust. Also available in this design are small and large old-school woven patches (wonderful)
NEWS: MORTIFICATION Album Launch "Scribes of the Pentateuch" Friday, 29 June 2012, The Central Club, 293 Swan Street, Richmond, Melbourne, Australia (power-metal warriors PEGAZUS headlining from 11.15pm). MORTIFICATION plays from 9.15pm, doors open 8pm, tickets $15 at the door, ages 18+ only, full bar service. For more information go to:

PEGAZUS will perform their usual warm, energetic, and fun-filled show led by charismatic old-school frontman Justin Fleming. Expect macho old-school power-metal from the band's most recent album In Metal We Trust (2011) and older classic albums such as Headless Horseman (2002). Be warned that most of the band's songs are tributes to the greatness of metal in the vein of MANOWAR, TWISTED SISTER, SAXON, KISS, AC/DC, HAMMERFALL etc! For JUDAS PRIEST fanatics! Some heads are gonna roll!

Track Listing In Metal We Trust:
1. Metal Messiah 
2. Road Warrior 
3. Old Skool Metal Dayz 
4. We Live To Rock 
5. Haunting Me 
6. Eye For An Eye 
7. Ghost Rider 
8. Metal Gods 
9. End Of The World 
10. Death Or Glory
11. Old Skool Metal Dayz

PEGAZUS biography: Pegazus are a heavy-metal band from Melbourne, Australia. The band was formed in late 1993 by guitarist Johnny Stoj and by 1998 they came to international notice after being signed to Nuclear Blast Records. The band's second album Wings of Destiny was released on the 25th May 1998 and really took flight because soon after the band became an instant favourite with the typical Heavy Metal fans of Europe. That same year the band was invited to play at the premier European Metal Festival, the Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany, playing in front of a 25,000 plus festival crowd of metal fans. After a short trip home they were soon headed back to Europe for a major tour with HammerFall on the "Legacy of Kings" European tour. Since around 2000 the band has returned to playing low key concerts in pubs around Melbourne.


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