Wednesday, August 1, 2012

NEWS: BUSUK WEBZINE just reached 100,000 page-views today, 1st August 2012 - we thank all our friends!

BUSUK WEBZINE just reached 100,000 page-views today, 1st August 2012 after we have been operating for ten months. This is so amazing. Thankyou to every metalhead out there for support. 
"Denim and leather / runs all together / it was you who set the spirit free / it was you who filled the concert hall" (SAXON, "Denim and Leather").
Now we have interviews in three languages - English, Indonesian, Sundanese with expert translation by Popo.
We never use Google Translation programme!
- Jack, John, Popo 

Thank you to Ferly (JASAD) who reads BUSUK WEBZINE every day! If Man is President of Indonesia then Ferly is Foreign Minister!
Terimakasih Abah Desecrator (IMPISH) for support and band news from Bandung black-metal community
Terimakasih Vicky Grindcore & PANDEMONIUM for support and band news from Soreang death-metal community
Terimakasih Dicky Permana (REVER) for band news and support from Jakarta Metal City!
Terimakasih all Indonesia metal chicks because we love you and we accept you in the metal scene
Terimakasih BLEEDING CORPSE fans in Cibinong, West Java!
Terimakasih BLEEDING CORPSE (Luk Luk, Ari Bejo, Uus Death, Bobby Rock & Daniel) for so many great band interviews and free metal merch and taking me on tour with you to Cibinong
Terimakasih to our dear friend Butche for his punk rock love and BUSUK always loves and supports the true punks
Terimakasih JASAD boys (Man, Yuli, Ferly, Papap & Abaz) for long band interviews and for giving us a lot of your time and support
Terimakasih DEATH VOMIT boys Oki, Sofyan, Roy, Corna for sharing your lives with us, showing me around Yogya, great band interviews, and to Jogja Corpse Grinder Community
Terimakasih Nenx and Wong Die (GIRLZEROTH) for  great interview and for keeping our page-views high because everyone wants to read metal chicks' interviews. PS KISS rules!
Terimakasih Ms Nilu ( for promoting us in the Jogja music world and for interviewing me
Terimakasih EXPENDIENCY boys for telling all your friends about BUSUK WEBZINE in Bogor metal community
Terimakasih to Ayyub Anshari Sukmaraga and IRON MAIDEN!!!
Terimakasih to VALERIAN and especially Dimas Bramantyo for doing band interviews for BUSUK and writing his tribute to Ronnie James Dio. I guess power-metal will always rule in Surabaya! And that is cool with us!
Terimakasih to Jason H (XENOPHOBIC RECORDS) for everything he has done for the metal scene of Indonesia!
Terimakasih Yahnes for band news and interviews from TENGGOROKAN and Kediri Kingdom Death Metal. BUSUK will visit you this year!
Terimakasih to Said bin Zabid of UNDERGOD for interview from the prison and he translated his interview for us from Indonesian to Sundanese. Thanks to Said also for his many nice and kind Facebook messages to me. Said is in prison but UNDERGOD cannot be chained and there is a new young UNDERGOD fan made every minute!
Terimakasih: Glenn of BLOODGUSH for giving BUSUK our first interview and taking me on tour with BLOODGUSH to Cililin!
And: terimakasih all Indonesian metal fans. "It was you who put us here today". "Hey mister, like my band mister!" 

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