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Nibiru was born in Olivares’ mind. (Former member of Irredepmtion), from the beginning was his personal project. Olivares passed a few demos to Gaspar (former member of Imnotica) who it got involved with the project, they thought that they will be able to do something with it, a band could be born... the only thing the aimed was find a drummer.
They contacted Monsatan (former member of Grimuack) who after listen to Oli’s work decided to get involved with the project. Together they started to work on Olivares’ first compositions after a while they started to write new songs, there was no hurry, no pressures, no anxiety.   
The band was born, it happened by the end of 2007. The founders’ members were:

Olivares: guitars/voice
Gaspar: bass guitar/ voices
Mon: Drums

Over this time, Nibiru has been trying without any success to add a second guitar to their sound. After a while they stopped and decided stay has a trio they only need for the band it was find a lead vocals. After their search the founded Fran.  Actual Nibiru’s members:

Fran- Voz
Olivares: guitars/voice
Gaspar: bass guitar/ voices
Mon: drums

Their first recording was brought out in December 2011, and it was acclaimed positively  by specialist critics of the Spanish extreme metal scene. They band is actually touring all around Spain and they are working in a new Ep which they aim to see edited by next autumn/winter (2012).

Find below all the information about Nibiru, pictures, music, .....
Here you are the Nibiru´s addresses where you can see photos, music and more:

To see the video clip you can click this link:
Using this link you can unload the Mdc published in December 2011:

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