Thursday, July 12, 2012

NEWS: Live video IMPISH playing new song "Apokalyptikal Battlehymn", Hellprint United Day 2 (Bandung black-metal)

Hail Kieran ..this is Impish at Hellprint 2 , United Day - Lanud Sulaiman :)

Terimaksih: Abah "Desecrator" Supriyanto, guitarist IMPISH
New IMPISH bass player is: D'von Hellcrew
BLACK METAL COMMUNITY meets BUSUK WEBZINE and Bobby Rock - we hope for more unity between DM and BM in Bandung, left to right: Abah (IMPISH), John & Jack (BUSUK), Koko, Adi, Bobby Rock

Abah "Desecrator" Supriyanto, Norway van Java, Bandung, 4 April 2012
Death-metalheads Bobby Rock and John Yoedi (BUSUK WEBZINE) listen as Abah teaches "History of Indonesia Black Metal 101"

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