Tuesday, July 17, 2012

NEWS: Young band from Jakarta ANGKARA releases one new song on Reverbnation (Jakarta modern metal)

John Yoedi and Kieran James (BUSUK WEBZINE) with Haidar (guitarist) and Lutfhi (Dwi) Satrio (bass & vocals) of ANGKARA, Mangga Dua, Jakarta, Indonesia, 30 March 2012. The other member of ANGKARA is Rere (drummer).
From Dwi Satrio (ANGKARA):

"Hello mr. kieran james, long time no see

I hope you are feeling alright today :)

this is a brand new song from angkara
that we've been recorded last month 
sorry if the sounds still sucks haha but here's our best"

Dwi, John, Haidar, nasi goreng cafe, Jkt

BUSUK WEBZINE is proud to sponsor this band. They will have another song ready by September. When John and I were in Jakarta two of the ANGKARA boys (Dwi and Haidar) came across the city to meet us in rush hour crazy Jakarta traffic on the day of the protest demonstrations, 30 March 2012. This really showed us these guys have the good attitude of brotherly comradeship and real professionalism and commitment to the metal scene. We are happy to sponsor them and we hope they can succeed to meet their dreams in the metal world. When we met Dwi Satrio asked me "Mister, which is best, ANTHRAX or SLAYER?" The answer is still: "SLAYER!!!!"

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