Wednesday, August 8, 2012

NEWS: Crunching Numbers With Metal Help

USQ Associate Professor of Accounting Kieran James crunches the numbers on heavy metal.
SOMETIMES it's a little easy to think in stereotypes, but every now and then someone like University of Southern Queensland accounting academic Kieran James comes along and makes you think twice.
From the jacket plastered in metal band patches to the signed photos of Indonesian heavy metal bands that line his office, you can see he's not your average associate professor of accounting.
He's even managed to find a way to combine his work and his passion for heavy metal music in his field of critical accounting, which he describes as essentially a mix of sociology and accounting.
It inadvertently led to him starting a webzine called Busuk, which profiles many of the Indonesian heavy metal acts he met in his travels writing several articles for the Musicology Australia academic journal.
If you like heavy metal music and want to check out some Indonesian acts Assoc Prof James recommends Jasad, Death Vomit, Bleeding Corpse, all death metal bands, and Valerian, a power metal act from Surabaya.
To check out the webzine see
The news taken from 'The Chronicle' Newspaper from Toowoomba-Qld, Australia. And here this link :

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