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INTERVIEW exclusive with DISINFECTED at Pieces Studio Ujung Berung,West Java, Bandung, Indonesia Sunday July 01 2012. 15:38 by Popo (DEMONS DAMN & BUSUK WEBZINE)

INTERVIEW: Interview Exclusive with DISINFECTED at Pieces Studio Ujung Berung,West Java, Bandung, Indonesia Sunday July 01 2012. 15:38
Last Line up: Adyth guitar, Ameng vocal, Sigit bass, Dias guitar, Iho drum

Popo:  First please tell us about history of DISINFECTED?

Adyth: 1997, November 2th. First line up is me guitar, Sigit bass, Ameng vocal, Abah andris (Burgerkill) drum and Upick Melted guitar. We all started from a band that already had the album so our goal with this band was to produce an album. The first album was recorded 2001 in one month. Drum takes in the Dialog studio, the rest in Reverse Richard PASS band studio and its sound engineer by Uki. It was released 2001 by Extreme Soul Production. After that we demolish a lot of stage in Bandung likes Bandung Berisik, Bandung Underground and many other events. Next we record a tribute to Metallica made ​​by True Lies Productions in 2003. 2003 I resigned and was replaced by Oteng (Forgotten) and with Oteng DISINFECTED had tried several last stage Oteng replaced by Rio (RIP) and Abo (Global Unity) joined and released the EP Aku AKan Bunuh Kamu in 2004. DISINFECTED countless frequent personnel changes and has no permanent personnel on drums and guitar, it causes a lot of names that could join and help DISINFECTED like Ari Bejo (BLEEDING CORPSE), Said (UNDERGOD), Abaz (JASAD / UNDERGOD), Iyenk (SAFFAR), Apot (EMBALMED). DISINFECTED could make a live DVD Rottrevore Records Split along the FORGOTTEN, SIKSA KUBUR and JASAD in Rottrevore Death Fest 2006. After Abo and Rio came out and joined Dias followed by Rudi and return momentum Adyth at Festival Bandung Berisik V joined back together with DISINFECTED with a few new songs and a target split album and its main target is the full album in 2012 on a fifteen-year anniversary in this November of 2012. Last line up until today’ is Adyth guitar, Ameng vocal, Sigit bass, Dias guitar, Iho drum.

Popo: What is the most influential band to you in playing music?

Adyth: For each person brings their own DISINFECTED influence on their own and we try to put the portion that should not be a reference to write a song. I am as a songwriter in DISINFECTED more influenced by thrash metal bands like Slayer, Megadeth, Metallica and of death metal bands such as MONSTROSITY, CANNIBAL CORPSE Florida death metal bands. Other like technical death-metal bands but for DISINFECTED we do not claim to thrash metal sound was just a bandage over death-metal.

Popo: Who makes the lyrics in DISINFECTED?

Adyth: I am the main author from the first, the lyrics too. In the manufacturing process in terms of the lyrics so I discussed it with Ameng and written by two people.

Popo: Most of the lyrics in Indonesian or English?

Adyth: Melted album mostly written in English is only one song, “Karnivora” in Indonesia. Aku Akan Bunuh Kamu Album all of songs are in Indonesian and in the split album was all in Indonesian.

Popo: Most of the lyrics talk about what?

Adyth: There is a little difference in the album because there is differences lyricist, the Aku Akan Bunuh Kamu album Rio dan Ameng who wrote the lyrics, and I write the lyrics for Melted album and I tried to capture the anger and hatred in style with the influence of sadistic movies thriller. If the AABK album, Rio tried attempts to highlight the social phenomenon that happens but we are still in metaphor style and sarcasm as outlined in the song “Baptis Aku Dengan Darah” has the theme of the divine view of a group of interfering with God’s power to interpret some verses perform action such as lord. In this split album's lyrics increasingly evident DISINFECTED see the phenomenon in Indonesia, like in the song “Anjing Anjing Nusantara” we believe that something is happening now as corruption, low self-attitude, the attitude of feeling inferior to other nations this is a scenario that has been run since before the existence of Indonesia itself, from ancient times, so we gave the title of this song “Anjing Anjing Hutan Nusantara”. This is because we see that there are people who want to divide Indonesia, but rather than a way to colonize but to make low and make this nation inferior compared with other nations such as the western or middle eastern way with the counter culture. Many stories about the religious, the underdog story of race, ethnicity banging, a group that wants to divide Indonesia, people kill each other.

[Adyth send me the lyric “Anjing-Anjing Nusantara to illustrate the lyrics DISINFECTED to split this album and as a picture of their attention to the phenomena occurring in the State of Indonesia]

Cerita dari masa ke masa
Di babad baru nusantara
Saat anjing hutan mencabik
Tingalkan infeksi di seluruh raga

Anjing-anjing hutan nusantara
Tetes liurlapar mengancam nyawa
Cakar dan mataterang menyala
Hunjamkan infeksi keruang darah

Terbungkus cerita suci
Terjalin dongeng dusta
Terangkai retorika sampah
Manipulasi penghisap darah

Bantai...Penggal...tanpa ampun
Hentikan...Habisi...Anjing laknat sampah

In the song ‘Konspirasi Hitam Putih” which also exists in the split album is more explicitly explained about the social phenomenon in our country about the view of those who try to indoctrinate or solicitation to commit suicide in the name of God and heaven lured and Urban Zombie songs we see the same theme, we see people forced to see what's on television, sent terror through television and explain how the phenomena that occur in society we are trying to lift into the lyrics of the song that we made. And one cover song from ROTTEN CORPSE.

Kieran (BUSUK) & Amenk (DISINFECTED)
Popo:  How many songs in the split album?

Adyth:  Four songs from DISINFECTED and four songs from MOTORDEATH.

Popo: Why you like playing death-metal music?

Adyth:  Passion

Popo: Passion… spirit, not Fashion?

Adyth:  Yes Passion, Whatever our social status if his name does not preclude passion is to do it. Like my environment now cannot help me make the songs as it was when I wrote the songs for the Melted album it really happened, I was born to write songs like, for no other reason [laugh]

Popo: What is DISINFECTED's reason to chose to play death metal music?

Adyth: Of common passion for death metal music itself.

Tom Araya (SLAYER) - big influence on DISINFECTED
Popo: When did you first play death-metal music?

Adyth: I honestly had to learn to play music that I tend to play blues music and Rock'n roll, I was enjoying the thrash metal music like SLAYER, TESTAMENT, MEGADETH, METALLICA, but apparently there was a desire to play harder than this, and when third grade at junior high school, around 1991 the first death-metal music that I hear is Napalm Death, Carcass which makes me excited to play death-metal music.

Popo: How, Sigit?

Adyth: older… [laughs] To be sure, older than I …

Sigit: [think and smile] … Senior high school jamming already 1985, graduated from high school 1990-1991…yes true, around the year 1985/1986.

Bobby Rock (BLEEDING CORPSE) & Kieran J
Popo: I was born 1985…

Iho: 2008.

Adyth: Means it's the era of modern-era death metal yes …was NECROPHAGIST era, We are still times CARCASS-Reek of Putrefaction (1988).

Popo: What was the first death metal album you heard?

Sigit: NAPALM DEATH album Scum (1987).

Dias: Around the year of 2000 first listen to SUFFOCATION.

Adyth: Dias also really old he just faked ID cards [all laugh].

Popo: For example there are people who say “why do you play western music?” because everyone know that death-metal came from the west, what would you answer?

Adyth: I have only one answer, the answer is that Passion. Our Passion there… a lot of western music, could play jazz, could play blues but yes our passion is there so we choose death metal.

DISINFECTED show cancel by police, 1/4/12 - Dimas & Glenn
Popo: Do your wife or girlfriend support what you do?

Adyth: My wife supports, proof I can play again means support

Sigit: Be supported …

Adyth: Dias support or not…? Does have …? [Adyth tease Dias and all laugh]

Iho: My mom supports…

Adyth: Supported by mom…hahaha [laugh]

Popo: What is the response of people to this split album?

Adyth: Split album is already in the release to be streaming online at ReverbNation two days ago, we just got a positive response because DISINFECTED had not issued the album as well as MOTORDEATH. There might also question why we choose MOTORDEATH, previously there was some plan with everyone, with other bands but we're seeing now in MOTORDEATH any plans to release album and on the other side has historically been far below.since 1997 we had a closeness with this band.

John Yoedi (BUSUK), Bobby, Popo (BUSUK)
Popo: Mostly around 80-90% of the biggest bands and the oldest are from the city of Bandung, how about that response?

Adyth: If you see another scene we also shrink the scene rather than the other, I own 1995 in Malang make the band ROTTEN CORPSE. Malang was at that time contained only about three bands that played like this band, there is SEKARAT, BANGKAI… I just another scene instead of discouraging me also in another scene, as well as in Jakarta but I also do not know why until I can figure out may only be the assumption of 80-90%, why there is in Bandung… because Bandung was the scene so that it strongly supports the development of music itself can be more progressive than others and its reverberations were more audible than other places but elsewhere there were bands that were great like I said earlier, Malang in 1995 there was a lot of bands before 1995 had a lot of bands who were great only that it was their scene did not support the continued possibilities at that time is not as easy now how to promote, it is a problem. With the era of social media, there is such a micro blogging we finally know everywhere there was greatness but why is Bandung so as to be a pioneer?

Popo: What are the best and worst aspects of the death-metal community in Bandung?

Adyth: I think it's good that the scene with a very supportive, they can show their support, it becomes a morally equipped to continue to always work. That's great that I felt in Bandung, why I can feel that way because I never felt in Malang. That's a positive thing and in Bandung is now constantly evolving and this scene was not confined to just musicians but people can live London scene so there could be more severe than elsewhere due to geographical factors may also not too broad Bandung was support. Negative, I really do not see too many negative things, negative things here in the development of my own band because if you mention that I play this music for us, other people like are a bonus. With which the greater the scene so there arises a short thoughts, why would a band be no longer holds a DIY philosophy, if you ask me it is a DIY economic corridor while playing music is a real passion philosophy and so although we can now say a compromise with more mainstream as long as it cannot block or compromise with our music, we do not see it out of the main philosophy, it's a natural thing when the scene will appear the greater the negative views. Like the current death metal bands to play on television, so why not … they also need money from there, live TV can also be …why not??? Why not be used as long as it could compromise not have to do this, do not be so, why not … anyway so we are now more open and our thoughts are like that which clashes with the scenes view of what makes a smaller band more commercial ... why? We did not get rich from this band, we were not rich, we do not have such luxurious lives in this band ... That I can live now is not because of playing this music, I work, I play this music because of passion.

Kieran & young metalheads, DISINFECTED show, 1/4/2012
Popo: Can you explain the sound of the instrument of this album and the band split that affects this split album?

Adyth: DISINFECTED that sound itself is not much different from the previous album may be a few personnel changes there is now a changed style of music but overall not much change to DISINFECTED. Please, the listener himself will later assess what changes are there. If the band's influence does not exist, we would like to do death metal in our own way.

Popo: how do you think about the development of original sound that you have from the people who have done?

Adyth: We do not claim that our original sound, as we discussed earlier that death metal is not from this country, however, influence is still there but we try to put our influence with sufficient levels so we are not trying to plagiarize band A or band B, the sound that we produce now that its DISINFECTED sound. Make it a sound DISINFECTED sound; it's not the main thing. Even if the band sounds similar to other judgments that listeners, please just ... not a big deal but we play what we want to play and this is the result.

Popo:  DISINFECTED-MOTORDEATH split album 2012 will be released in July 2012 by Karnivora and distributed by Extreme Soul Production. How can there be such agreement?

Adyth: Karnivora is owned DISINFECTED own label, we did make this album truly the band's personal funds for the production of the album, because we have worked with ESP on the Melted album and we know how to work so we agreed to appoint ESP as the distributor.

Popo: How cooperative relationships with bands like MOTORDEATH to split album 2012? And who first had the idea to do a split album?

Adyth: Disinfected have an idea. We've been working with personnel and we have been historically close. So then we had other ideas MOTORDEATH parties agree, why not? Because we see it as good momentum. Because each uses its own costs so each support themselves. Since we agreed to split no headliner on this album so we agreed to not use the title just “Split Album DISINFECTED-MOTORDEATH” it's just the title.

Dimas (DEMONS DAMN), Bobby & Popo, hot springs
Popo: What do you hope to this split album 2012?

Adyth: We ourselves want to make it as momentum and respond to a strong, call it warm up before the full album as well as MOTORDEATH I've heard they will release the album in the near future. So this split album as a warm up for the band before they issue a new album and shows in this scene that we were still there, to show the existence of.

Popo: When are you planning to release a full album? Having been so long since issued a 'Melted' album 2001 although I know you released the EP ‘Aku Akan Bunuh Kamu’ 2005?

Adyth: We plan on DISINFECTED anniversary of the 15th, in November 2012, we completed seven songs and we plan to be preparing twelve songs for the album.

Popo: Are there new album title plans and record labels designated?

Adyth: Not yet ... not yet exist, if the record for the full album yet exists, can go to  Rottrevore or other.

Sigit: But Karnivora was possible but could be with another label.

Adyth: Hopefully it can make a deal with the external label

Popo: Amin..amin…

Adyth: So we made ​​the momentum of this split album as well as promotion

Popo: Are there any new or different techniques that you use this time? And what do you think now more old school, or how?

Adyth: If the sound may be heard from the music DISINFECTED album sounds like 'Melted' views of the playing style of music but in this split album of the songs sound good using that to perform. There is a good song to listen to the tape but when played on stage less convenient because it is too complex song structure or anything, well on this split album of his songs special to perform live.

Popo: How do you compare new material with the old album?

Man (JASAD), John & Kieran (BUSUK)
Adyth: Maybe if the progress in terms of sound recording technique in this era that would have sounded different. In the view of each of these bands sound like 'Melted' because on this album that I wrote many songs while I wrote the song in the album 'Melted' so it sounded like Melted while in ‘Aku Akan Bunuh Kamu’ the author of the songs is Rio.

Popo: This question specifically for Adyth from John Yoedi, what made you choose to return again to play death metal and which band inspires you to play death metal?

Popo:  I left DISINFECTED 2003 one day Addy'Gembel (Forgotten) and Rio (RIP) came to Jakarta, he brought a DVD Rottrevore Death Fest and he brought a CD ‘Aku Akan Bunuh Kamu’, around the year 2007… He took the CD and DVD's and then he gave to me. “Dyth you do not want to come back to play death metal?” I said, “I cannot, I can play guitar but I cannot write the song”, then Addy said “you are in a comfort zone” “right, now I'm in a comfort zone”. Until finally in 2008 DVD Rottrevore Death Fest has raised me back to playing music, not returned to DISINFECTED… just want to play music again and it still does not work, Ultimately the momentum of 2010 to 2011 is the saturation point. I was working in Jakarta and naturally I could write songs again within a year I can write seven songs. I said to Addy first “I cannot write songs anymore”… so the guitar was there but could not make a song, until after it was so stressful that it was playing music for me is a thrill, a satisfaction that is not replaced with the material, we cannot replace it with a death metal concert tickets are expensive so we cannot replace it with anything, it's for me though…

Popo, Bobby Rock & John Yoedi
Popo: Although with a large bonus from work … [all laugh]

Adyth:  yes it is not replaceable so when it gets to saturation point my work, I could write songs again. Yes because Addy'Gembel and Rio came to Jakarta to give CD and DVD and asked me “no longer wanted to play music?”..." Want to, but I cannot make a song ". Addy came to Jakarta in a video clip needs to take care of the FORGOTTEN ‘Tiga Angka Enam’ his editorial in Jakarta, but for my little heart's profitable … “yes, I want to return again”. Therefore Addy vocals on the song 'Urban Zombie'. I still listen to old school death metal band, progressive music as well, I still hear music thrash metal as well.

Popo:  What do you think about Ameng as guest vocalist with BLEEDING CORPSE? And whether there are other members in Disinfected who joined other bands as guests?

Adyth: We have not heard, but in a more specific scene is Ujung Berung we helped each other same age bands or younger support each other. We have not heard the song.

Sigit: We do not care, Ari also help us

Mr and Mrs Bobby Rock
Popo: Your plan ahead with DISINFECTED?

Adyth: We discussed a plan if there is a short-term plan, medium and long term, short term we are already working on a split, medium full album, the long term want to tour ... if that can.

Popo: Tour Indonesia, America, Europe, Asia?

Sigit: Minimal Indonesia, Asia tenggara, Europe

Adyth: Back again, the short, medium or long term, [laughs] that Indonesia had short-term, medium-East Asia,

Popo: Most probably the whole world?

Adyth: But the album should have a broader distribution right … it's a step that must be passed and I think it is definitely possible as long as there is a will and there is a spirit.

Popo: Where’s your most memorable stage?

Adyth: For me Bandung Berisik III tribute to SLAYER 2002

Sigit: Rottrevore Death Fest.

John Yoedi on the Highway to Bandung!
Dias: Bandung Berisik IV

Iho: Jakarta Death Fest, because the first time on stage during a gig tonight (with HUMILIATION Iho have never had the experience of playing tonight)

Popo: What are the reasons you chose Iho as the new drummer?

Adyth: because Iho personnel who came later, while the musical DISINFECTED was much earlier so that we see is the drummer for this new style of play must be fused. Technically, skill and others of that consideration and we think he is qualified to fill that position but beyond the skill, technique and other playing styles that become key considerations in deciding to use Iho

Popo: The process to find Iho itself through auditions or where?

Adyth: Through the news from friends.

Popo: Never held auditions for a drummer?

Adyth: Never.

Bobby Rock & John Yoedi, Ujung Berung
Popo: Who first proposed Iho?

Sigit: Dias

Popo: What was the reason, Dias?

Dias: Capacity, a musical for the base material, material that has been there before he could chase him and for the future also can develop the capacity of music.

Popo: Your own feelings about playing with DISINFECTED?

Iho: Depressed [all laugh] ... played a different genre.

Popo: There are difficulties?

Iho: Few, maybe unfamiliar.

[When Popo give questions to the Iho's new drummer, Adyth, Sigit and Dias teased and made Iho uncomfortable in answering questions]

Sigit: In what ways have not been comfortable? [laughs]

Iho: In the long run I comfortable.

Bobby, Popo, Butche (THE CRUEL), Man (JASAD), 2/4/12
Popo: Where was the first time you play and how many songs?

Iho: Jakarta Death Fest January 2012, played seven songs.

Popo: How do you feel when you first gig with DISINFECTED?

Iho: Happy, sad, scared, depressed ... [all laugh] used to just watch them play; now playing with them.

Popo: What is the response of friends in HUMILIATION?

Iho: Add to experience.

Popo: Whether disruptive to the HUMILIATION schedule?

Iho: Provided that can be arranged.

Popo: Suppose that these two bands playing at the same event about how to arrange it?

Iho: Just test of stamina!

Kieran & John (BUSUK), Iwan D (ESP), Bobby (BC)
Popo: Schedule.

Iho: Yes that... [laughs, confused].

Sigit: How about playing together with different places?

Adyth: That is the problem?

Popo: I’m thinking want to ask… [all laughs]

Iho: The first booking… [all laugh] for Jakarta Death Fest, HUMILLIATION should play too.

Popo: Now you've got how many bands?


Popo: Any messages for your fans?

Adyth: You have to listen to this album split because this album is well established [laughs]. We are confident, right?

John & Butche, Common Room
Sigit: Listen, enjoy, and do not buy a download ... event organizers do not forget to invite us, [laughs] Please make up tour.

Popo:  What do you think about Busuk Webzine? At Busuk Webzine we have English language and Indonesian language…

Adyth: that's good because all this is still a bit like that, and what it means when a talk with the media a more universal language that means the information will have wider distribution.

Popo: With the use of English, the people in Europe or America there will be reading this interview, what do you want to convey?

Adyth: They must know that death metal is not just America and Britain; Indonesia scene also had a few bands that are not only death metal bands but metal bands with huge potential and some have done well on overseas tours.

Sigit: And for those who want to know DISINFECTED, invite us there [laughs] let me know you more and more closely.

Popo: Okay, thank you for our interview today. We wish you success for split album and plans for full album and the tours that you want.

DISINFECTED: OK, you're welcome ... success for you as well.

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